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Crafts Using Tri-Beads


Plastic tri-beads are used for making a variety of craft projects. This is a guide about crafts using tri-beads.



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Making Tri-Bead Keychains

beadsPlastic tri-beads come in a huge variety of colors and are fun to use in craft projects. This is a guide about making tri-bead keychains.

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Here are questions related to Crafts Using Tri-Beads.

Question: Crafts Using Tri-Beads

I am looking for crafts to do with tri-beads. A friend gave me a lot of them and I don't know what to do with them. I have searched the internet, but can't find anything. Does anybody have any designs to do with them? I would appreciate it.

By Dora G.

Most Recent Answer

By ShirleyE10/11/2013

You could melt them and make suncatchers.

Question: Making Tri-bead Keychains

I am also interested in making the keychains of the lady and the man for these keychains. Does anyone know where I can locate the pattern to make these?

By osheafam

Question: Tri-Bead Keychains

I use to make really cute tri-bead people key chains about 40 years ago and I forgot exactly how. Does anyone know how or have the pattern? I would love to teach my grandchildren so they can make Christmas gifts this year. Thank you so much.

By PamalaK from Nashville, TN

Most Recent Answer

By Elaine06/19/2012

Hello, I am a little confused, are you asking for the patterns for these Tri-bead key chains for as I look back into this post, April 14, 2011, I had posted that I have these patterns and you were a person that asked for them at that time! Please let me know if you still need them.
Thank you

Question: Pattern for Tri-Bead Chain

Does anyone have a pattern for the little people keychains that are made with tri beads. My great grandmother used to make them and give them to us as kids and I would love to pass them on to my grandkids.

By BushaOf5 from Erie, PA

Most Recent Answer

By Cassie04/14/2011

Hi Myantoo, I remember those key chains also. I would love the patterns also if you would not mind sending them to me also. I would appreciate it so very much. My email is Thank you for your time and kindness. Take care God bless you and your loved ones. Cassie