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Can you get whiter skin?

I used to have lighter skin color when I

was younger, but it's gotten darker as I got older. My mom's skin is really light and she's

always telling me to wash my face with soap and I do that, but it doesn't really help. I want to

think that it does, but it doesn't.

Does sunscreen protect the color of your skin? I have a medium tan, but my mother's is really

light and that's how I want it to be. I always thought it was the sun that made my face darker.

My feet and arms are so much whiter than my face and it looks like I don't wash my face, but I do


(like 4 times a day.)

-Ae Eh from Long Island, New York


Can you get whiter skin?

Yes, you can get whiter skin and, yes, the sun makes your skin darker and "older looking". If you

make a concentrated effort to apply sunblock and/or stay out of the sun, your white skin should

come back in a year or so. Remember, a suntan is actually your body trying to protect itself from

damage. (04/18/2005)

By Kathleen K.

Can you get whiter skin?

From your comments indicating that your face appears "unwashed", I think you may have a condition

called acanthosis nigricans.

It is usually found on the neck, underarms and waist, but I also have it on my face.

This condition is caused by insulin resistance (diabetes). You may want to find an

endocrinologist or dermatologist.

Hope this helps.

Genny (05/01/2005)

By Genny

Can you get whiter skin?

Whiter skin? This post confuses me, as do the replies. Sun tanning does obviously make most skin

tones darker, but normally this fades when the winter comes. Maybe the discoloration/darkness is

caused by sun spots and/or sun damage? If you talk to a dermatologist, they might recommend sun

damage treatments.

But perhaps, you just need to embrace the fact that your skin changes over time, and may never

go back to how it once was. 'Tis Life. (05/25/2005)


By Grace

Can you get whiter skin?

If you want a whiter skin frequently go to a "sauna"
and apply every day for a month lemon mixed with honey. If some irritation begins stop the

But, black its a good color. Good luck. (09/06/2006)

By Javier B.

Can you get whiter skin?

Of course you can get whiter skin, but why would you?

  • Use at least 23 SPF sunscreen to protect from the suns rays
  • Most Japanese skincare products are designed to lighten your skin, try them out. They have

    specialized packages you can buy, or individual products.

  • Many facial soaps containing Benzoil Peroxide (for acne, etc.) or Salicilic Acid are good at

    bleaching or stripping the skin, respectively. These products will make you lighter if used


  • Additionally, keep your blood pressure down and avoid exercise or foods that increase blood

    flow to your face (blushing/flushing). The healthy red/pink color that blood produces in the face

    and upper chest will make you look darker (more tanned) especially if you have a tan already.

  • Or you could go under the laser, or acid skin peels, but they come with serious risks.
  • Or wait about 50 years when we'll be able to genetically modify your skin.
Good luck. And I'm sorry you are all so desperate to look lighter; I, personally, don't see the

point (beauty) in it.

By Jesus C.

Can you get whiter skin?

I mix flour (the bleached kind you cook with) and whole milk up in a bowl and apply that to my

face once a day. Not only does it whiten my face, it also hydrates it and makes it smoother.


By Mary

Can you get whiter skin?

As a matter of fact you can achieve a whiter skin in no time. Others may say that using sunscreen

will do the thing, not very much. So my mother's a dermatologist and she told me that the more

you use a higher number of sunscreen when going outside the more you actually get darker and it's

true. My old teacher one time was talking to me and he just got back from the Philippines which

is a country that is very humid, I did notice that he was way darker then before and I remember

him telling me that he used so much sunscreen to help his skin from the harsh sun. My question

was why did he get darker? My mother maybe right about that or maybe its just him I dunno, use at

least SPF 15 nothing higher than that when applying on the face.

By the way never buy skin brighteners that have tiny little sparkles on them because they can

irritate your skin and it can cause horrible acne. I've tried it before. I use the Morning glow

Brightener from Clean and Clear, I think it was and it was harsh on the face.

Mixing milk and lemon in a little container will help you achieve that whiter complexion, because

milk has a bit of bleach in it and so does the lemon because of its acidity.

My asian friend uses papaya herbal soap by Lika and it works well, she tells me. My friend is

Philipino and she was pretty dark and now she's as light as my younger sister who's a bit darker

then I am and I am a mixture of German and Philipino. (07/09/2007)

By Sinthia S.

Can you get whiter skin?

Bro, the best and most effective way to lighten your skin tone is to consume a large amount of

vitamin C. Fruits such as oranges, kiwi fruits and also vitamin supplements contain a large dose

of this vitamin. Vitamin C is effective in reducing and diminishing the oversupply of melanin

produced by oils inside the skin, which are the cause of dark skin.
All the best. (08/22/2007)

By Nilesh

Can you get whiter skin?

