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Cleaning a Windshield

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cleaning a windshield

A clean windshield reduces glare during night driving and improves visibility overall. This guide is about cleaning a windshield.



Here are questions related to Cleaning a Windshield.

Question: Getting Rid of Water Spots on Windshield

Back in the summer when it was 100+ F, while watering my lawn the water got on my car windshield and left a residue that I cannot get off. I've tried SLR, LimeAway, Crudcutter, Goo Gone, and RainX.

Does anyone have a suggestion as how to get this residue off my windshield?

By Wayne from Huntsville, TX


Most Recent Answer

By Lisa [1]01/06/2010

You could try scraping with a razor blade.

Solutions: Cleaning a Windshield

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