Cradle Cap Remedies

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Babies often have a flaky skin condition known as cradle cap on their scalp. There are a number of home remedies you can use to treat cradle cap. This is a guide about cradle cap remedies.


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Tip: Organic Coconut Oil for Cradle Cap

Instead of using baby oil on your baby's head for cradle cap, try using virgin organic coconut oil instead. As a natural product, coconut oil is much better for the skin than the chemical-laden lotions and oils most people slather on their children. If you don't care for the light coconut scent, just plain organic coconut oil may be used. You can find coconut oil in the health food store and some grocery stores.

By Wendopolis from Galesburg, IL

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Tip: Olive Oil for Cradle Cap

Olive oil is also great for the skin and helps with cradle cap. Simply massage a small amount of oil into the baby's scalp. Do this a couple times a day. I hope this helps.

    By StellaBell [176]

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    Tip: Baby Oil For Cradle Cap

    My son had cradle cap until the day before his first birthday. The doctor kept telling me it would go away on its own. Well, I had had it by the time he was almost one so I found this home remedy. Rub baby oil or olive oil into the baby's scalp an hour before washing (I only did it a few minutes before). Use a soft toothbrush to gently rub in circles over the scales. They came right up and haven't reoccurred!

    By Deanna

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