Shideido White Lucent. I'm Asian and had the same problem as most of you. It's expensive if you

buy here in America, but if you order online from say, SaSa (HK) it's a lot cheaper, trust me.

And it works really well, I was always pale but I had a lot of freckles, but after using it

they're fading pretty quickly. Also eat things high in vitamin C and drink plenty of water.



By Hanako

Can you get whiter skin?

I used to have uneven skin color on my body and face. I thought like you that if I would wash

my face and body with normal soap that my skin color will become even and lighter. I recently

discovered that this is not the case.

A dermatologist friend of mine suggested to me to try an imported soap called SW+SS.
It really made a difference. Not only is my skin color lighter, but its also even all over my

body and face.
And the best part is that it's not like those other harmful whitening products that damage your

skin and can cause skin cancer.
It contains L glutathione. I am not exactly sure what it is, but the way my doctor friend

described it to me, it's like a close relative to vitamin C.
They don't sell it in all countries. I was getting mine from a specialist shop, until recently

when I found out that they sell it on eBay. That's where I am getting it from now.
Here's the official website for more info: (10/28/2007)

By karoloydi

Can you get whiter skin?

I have tried that SW+SS skin whitening soap, too. It really did the trick for me. But you have to

stick with it for a couple of months. My skin is noticeably lighter and the color is more even.
My mom is using it too to remove her dark spots. (11/17/2007)

By Joyce

Can you get whiter skin?

People posting "you are who you are" obviously don't get it. The majority of the people posting

here have uneven skin tones. I for one, have tanned arms and face, and extremely pale legs and

torso. It makes me ill. All I want is for my skin to be one colour. I can't even go swimming. I

was pale as a kid (my mother is white) with straight hair and as soon as I moved to a tropical

city where I tanned and my hair became frizzy and wavy? (01/01/2008)

By Kyle

Can you get whiter skin?

This is so sad. It's one thing to want even toned skin, but to try so hard to look as European as

possible is unfortunate. America is a piece of work. (01/11/2008)

By Beautiful Brown Skin

Can you get whiter skin?

Make sure the skin lightening products you buy do not have hydroquinine or mercury in it. It's

banned in many countries and can disfigure your face, cause cancer, and actually make you darker

instead. Seriously research it yourself. But other than that there are many good products out

there like Fair and Flawless. (01/22/2008)

By Tine

Whiter skin and fairer and even skin

Use Bio Oil.
It's proven it works. You can buy it from any drug store no prescriptions needed.
Also gets rid of dark marks and scars. (04/25/2008)

By Zahid

alt="Whiter skin and fairer and even skin">


Can you get whiter skin?

For darker complexions, kojic acid and arbutin (bearberry cream) are good skin lighteners. For

people who are fair, and struggling with uneven skin-tone, hydroquinone is not dangerous. It is

only dangerous on darker skins. Beware of going on the wrong contraceptive pill, as it can cause

brown spots. To all those who cannot understand about skin lightening, and think it is all about

people rejecting their normal color, please understand that most people want to lighten because

of "uneven" skin tone. (05/11/2008)

By yogibear

Can you get whiter skin?

Your skin can become darker if you are overweight. This is a condition called Acanthosis

nigricans. Acanthosis nigricans is most often associated with obesity.
Eating too much of the wrong foods, especially starches and sugars, can cause insulin resistance.

Lose weight if this is the case and eat healthy foods only. Read more about this condition at (08/24/2008)

By derm

alt="RE: Can you get whiter skin?">


Can you get whiter skin?

I would highly recommend the SW+SS soap as well. I am a dermatologist and after using and

thoroughly examining many of the available soaps in the market, I found SW+SS to be the one that

strikes the best balance between being safe and producing the best results.
I got mine from their online shop: They have a special offer on their eBay shop. Click on the eBay logo on their shop and go to

their eBay shop. They have lots of special offers there. (09/03/2008)

By Sandra

Can you get whiter skin?

Skin that has been exposed to the sun becomes darker because melanin "the pigments that give skin

its color" are protecting you against sun's radiation. Therefore the more melanin you have the

more darker you get so those that say that they were lighter when they were babies that doesn't

mean that they were "meant" to be white simply you were not exposed to the sun as much as you

get older now thank your parents for those genes. (10/23/2008)

By Claire

Can you get whiter skin?

Yes you can, dear, I can testify to that Amen! You need L'MAJ Beverly Hills Vita Pack products.

It will lightening you up with in few months. I saw changes with in 2 weeks. Try them. (11/15/2008)

By Felia

Can you get whiter skin?

Have you used Mega Blast Whitening Cream? It's fast at whitening my skin. (12/22/2008)

By Shel

Can you get whiter skin?

To whiten skin, put some sour cream on like a mask, it really works I promise, but you will at

least see some results in 2 days. (06/19/2009)



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