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Cape Lookout Lighthouse (North Carolina)

Beach with lighthouse in the distance.

Cape Lookout lighthouse, constructed in 1859, originally constructed in 1812 is located on the Southern Outer Banks of North Carolina. It is 163 feet high and can be reached by boat or ferry. On the island, you will find a visitor center and gift shop and a lot of natural beauty to enjoy.

To get to the island, we took a passenger ferry from Harkers Island. The day we went, there were just a few people on the beach and it was like we had the island to ourselves. This was several years ago, but I can still remember it as if it were yesterday. We had a great time.

It was very breezy on the beach and I took about 20 pictures from this view and this is the only one that the lighthouse was not leaning. Don't you just love digital cameras.

By Betty from NC