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Crocheted Alligator Patterns

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Finding the pattern you desire can sometimes be a challenge. This guide is about crocheted alligator patterns.



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Question: Pattern for Crocheted Alligator

I need a pattern for a crocheted alligator for a new baby due in April. The parents and 6 year old sister-to-be love the Florida Gators. Thanks for your help.

By Karen

Most Recent Answer

By Sheilah Link02/28/2013

Found the patterns, but how can I get them to you. It is in Annie's Pattern Club, No. 21, newsletter, June-July. 1983. It is a single pattern, but by changing needles and number of strains of yarn, three sizes result, papa, mama, and baby. And it is crochetted, not knitted. I don't have a problem if you email me, but I don't know if Thrifty fun will allow that. Try stlink AT