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Crafts Using Gourds

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Crafts using gourds

Gourds are great to use for craft projects, there are so many possibilities. This is a guide about crafts using gourds.


Solutions: Crafts Using Gourds

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Tip: Gourd Decor

gourd with handleI enjoy raising and decorating gourds. The one here is one of my favorites. It only required tan leather dye, a skill saw with a fine blade and a drill and bit along with a little sandpaper and leather lacing.

Source: I have looked through many, many books and magazines for my ideas, but nothing I do is copied exactly.

By Irisbird from Lillington, NC

Tip: Decorating Fall Gourds

gourd 3The kids are always asking us to buy those funky decorative gourds at the grocery store in the fall. I usually say no, but last year I gave in and let them each pick one. They were initially annoyed that I wouldn't let them try to carve them, but I challenged them to find a different way to decorate them.

I was happily surprised at the end result. They used construction paper, as well as a few items that they had in their rooms. They turned out really well and lasted a long time since the kids just used tape to adhere everything, leaving the skin intact. gourd 1 gourd 2

Tip: Gourd-geous Wreath!

gourd wreath on doorI saved the gourds from my garden and hot glued them to an old vine wreath and added some ribbon and a poem. November Blessings to you all!

By Wendy S from Coopersburg, PA

Tip: Use Your Garden Gourds For Cute Craft People

Green gourd personGourds from your garden can make cute crafts. I used doll hair and regular acrylic paint for my "Breast Cancer Buddy". My daughter, Eryn, came up with the film canister idea for a craft show.

By Wendy from Coopersburg, PA

Tip: Gourd Snowman Head

A snowman gourd ornament.


  • 1 clean round gourd
  • glue
  • cotton balls or cotton fiber fill of any color
  • 1 large Christmas bell
  • acrylic paint
  • acrylic sealer, spray at least 2 times for good coverage
By Crafty Billie from Stockton, CA

Betty Boop Red Hat Gourd Doll

Gourd painted and decorated to look like Betty Boop.


  • dried gourd
  • Tacky glue
  • black yarn
  • paint for face and dress
  • red and white boas
  • spray sealer


  1. Scrub the gourd good and let dry about 45 minutes.
  2. Paint on face and hair and let dry about 15 minutes.
  3. Paint on dress and let dry about 15 minutes.
    I get hats from craft store and glue a red boa on them then fit to the head. (I use tacky glue.) I use black yarn for more hair and better fit for the hat, just mess with it a little.
  4. Glue white boa around neck.
  5. Spray with clear sealer.

By Sheri from Stockton

Tip: Little Gourd Farmers

Gourds painted to look like farmers.The little farmers are gourds, painted in the colors you want. You can get both straw hats or you can crochet them, whichever you like. The hay bale is Styrofoam covered with raffia and I put craft wire for looks. I used the balls that fall out of oak trees, painted them to look like pumpkins, got a couple black birds and glued them on and came out with a pretty neat set.

By Sheri from Stockton, CA

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Here are questions related to Crafts Using Gourds.

Question: Help Acquiring Gourds For Crafts

Does anyone grow gourds? I am looking for some kettle gourds or other large type gourds. I paint and craft these and I am running out of my favorites. I have plenty of the apple gourds and others that I paint. I love to make birdhouses as well as other crafts from gourd. Please contact me if you have any gourds!

Hardiness Zone: 6b

Kathy from Beattyville, KY

Editors Note: Here is a ThriftyFun article if you would like to know more about growing gourds yourself:


Most Recent Answer

By (Guest Post)09/21/2008

I have gourds if you are interested, they are almost ready for harvest, I can ship them to you, as soon as my daddy gathers them. You may call me 910-452--2917 or I can call you or email. I would be glad to send them to you. Also have the long leaf pine cones 4 to 8 inches. I was asking 50 cent for the small and 1.00 for the 8 in. They are pretty. Thanks, Janet Wilmington, NC

Question: Crafts Using Gourds

I am a crafter wanna be but have a lack of imagination, so I need pictures of other peoples crafts to get me started. I have a lot of old barn wood and can't get any ideas on what to do with it. The same with gourds as I find I am not the greatest painter. Can anyone point me in the right direction?



Most Recent Answer

By Cynthia M. (Guest Post)01/28/2009

Down here in TX, where I live, people make all kinds of stuff out of old wood. The stuff I like the most is furniture. I saw a whole bedroom suite made out of it for a young boy and decorated western. And then there are corner shelves and other shelves also. People make the tops of the shelves look like old picket fencing running around the back and sides. Of course they also use old fencing materials to build with. Also benches with a seat that opens up for storage. Bookoos of ideas!


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Painted Gourds

We do a lot of painted gourds. We sell quite a few. We grew these gourds and then cleaned and painted them. Gourd painted as a person. Birdhouse painted gourd. Another birdhouse. Multiple gourds.