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Cupcake Liner as a Drinks Cover

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A Cupcake Base as a Drinks Cover

Use a cupcake paper case to cover your drinks in summer. Rip a small hole in the middle for the straw. No flies on me! :D

    By Monique [100]


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    By Hilary [3]04/23/2014

    Very cleaver. It's always a concern when drinking outside. I will be trying this one. Hopefully it doesn't blow away with a strong wind.


    I use Saran Wrap, Kids love to play with the cupcake holders! If we are going to the park, I use that stretch and seal kind.

    By tootic [2]09/08/2013

    I like a filled water glass with a flexible straw at my bedside at night. Was trying to find a way to cover thr glass as it sat during the night. Am going to try this. Thanks.

    By Robyn [369]08/27/2013

    Awesome! ~:)

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