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Crafts Using Silk Flowers

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Crafts Using Silk Flowers

Many colorful decorations can be made with artificial flowers. This guide contains crafts using silk flowers.


Solutions: Crafts Using Silk Flowers

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Tip: Reuse Discarded Silk Flowers

When my kids were little, money was sparse, and we lived way out in the backwoods. There was little, if any, activities we could afford. We did discover one, however, that may sound a little morbid at first, but is actually wonderful.

We visited cemeteries. We never removed floral arrangements from a gravesite, and if we could pick up and restore one to its proper place, we did. But at the back or in the woods around the perimeter of most cemeteries, there are usually piles of discarded silk flowers. Many are still beautiful when brought home, washed in the bathtub with some regular washing powder and bleach, and dried.

If one is especially pleasing in shape, but faded, there are sprays sold at craft shops to "paint" them colorful again. We disassembled the arrangements first, washed them, and reused cleaned containers, or yard sale vases; perhaps using a jelly jar with a cute grosgrain ribbon, to re-arrange them into beauty again.

Maybe a card, pair of socks, pocket comb, a box of bath powder or similar dollar-store item was added.

Then we would make a trip to our local nursing homes, assisted living houses, battered women's shelter, or the like, and my children learned to give from the heart, and received such gratitude in return.

It was like an Easter-egg hunt in the bushes, a recycling project and art class at home. We also has a Sunday school lesson in the faces who smiled back at us as we shared all we had, and let a "forgotten" person know they were special. And I now have some really special, loving, giving adult children.

By Dollyslaffn

Synthetic Silk Flower Pins

Dress up a simple tee or wear it in your hair, either way they are fun to make and wear. A blue silk flower pin.

Approximate Time: 15 minutes


  • 1/8 yard synthetic silk
  • needle and thread to match
  • scissors
  • fancy buttons
  • yarns or fancy ribbons
  • tea candle
  • match
  • small bowl of water
  • wet paper towel


Since you will be using flame this is not a craft for children and please be careful. Have a wet paper towel or small bowl of water close by! I don't intend to scare you I just want you to be careful and safe. These are easy and safe to make, but you must always be careful when using an open flame.

You will be melting the edges of the fabric by holding your fabric slightly above the flame. I use a tea candle so it sits low on the work surface.

  1. Using the pattern provided, make at least 5 shapes by folding the fabric into 5 layers at one time. Lay the pattern on the fabric and fold the pattern and fabric in half as shown in the photo.
  2. Cutout paper template for the background petals of the flower. Blue fabric cutout from the template.

  3. Cut out around the pattern, don't worry about being exact as your edges will not matter. Remove your pattern, but before separating your fabric make a 1/2 inch slice in between every other petal hump through all 5 layers.
  4. Separate your layers and doing one layer at a time hold the edges over the flame, start about an inch above and work your way around each petal. Going closer to the flame as needed to singe the edges. Be careful, the edges will be hot for a couple of seconds, you are melting the fabric. When you come to the slit work the flame along the slit, this will make your petals curl.
  5. An orange and green silk flower pin.

  6. For the top layer I hold the center of my fabric layer over the flame to shrink the whole layer. Repeat for all of your layers. You can either use fancy buttons or a tassel sort of topping.
  7. I wrap fancy yarn or ribbon around three fingers 12 to 15 times depending on the material. I slip the loops off and hold them together while I wrap a 6 inch piece of the same material around the middle; tie it off. Then, depending again on the look I want I either cut the loops or leave some and cut some.
  8. Two silk flower pins on a purple shirt.

  9. Arrange your layers so the curls please you, top with a fancy button or your "tassel" and sew through all layers in a small circle to make sure you have a good base. Now cut and fold a piece to hide the stitches on the back from the petal fabric or other sturdy fabric.
A blue silk flower pin with a pearl center

If making your flower into a pin. Sew on a pin back and enjoy your synthetic silk flower.

Try mixing different colors of fabric and different shapes of petal patterns for fun.

As you can see they can be used in a variety of ways. The red and blue tops were a little too low for wearing to some occasions and the flower makes a pretty solution to that temporary problem.

Dress up a plain tee with a grouping around the neck or on one shoulder. They are so light weight you won't know they are there. So cute on a clip in the hair and the little girls especially like having something no one else has as we all know. They are so quick and easy to make you can get 3 five layer flowers from one 1/8 yard of fabric.

I found a great variety at JoAnn's Fabrics on sale for half price, that made my flowers around $2.50 each.

By Ann W from Loup City, NE

Tip: Silk Flower Ball

Decorative ball with silk flowers.


  • 1 6 inch Styrofoam ball
  • 25 silk flowers (note: get ones that are open so you don't need as many)
  • matching ribbon


Take Styrofoam ball, pull heads off of silk flowers and glue and press into Styrofoam ball. Glue silk leaves from silk flowers throughout ball. Hot glue matching ribbon so you can hang.

By Carol from MA

Artificial Flower Framing

This craft can be a lot of fun and very complementing to a rooms décor. You can make simple country kitchen designs or something more contemporary and modern.


  • Shadow box or Frame with removable glass
  • Spray paint
  • Artificial flowers
  • Tape
  • Hot glue gun

Artificial Flower Framing Supplies


The first step is to decide whether or not you frame or shadow box is the color you like. If the background of your framing is not, you can spray paint it. Remove the frame and glass before painting, unless you want to paint your frame as well. If this is a step you need to take let it dry for at least 24 hours after you have painted the background.

Artificial Flower Framing Done

Next you will want to prepare your flowers and greenery by cutting the lengths and pieces you will want to use. Also if you are using a frame instead of a shadow box you will want to remove the glass, you will not use the glass for this project because usually the flowers and leaves make this a 3D picture. (This is also a good time to plug in your hot glue gun so it is ready for the next step.)

Now arrange your cut pieces on your background the way you like. Use a small amount of tape to secure your arrangement. Do not secure tapes firmly, just use it to lightly tack items into place. After you have tacked everything into place with the tape pick up the background and hold it upright to ensure everything looks good and nothing falls or no additional pieces of tape are needed. Remember you are using a very small amount of tape and only lightly tacking things into place.

Artificial Flower Framing Done

The final step is to use a small amount of hot glue in place of the tape. After you have glued everything into place let your art dry for 20 minutes and then hold upright once again to ensure everything is in place and secured properly.

Finally, reassemble frame or shadow box and display your art.

Artificial Flower Framing Done

By Eva Marie Stasiak

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Question: Making Silk Flower Petal Soap

I went to a Tea Room awhile back and used their restroom and when I washed my hands they had this dish with silk flower petals in it that had scented soap that coated them. You used one petal to wash your hands, that was all you needed.

Can anyone please tell me how they made these silk soap petals. I would really like to know how to do this.

Kay from Clyde, TX


Most Recent Answer

By Terrijean J.01/05/2013

I purchased from the "Dollar Store" a box of decorative soap that looks and appears to be silk flower rose buds. they even had all separate petals and everything but they were actually perfumed bath soaps that you add the petals to your bath. Your post made me think of them.