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Crafts Using Coffee-Mate Containers

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Does anyone have craft ideas for the larger Coffee-Mate containers with the powder creamer? It seems a waste to get rid of them.

By Michelle


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By Sandi/Poor But Proud [446]01/06/2013

They are great for food. I keep rice in one and the little spout is great for measuring out smaller amounts. They are also good for syrup and other liquids. They can also be great for taking soup to work, as the spout again is nice for pouring into a mug. Get the shaker kind of pancake mix and use this to make perfect pancakes.

You can also use them for string or cord in the shop, small items in the craft room (labeled of course), and for keeping change or dog treats in the car.

By gail macfarlane [1]01/04/2013

You can use the container to make a bird feeder.

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