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Cleaning Glass Doors on a Wood Stove

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Glass Doors on Wood Stove

A contained fire creates soot and grimy film on the window of a stove. This guide is about cleaning glass doors on a wood stove.



Here are questions related to Cleaning Glass Doors on a Wood Stove.

Question: Cleaning Glass Doors on Fireplace

We use our fireplace a lot. The inside glass doors to the fireplace have that thick dirty film on them from so many fires. I don't want to scrape the glass with a blade because I don't want it to have scratches on them. Has anyone had this problem of cleaning theirs and found a good way to get them at least almost like new to see through again? My elbow grease and cleaners like Windex, detergent, are just not cutting it! Would appreciate your help. With the holidays here I would like to have them look nice and be able to see the fire when the doors are closed.



Best Answers

By Pauline [1]02/08/2010

I use biodegradable Pink Solution. Google pink solution and see where it is available in your area. I use it for so many things.

Best Answers

By jamey (Guest Post)01/21/2009

Oven cleaner and a fine steel wool. It will clean and polish the glass.

Best Answers

By (Guest Post)11/27/2007

We use newspaper dampened, then dipped in the ashes, to scrub the window. Works great.

Best Answers

By (Guest Post)11/27/2007

A magic eraser will work. So will the liquid cleaner for glass top ranges. In addition, I have used a razor and never made a scratch. Be sure to use the flat ones made for scraping (rather than a box cutter). Held at the proper angle, it's like magic!

Question: Cleaning the Window of a Wood Fireplace

How do you clean the soot off the window of a wood fireplace?

Louise from Nipawin, SK, Canada


Best Answers

By Leanne (Guest Post)06/05/2008

This is how I did it for years. Crumple a page or two of newspaper. Run some water over it while holding it under the faucet - keeping some of it dry. Dab the wet newspaper in the ashes and rub it on the glass. Repeating until the glass is clear enough to wipe it up with glass cleaner.

Best Answers

By Carla J. Sanders [3]01/09/2007

At Linens-N-Things I found "Ceramic Glass Appliance Cleaner" - I think it's supposed to be fore ceramic cook tops. It's $3.99 for a bottle and works like a dream w/ just a paper towel. I've also actually used a straight edge razor if it's caked on really badly and nothing works.

Best Answers

By Kim McGrantham [16]01/09/2007

All I use is the Magic Eraser... no chemicals or cleaners needed :) This also works for soap scum on shower doors!

Best Answers

By Teri Van Hecke [7]01/07/2007

For years I have been cleaning my fireplace glass with "Bon Ami" and have no scratches after many years. Just warm water, Bon Ami, and a little elbow grease!

Question: Eco-Friendly Cleaning of Fireplace Doors

I'm looking for a safe, inexpensive, possibly eco-friendly solution for cleaning my glass fire place doors. Ellowyn, WV

Best Answer

By (Guest Post)11/25/2007

Simple, no cost. Take damp newspaper and dip in cold wood ashes. Rub on glass until creosote and film comes off. Repeat as needed; finish with window cleaner. Works better than any thing I buy.

Question: Preventing Soot Buildup

Does anyone have a home remedy to keep that yucky black soot from building up on fireplace and wood stove glass doors?

butterfly11h from Lebanon, MO

Most Recent Answer

By Laura [2]12/12/2007

I don't know how to keep it from building up, but I have found a great way to remove it.

I use a product marketed for laundry stain removal called Soilove. You can purchase at

Hope this helps, it really works like a charm. Spray on and wipe with paper towels.

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