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Looking at all the diets available advertised on TV and NONE of them looked appetizing or something I could afford. I remembered a cousin who once tried a "pasta" diet. Not really my cup of tea. Then I heard about a liquid diet so I looked it up. It didn't look appealing. But in looking for information about the Liquid Diet I found a web page that talked about lots of different diets.

I settled on trying a fruit and protein diet. You eat fruit four or five times a day (not three times a day, once for each meal). You switch up the fruit you eat, be it canned or fresh, so you don't get "tired" of it. And to help with hunger pains, you can also eat nuts (protein) and sunflower seeds. This was something I could do and did and it DID work. There were a few restrictions; you couldn't eat Bear nuts (which have sugar) and I think salted nuts were frowned upon. I mostly ate Dry Roasted Peanuts with my fruit and that was mostly canned with the exception of a couple bananas and apples.

The point is, do a search for diets and you might find something that you can handle and do. Just keep an open mind.

    By Suntydt [75]


    By Grandmama 3 44 09/02/2013

    Your advice is excellent. I have been saying that for years! Keep up the good work. We all have too many differences as human beings for one diet to fit all.

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    By Cisco's Mom 15 137 09/03/2013

    Please post where I can find your fruit and protein diet. It sounds like something I could do as well. Thank you

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