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Cat Pooping in Bathtub

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A cat sitting in a bathtub.

Sometimes our pets choose the wrong place to their duty inside the house. This guide is about cat pooping in the bathtub.



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Question: Cat Poops in Bathtub

My 2 year old cat has been pooping in the bathtub for a year. I have used ammonia, vinegar, and orange scent to clean in the bathtub. All the products prevented her habits in the bathtub briefly. She used her litterbox for a week or 2, but the poo poo continues.

She's been checked at the vet, her litter box is kept clean, and I've tried different litters. It stains my tub, and I use a bleach solution to remove it, but then it continues. Any solutions or suggestions will be helpful. Thank you.



Most Recent Answer

By Robyn [366]06/10/2013

Try newspaper in the litter box. Some cats will refuse to use a litter box with cat litter in it. Also keep something strong smelling in the bathtub like orange peels so your cat will avoid it.

Question: Cat Pooping In The Bath

My adolescent male cat keeps on pooping in the bath, it is starting to get rather annoying. He was a stray and turned up on our doorstep about 5 weeks ago (you know the old saying "cats choose you not the other way around"). I have tried bleach cleaning the bath in hope that he has no smell to go back to, the garage door is always slightly ajar so he can come and go as he pleases morning or night. I would shut the bathroom door, but I'm scared he will just find a more disastrous place to do his nasty business. People have said rub his nose in it, but I won't because I believe it will just make him anxious, and I think I would not like my nose rubbed in the mistakes I have ever made. Does anyone have any helpful advise for me to use?

Jonty from New Zealand


Most Recent Answer

By Dena Roberts [31]06/20/2012

I think only one person specified this, so I am saying it again ... Don't rub his nose in it. He has no clue why you are doing this! Also, if you decide to put water in the tub, only use about an inch ... just enough to wet his paws and not enough to scare him to death!

Personally, I would just line the tub with newspapers and stick a litter box in there, as you never know where he will decide to poop if he can't use the tub! The tub is easier to clean than your closet, your bed, or other places he can find! I took in a family of stray cats and the big male, who is about 3 years old now, will only pee on the boot tray by the front I just keep washing it off, and bought a shoe rack for ME to use! Good luck, and good for you for adopting a stray!

Question: Cat Pooping in Bathtub

My cat has been pooping in the bathtub lately. It's not cause she doesn't like her litter box, she uses it just as much as the bathtub. She has all my other pets scared, and usually tries to attack them. She's also very anti-social. I know she grew up in a very bad environment before I got her, so what should I do?

By jenny p

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