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Cat Scratching Its Neck

Cat Scratching Its Neck

If you kitty is scratching its neck, the first thing to do is try to determine the cause. This is a guide about a cat scratching its neck.



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Question: Cat Scratching His Neck

How do I stop my cat from scratching all the skin off of her neck?

By Silver Cloud from Mississauga, ON, Canada

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Best Answers

By Della 55 01/05/2009

Hi. Aaahh, poor little Kirby. My cat had the same problem, and it ended up that she had allergies. She would scratch herself raw and be miserable. She needed to get allergy shots, and it helped. Good luck

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By kokies 1 07/25/2010

I have a white cat about 2 years old. Last year he started scratching his neck raw! We tried everything. Food allergies, steroid shots, wrapped his neck, soft claws on his nails. Revolution. Finally, after changing vets, the only thing that worked was getting an antihistamine (we use chlorophenaramine) we bought 4mg pills (human pills) cut them in half and give him half a pill twice a day. in about a week completely stopped scratching! The other very important thing is to get a E-collar (at PetSmart) this will help raw spots heal faster. Also, if cat has gotten an infection because of dirt getting on wounds. They need an antibiotic for 2 weeks to a month.

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By vicki hood 4 564 02/09/2011

Change food. Start with no food from grocery store pet food aisle. No corn wheat or soy. Cooking is good especially when you do some raw. Please google healthy kitty diet including raw. -- Itch? Athletes foot spray. If kitty is wild on this application, use the ointment. AFS even a good home treatment for ringworm. AFSpray cannot hurt your kitty. Takes the itch away, Could be fungus, but AFS kills lots of germs. Do not get in her eyes. Easy way to spray her is to wrap her, covering her head.

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Question: Cat Scratching Neck Raw

Upside down sleeping cat.My little Dante just went into heat about 7 days ago. She is about 5 months old. We have four other cats that all live indoors only and span from thirteen years to three years old.

We live in the Sierra Nevada foot hills and my nearest neighbor is about 150 feet away from my house. Last night there was a fire at his house because he had a meth lab that that went up according to the fire department and the fire took out a lot of his house and property. The smoke was profuse and we were on alert to evacuate in case it crossed the fire lane separating the properties and if the smoke got too bad because it was a drug making operation.

She was in the carrier for over half the night along with her surrogate mother Betty who loves her dearly. The other cats were in their own carriers. I an unsure if she is having a reaction from the stress from last night, the smoke from the meth lab, from her being in heat, or if she had started having an unexplained allergy and I don't know what to do! I cannot afford to take her to the vet right away until I get my taxes back. Please help with my question, Thank you very much.

By Lederofcola from Auberry, CA

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Best Answer

By Connie Eiceman 5 27 02/21/2013

I really don't feel that Lizzyanny was being judgemental in any way. She was simply trying to stress how important it was to see a vet because of all that was going on and the many things that could be causing the scratching. So many pet owners would not have realized the importance of that and she was just offering advice. Thankfully you are one of those owners who does know how important it can be and you did the right thing. I hope everything turns around for you now. God Bless you both.

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Question: Cat Has Itchy Scabs Around Neck

White cat laying on a couch.My cat has very itchy skin around his neck ever since he had to wear an Elizabethan collar post-op. A cortisone injection cleared up the itchy scabs, but now they've come back, and the poor old boy is scratching a lot. Is there an alternative to cortisone to ease his itching skin?

By Debera from Australia

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Most Recent Answer

By Lilac 20 1,333 10/09/2011

Sometimes animals pick up fleas at the vet. Check your cat by looking all through his fur for black specks. If you find any ask the vet for some treatment. Do not buy over the counter flea treatment. It can make your cat sick. I know. If this is not your problem you should take him back to the vet for another check up.

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Question: Treating a Cat With an Itchy Spot on Neck

My indoor cat scratched a spot on his neck and won't stop scratching it. I put Neosporin on and it looks better, but he is still scratching although not as much. It has a scab over the spot and he still scratches and opens up the scab. Am I doing the right thing?

By Rita

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By chissus 2 09/14/2011

Is it ringworm?

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