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Buying Nylon Netting for Crafts

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Nylon Netting for Crafts

Nylon netting is used in many crafts. But sometimes it is difficult to find just the type and color that you want. This is a guide about buying nylon netting for crafts.



Here are questions related to Buying Nylon Netting for Crafts.

Question: Looking for Tulle to Make Nylon Net Scrubbers

Can you please let me know where I can purchase nylon for crocheted pot scrubbers and also patterns?


Most Recent Answer

By tasana [3]11/05/2011

I buy my netting at Walmart in the fabric section. It's called "net" on the tag. Not tulle. It is coarse. Hobby Lobby also sells it. Hobby Lobby's link is:

A great and easy tutorial for making them is: ... attern-for-crochet-pot-scrubber.html
They are double sided and nice and thick! Perfect for scrubbing veggies or dishes and more!

Question: Buying Coarse Nylon Netting

Where can I buy this nylon netting?

By Michelle


Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [422]04/22/2013

I have a craft class that I teach, and one gal was going broke trying to make Scrubbies. I found her some at Walmart for just .97 per yard. Cut into 2" strips and crocheted with a size L hook, she got 4-5 out of each one. Hope that helps. PBP

Question: Making Candy Necklaces

We would like to make candy necklaces, but can not find the tubular netting.


Question: Buying Netting for Making Scrubbies

I am looking for the netting that is used to make scrubbies. I want the stuff that is stiffer than regular netting and not as scratchy. I can get some at Joann's Fabric, but not in the colors I want. Can somebody help? I would like to purchase this wholesale and in 20 yards or more.

By Tawni from Las Vegas, NV

Solutions: Buying Nylon Netting for Crafts

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