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Cleaning Coffee Stains on Clothing

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Coffee Stains on Clothing

A coffee stain can be difficult to remove, especially if allowed to set. However, there are methods that should work successfully. This is a guide about cleaning coffee stains on clothing.



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Question: Coffee Stains on Clothing

I heard that fantastik works to remove stains on clothing. Is it safe to use it? I have the orange creme. I have hundreds of splatter stains all over my pink velour jogging suit and stains on an acrylic striped sweater. I do not have any other cleaner in the house.

Rubia from Vancouver, BC


Most Recent Answer

By Margo01/26/2006

Thanks for the advice. I found a suggestion to use Dawn dish detergent. I put it on all the spots left it for hours. I noticed that a lot of the spots were still remaining In the meantime a friend offered me the use of her oxyclean. I mixed up my potion and went to working attacking the stains. The I just dumped the remaining mixture over the suit and left it soaking overnight. The next day I threw everything in the laundry. Success! I guess it was a joint effort but the oxyclean is going in my cupboard now

Question: Removing Coffee Stains from Clothing

What works best to remove coffee stains from a shirt? "Shout" did not do anything, even after soaking in it over-nite.

By Judy from Riverside, CA


Most Recent Answer

By lil wayne lover [1]04/22/2012

Bleach the part that you spilled it on then do it on other places and make cool designs on it it turns out pretty cute if its a solid color t-shirt.

Solutions: Cleaning Coffee Stains on Clothing

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