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Cleaning a Fabric Purse

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Photo of a yellow fabric purse.

Keeping your favorite purses useful requires keeping them clean. This guide is about cleaning a fabric purse.



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Question: Cleaning Soiled Leather & Fabric Purse

Help-I need advice on how to clean a leather and fabric Coach purse that is soiled. Specifically, it is the Ladybug Coach purse. The outside has lime green/beige Coach fabric w/scattered faux diamonds and patent leather ladybug embellishments, and is trimmed with a caramel colored leather handle and purse bottom. Both the leather and fabric are moderately soiled. The inside is bright lime green w/zipper and lime green leather embellishment and is lightly soiled. Any cleaning advice would be greatly appreciated.

Barb from Napa, CA


Most Recent Answer

By Abi (Guest Post)02/08/2009

I need help on removing wine stain from a new Coach Madison leather bag.

Question: Cleaning a Fabric Purse

I need to clean of the bottom of my fabric bag. It got soiled from being put on the floor. Hope you could help. Thank you.



Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [422]09/11/2009

Do you have any of the fabric? If so, I would wash the purse, cover the bottom with some of the fabric then cover it with scotchguard.

If you don't have any of the fabric, then you might want to cover it with some vinyl and that might protect it. You can either hand sew the fabric to the bottom, as most people wouldn't be able to see the stitches, or perhaps seam rip the bottom off, replace the fabric using the size of the piece as a template. Good luck!

Question: Cleaning a Fabric Purse

How do I clean Downe and Browne handbag with a leather strap


Most Recent Answer

By Kathi [2]01/27/2012

I sell on eBay and use Shoe Magik which I buy at the County Fair or online if I run out. It works great and doesn't fade the fabric as much as other cleaners do.

Question: Cleaning a White Fabric Relic Bag

I bought a white coloured cotton Relic bag sometime last year. The colour does not seem to be as attractive as it was when I first bought it. Now it looks dirty. Please what am I to do to have it cleansed and its colour restored to how it was when I first bought it? The hand of the bag is leather, but the other parts are cotton white. Please how do I cater to it?

By Cesca

Solutions: Cleaning a Fabric Purse

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