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Chocolate Chip Cookies Come Out Flat

Flat Chocolate Chip Cookies

It is frustrating and upsetting to bake up a batch of cookies only to have them all turn out flat. This is a guide about chocolate chip cookies come out flat.



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Question: Chocolate Chip Cookies Come Out Flat

Why are my chocolate cookies coming out flat as a pancake? I am following the recipe to a tee.

By Melanie from Chicago, IL

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Best Answers

By kayrayriggs 6 44 04/20/2010

I use half butter and half Crisco in mine. That seems to help, and you might also try using different cookie sheets. There is a huge difference in using dark sheets, shiny sheets, etc.

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By Carolyn C. Cooke 19 222 04/20/2010

The previous ideas are worth trying. I have found that when the recipe says butter (or stick margarine), softened, don't soften it in microwave or oven. Let it sit out on counter for 30 minutes. Too soft butter will cause the cookies to flatten. Never use tub margarine. Also, parchment paper on cookie sheets works better than without. Cookie sheets should be cool with each batch. CayC from FL

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By jeff 1 06/02/2010

I've been trying to figure this out for a while. It baffled me because i used the exact same recipe as before. Tried all sorts of things with chilling the batter, convection/not convection, different oven temps, different flour, etc. But I finally found the solution: Use baking powder! I apparently was using baking soda when they all came out flat. Baking powder makes them more fluffy.

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By Heather 1 11/29/2010

Refrigerate the cookie dough and make sure is cold before placing on the cookie sheet, and add a 1/4 extra flour. Guaranteed no more flat cookies :)

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