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Cleaning Yellow Stains on White T-Shirts

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White T-Shirt

Yellow stains on your whites may be the result of perspiration or using bleach in your laundry. This is a guide about cleaning yellow stains on white t-shirts.



Here are questions related to Cleaning Yellow Stains on White T-Shirts.

Question: Yellow Stain From Peroxide On White Shirt

My husband just got a brand new white dress shirt. While he was getting dressed, he noticed that he got a tiny spot of blood on his collar from shaving. He didn't want to change, so I took him in the bathroom and dabbed it with peroxide, which got the blood right out. The problem is that the area that I put the peroxide on, is now yellow. I tried shout, oxiclean and even the combination of dishwashing soap, bleach, and hot water. The shirt says to only use non-chlorine bleach, but the rest of the shirt in super white, it's just the spot that I put peroxide on. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Lisa Monit


Most Recent Answer

By Jen Ann G.05/08/2015

Just a bit of info if you get blood on clothing rub saliva into it then wash the enzymes lift the blood right out.

Question: Cleaning Mystery Yellow Stain From White Clothing

Almost every piece of white clothing I own has a mysterious yellow stain on it. I think it might be rust from the washer, but I'm not sure. The stains' are very small, but I notice them. Anyways, does anyone know how I can get them out?

Kristen from Tempe, AZ


Most Recent Answer

By Rosa07/07/2009

Well, I had this old, old white dress blouse that I liked to wear under my suits. I've had it for 6+ Years and back in the day I problems with sweating. Now my shirt had horrible yellow but I mean YELLOW pit stains. Not pastel yellow it was really yellow almost orange. (I know gross) I didn't want to get rid of it because I LOVE my blouse and I figured that since I wear it under my suits that I would be ok. So, yesterday I decided to do my own invention to try and get this stain out. I've heard some people tell me that Lime others told me Baking soda and vinegar so I tried all 3.

First I put Baking soda on the stains and then I put the vinegar (Next time I'll put vinegar first and then baking soda) and then I waited for it to stop bubbling and then I squeezed half a Lime into both pits and waited like 2 hours (I think it was more like I forgot that I had left the shirt outside he he he) I came back out took the shirt hand washed it with cold water and my detergent and put it outside to dry. I checked it like 3 hours later and VOILA! the pit stains were GONE! I couldn't believe it!

Question: Bleached White Shirt Is Now Yellow

My husband's white t-shirts have turned yellow from using bleach. How can I get them white again?

Karen from Dallas, TX

Most Recent Answer

By LaurenD [1]07/31/2011

Hi, This has also happened to me. I have a white embroidered shirt with a bit of stretch in, its 5% elastene, 95% cotton. I put some ariel stain remover and whitener powder in the wash that was a certain % chlorine bleaching agent. I didn't realize this at the time as I was doing the washing in zombie mode. The shirt has come out of the wash with a yellow tint and I'm really upset. It was my favourite shirt not to mention it was expensive. Does anybody know how to restore this?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Question: Yellow Spots on White T-shirts

I seem to run into a problem with white shirts. For some reason, even with shirts I have never worn, if the shirt is white, after a few days these yellowish brown spots will appear on the shirt. Most of the time it's just small spots, but there have been times where the spot is much bigger, covering the large areas of the shirt. These spots also don't seem to come out in the wash. I have tried a variety of detergents and things. This only seems to happen to cotton t-shirts though. What is this and how can i get it out?!

xjussx from Parkersburg, WV

Most Recent Answer

By joesgirl (Guest Post)08/29/2007

I use either WISK or TIDE detergent for my clothes. Occasionally, I get yellow or brown tiny spots on white clothes only. Here's what I do: Using hot water I use the normal amount of detergent, add about 1/2 of BORAX & 1 cup of bleach. Magic, the spots disappear. Good luck & let me know how you make out. Here's my e-mail address: thestaceys2 AT

Question: Peroxide Turned White Shirt Yellow

I used hydrogen peroxide to remove a stain from a white shirt and it turned the fabric yellow. How do I get it white again?

By Yvonne

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]09/13/2011

I would find out what material you are dealing with. If you have rayon or something like that, it will not stand the same sort of stain treatment that cotton will. I suspect this shirt is not just cotton or polycotten, as peroxide does not turn cotton yellow. It may also not have completely removed the stain, and that may be the yellow residue. To be truly helpful, here, we need to know the type of fabric the shirt is, and what the original stain was.

Question: Bleach Left Yellow Stains on T-shirts

My bleach is leaving yellow spots on white T-shirts. Is this because I am buying a cheaper brand of bleach? How can I get these yellow stains out?

By louisemy from Pensacola, FL

Most Recent Answer

By Patricia Hamm [4]10/09/2009

My sister gave me several tops that she didn't want because they had yellow spots on them. She said it happened in the wash. I took clorox cleanup and sprayed the spots and then washed as usual and every spot was gone and I had about 15 perfect white tops.

Question: Cotton T-shirt Stained by Peroxide

I tried to remove a stain from a white t-shirt by using hydrogen peroxide, then setting it in the sun. The stain seems to be gone, but anywhere the peroxide was, the shirt turned yellow. Is there any way to get the yellow out caused by the peroxide?

By Kimberly A.

Most Recent Answer

By sandnsea5703/07/2014

I have had the privledge of the same thing happening. A nice pair of white capri jeans (cotton & 2% spandex) turn yellow in the sun after peroxide use. Are they toast now? I have washed them several times now and they still remain yellow.

Question: Removing Yellow Spots from White T-shirts

Why do white t-shirts get yellow spots on them? A lot of my friends have this problem, they just appear. How do you get rid of them?

By Kathy J

Most Recent Answer

By Nancy [5]05/28/2011

I hang my whites out in the sunshine when they yellow. Sometimes for a few days. The sun will draw the yellow out.

Question: Yellow Stains on White Clothing

How do you remove yellow stains from white t-shirts?

By Gene from Rochester, PA

Most Recent Answer

By lesley [1]01/13/2011

A better product by the same manufacturer, Yellow Out. It will remove any yellow based stain. Follow the instructions. It does an amazing job.

Question: Bleaching Agent Left Yellow Stains on White Shirt

I have a white embroidered shirt with a bit of stretch in, it's 5% elastene, 95% cotton. I put some Ariel stain remover and whitener powder in the wash that was a certain % chlorine bleaching agent. I didn't realise this at the time as I was doing the washing in zombie mode. The shirt has come out of the wash with a yellow tint and I'm really upset. It was my favourite shirt, not to mention it was expensive. Does anybody know how to restore this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

By LaurenD from England

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]08/04/2011

I don't think you'll be able to get the yellow out. I've done the same thing a couple of times and sadly had to give up on the garment. I even tried one of those colour strippers from Dyelon-didn't work. Sigh. My most heart felt condolences on your loss-finding the 'right blouse' is not easy nowadays and it's frustrating to lose something that is a favourite to a laundry accident!

Question: Cause of Yellow Stains on My Son's T-shirts

For the last year and a half I've been noticing dull yellow stains on my son's white t-shirts. Some of the t-shirts are 100% cotton and some are dry fit. I use All stainlifter. I hang dry the shirts and I notice the stains when the shirts are completely dry. This morning I noticed a big yellow circle on the front of a gray t-shirt. He does use acne medicine. Could this be causing it? There are never any stains on my clothes or my husband's clothes.

By Laura C

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