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ChapStick Stains on Clothing

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A young man putting on chapstick.

Sometimes we accidentally get ChapStick stains on our clothing. This is a guide about ChapStick stains on clothing.



Here are questions related to ChapStick Stains on Clothing.

Question: Removing ChapStick from Fabric

My granddaughter smeared red ChapStick over a large area of my ivory colored bed quilt. How do I remove this without damaging my quilt?

By Pat from Baltimore, MD


Most Recent Answer

By Vi Johnson [286]03/27/2010

If the above doesn't work. Relax it is just a quilt. And the stains will serve as a reminder of how lucky you are to have a granddaughter. "Things" don't matter, people do. GG Vi

RE: Removing ChapStick from Fabric

Question: ChapStick Stains on Clothing

I washed clothes and I found that I accidentally left ChapStick in a pocket. The cap came off and it got on all of the clothes. How do I get this ChapStick stain off of the clothes?



Most Recent Answer

By Shawty [3]04/17/2012

If there are only blotches or little sections try spraying hairspray and leaving it 10 - 15 minutes then dab it off. ^.^ Hope it helps.

Question: Getting ChapStick Out of Clothing

My daughter has a shirt that went through the dryer with chapstick in the pocket. It got all over the shirt. Does anyone have an idea of how to get the chapstick out of the shirt?

By Sharon

Most Recent Answer

By Eileen M. [56]08/12/2011

My son forgets to take his out of his pants pockets... nasty, oily, greasy stains! I use the OxiClean gel that comes in a tube-like thing. When I find a load of laundry that "got oiled" I run the whole load again with oxi clean in the washer with detergent, and pre-treat as many of the spots with the oxi0clean gel stuff as possible.

I do NOT put the second-washed load in the dryer until I've checked the oiled spots to see if they came out. If they came out, into the dryer that item goes. If it did not come out, it gets hung to dry and re-treated, ad nauseum. I am getting better at checking all the pockets, but I still miss one now and then.

Question: ChapStick Stains on Clothing

How do you remove a Chapstick stain on clothes?

By Nashelle from Kansas City, MO

Most Recent Answer

By Sarah Leach [10]03/31/2010

ChapStik is essentially oil and wax. Put layers of newsprint or brown paper bags on the front and back of the stain and use a warm iron to heat this moving the top paper around a bit to soak up as much of the chapstik as you can.

Then treat what's left of the stain as if it were any other oil stain:
spray n wash, dish washing liquid (start around the outside of the stain and work your way into the middle with an old tooth brush or your finger nail; be gentle) or whatever method you prefer. Wash as usual. This should do it. You might have to treat the stain a couple times.

Solutions: ChapStick Stains on Clothing

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Archive: Chapstick Stains on Clothing

My granddaughter left her bright pink chapstick in her pants pocket. (Colored clothes load). It wasn't discovered until the load had already been dried (in the dryer). Is there any way to get pink chapstick stains out of colored clothes that have already been through the dryer?

Sure would appreciate any help you can offer!

Carol from Chicago, IL

RE: Chapstick Stains on Clothing 05/29/2006
I'd try Goo Gone. I used it to remove vegetable oil mixed with oil paint (don't ask!) off shirts that had been washed and dried multiple times.
By (Guest Post)
RE: Chapstick Stains on Clothing 06/01/2006
My old standby is good old Dawn dishwashing liquid--not any of their fancy mutations, just the original. Good luck--will you let us know what works?
By babz16
RE: Chapstick Stains on Clothing 06/03/2006
I have had good luck with the Spray N Wash brand "Stain Stick." Put in on and let it sit several DAYS and wash as usual. It is very good at taking out greasy spots set in by a dryer.
By Jill from Iowa (Guest Post)

Archive: Chapstick Stains on Clothing

How do I get out chap stick that has been washed and dried out of clothes?

Kate from Maryland

RE: Chapstick Stains on Clothing

Ammonia will usually take out any oily/greasy stain. Also a product mentioned here several times, Awesome (get it at the dollar store), shampoo, fels naptha, all work well for me. Of course, not wanting to rewash the item again if any doesn't work, I use all the above at once to make sure! Never fails. (06/16/2006)

RE: Chapstick Stains on Clothing

I have gotten washed/dried lipstick out with a combo of ammonia/borax. Also, there are spot removers specifically made for grease and fat type stains. (06/16/2006)

Archive: Chap Stick Stains on Clothing

I accidentally washed and dried a chap stick tube with my colored clothes. Now my really nice shirts have spots everywhere. How can I get rid of these grease stains?


RE: Chap Stick Stains on Clothing

I had the same problem a while back. My best friend told me to use a mild color free and odor free soap, such as Ivory, and cold water. It takes a little work, but all the chap stick comes out! To boot, I didn't have to buy 7 new white shirts for my husband either! (03/03/2009)

By assvamp

RE: Chap Stick Stains on Clothing

For any kind of grease stain, use Palmolive dish detergent. I just put a little on each stain, rub together, and throw it in the wash! It has been wonderful saving all my clothes (and especially kids' clothes) that have grease stains like chap stick. (03/04/2009)

By Acb0705

RE: Chap Stick Stains on Clothing

Dawn dish liquid is GREAT on oil stains. (03/10/2009)

By tambri

Archive: ChapStick Stains on Clothing

A ChapStick went through the washer and dryer and made oil marks on spandex material clothes. How do I remove this? Do I send the clothes through the washer and dryer several times?

By kfoster1 from Cleveland, OH

RE: Chapstick Stains on Clothing

I'd try Goo Gone. I used it to remove vegetable oil mixed with oil paint (don't ask) off shirts that had been washed and dried multiple times. (05/29/2006)

RE: Chapstick Stains on Clothing

Multiple times has this happened to me. Even baby food like carrots or darker baby food. The answer really is: "The Stain Stick" it helps a lot. (07/04/2008)

By _ali_49

RE: Chapstick Stains on Clothing

Butane or lighter fluid that you use in lighters did the trick for me. Basically I took the butane and spot treated each article of clothing using two paper towels, one on each side of the garment, to absorb the excess fluid. I then threw it in the wash right away. You can purchase a bottle of butane at any major grocery store. d (10/22/2008)

By Dave

RE: Chapstick Stains on Clothing

I scrubbed the stains with Dawn liquid soap and then with a stain stick, washed soon after and it worked. It came out of denim, cotton, and white scrub tops. (01/09/2009)

By Vicki from St Louis

RE: Chapstick Stains on Clothing

I had the same thing happen to me too many times to count. Something I have found to work is Pine-Sol, like you clean with. I had tried everything one day and read the label on the Pine-sol and believe it or not it's for laundry as well. I poured full strength on the stain and let it sit an hour or so and it took it right out. (02/11/2009)

By Holly M.

RE: ChapStick Stains on Clothing

I'd use WD-40 first, applying gently and rubbing with old toothbrush, then applying 20 Mule team Borax to the spot overnight, next day washing in warm water only after brushing the dried borax off. I believe you will have the best luck with this method. God bless and help you. (01/16/2010)

By lyndagayle62