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Crafts Using Old Door Knobs

Crafts Using Old Door Knobs

Beautiful ornate door knobs can often be found at salvage stores, estate sales and yard sales. This guide is about crafts using old door knobs.


Solutions: Crafts Using Old Door Knobs

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Tip: Old Door Knob Vase

Vase made from old an old door nob.Even the tiniest flowers in the garden deserve their moment to shine. But how to display them? Most vases are way too large for these miniatures.

I have several antique door knobs that have a hole in the metal. These work, deep enough to hold just the right amount of water to keep tiny flowers happy on my windowsill.

Be sure to add a few drops every day.

By Gloria from upstate NY

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Tip: Used Door Knob Mini Vase

Mini vase from used brass door knob, inverted with branch inserted.I recently had to replace my front door knobs. Instead of tossing them, I use them for a mini vase. I have butterfly weed in it.

Source: Saw it somewhere on the net awhile ago.

By Elaine S. from Near Cedar Rapids, IA

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Tip: Old Door Knob Art

Art piece hanging on the wall.I found an old window screen, attached dried herb bundles, and screwed old door knobs on the bottom for a unique decoration for my garden room.

Approximate Time: 2 hours


  • dried herb bundles
  • old window screen
  • old door knobs/screws
  • wire
  • raffia


Attach herb bundles onto the screen. Screw the door knobs on the bottom of the wooden part of the screen. Hang and enjoy.

By Louella from Billings, MT

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