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Cleaning Fleece

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polar fleece jackets

This soft, synthetic fabric is generally used for winter clothing, pajamas and blankets. This guide is about cleaning fleece.


Solutions: Cleaning Fleece

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Tip: Use Hair Brush to Fluff Fleece Clothing

I have a pair of comfy fleece pants that I dearly love but like most fleece fabric they collect pet hair, lint and get ugly balls on them. They looked so bad I was about to throw them away when I came up with a solution. I take a regular bristle hair brush and lay the pants flat then just brush them one way, then the other. This brushing not only removes the lint and hair, it also removes those nasty balls that you get on fleece! I'm not kidding when I say they look like new again!

Make sure the brush is an old fashioned (plastic) bristle brush, and not one of the newer metal or hard plastic styling brushes.

By Cyinda

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Here are questions related to Cleaning Fleece.

Question: Removing Pee Smell From Fleece Fabric

Does anyone know how to get urine smells out of fleece? My son isn't night-time potty trained yet, and sometimes his diaper leaks. His fleece sleepwear and fleece blanket are both stinky even after having been washed twice. I've tried (one at a time, not all at once!) Oxyclean, baking soda, regular bleach (just a tiny bit since I don't want to ruin the colors of the fleece), and vinegar along with the usual laundry detergent. We're allergic to the perfumes in the anti-static rinses like Bounce, so that's a no go; besides, I want to REMOVE the pee smell, not mask it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Most Recent Answer

By Pat Phillips [2]12/30/2009

The only suggestion I have is to use Dreft Laundry Detergent which is especially formulated to remove the urine smell since it was developed to wash diapers.I have used it for years to rid the carpet of pet odors and stains. Long before the new products were on the market.

Question: Lint Balls on Fleece

I bought a fleece sweat suit and first time I washed it balled up and has lint all over it. I followed the washing instructions and that is what happened. I have used all kinds of lint brushes and nothing has worked. Any suggestions please to how I can get all the little lint balls off?

Vicki from Texas


Most Recent Answer

By Stephanie [147]02/13/2011

I'm able to avoid this problem by not washing fleece with towels or denim. The lint from the towels is guaranteed to ball up on the fleece. If the lint balls are really stuck to the shirt, you'll probably need to use a razor.

Question: Tips for Washing Polar Fleece

I have terrible trouble washing anything polar fleece. It always comes out with fluff which a clothes brush does little to fix. Any tips?

Camille from Canberra

Most Recent Answer

By Ihita (Guest Post)03/15/2006

Handwash it!

Question: Washing a Heated Polar Fleece Blanket

I have a heated polar fleece blanket. It plugs into cigarette lighter. How can I wash this? Is it safe to wash in the washer and then dry in the dryer or do I line dry?

Angi from Kansas City, MO

Most Recent Answer

By Grandma Margie (Guest Post)11/28/2006

I have a similar product. The instructions I received were: DO NOT use commercial washers OR dryers. IF your washer has a gentle cycle use it with cool water. If there is no gentle cycle it is advised to handwash in cool water. Never twist and NEVER run through a wringer. Let it soak for 10 minutes before letting the washer run its cycle. It is much preferred to line dry it but if you must use a dryer........dry on low heat for shortest period of time.

Question: Removing Cobwebs on Fleece Fabric

How do I remove spider cobweb strands from my fleece top? I went crawling in the attic and got cobwebs all over my back. I have tried sellotape (Scotch tape), and a lint roller. That doesn't lift it at all. I tried washing it off, it's still there!

By Jess