Cure of a Dry Nose


If your nose gets dry and crusty, especially during allergy season, there is a simple cure. Using a cotton swab, wipe the inside of your nose with an antibiotic ointment. This also works great for someone on oxygen therapy.

Source: Dr. Michael Vidas, M.D. ENT specialty

By Susan E. from Peoria, IL


By Holly 367 1,264 07/04/2012

What about the ointment going into your lungs and being stuck? I wish you'd get clarification from the doc about this possibility. Too much junk in the lungs can facilitate pneumonia.

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By SUSAN EYER 7 4 07/05/2012

In response to ointment getting in lungs....this hasn't been a problem. The amount of ointment used is not enough to drain into your lungs. Also, the ointment is absorbed by the tissues in the nose. Cover the end of a cotton swab with a small amount of ointment.

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By Marty 1 22 07/05/2012

Please do not use an antibiotic ointment for this! Unless you need an antibiotic.

There is an over the counter saline nasal Gel that contains Aloe that is called AYR.
They also make a spray, but the gel lasts so much longer and you have better control when applied using a cotton swab and a small dab will do it.

Chances are good you do not need any more "antibiotic anything" in the smallest forms, especially when we all remember the over kill our bodies have had from the unnecessary use of an antibiotic "cure all".

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By Mary LaCaze 28 79 07/05/2012

My husband's doctor gave him a prescription for a 'special ointment' to put in his nose several times a day because he has allergies and can get a dry nose from the side effects of allergy meds. We refilled the prescription for years and it worked beautifully.

One day, the Walmart pharmacy didn't have the prescription filled yet, and I watched as the pharmacist went around the counter, over to an aisle shelf, picked up a generic $3 triple-antibiotic ointment, and proceeded to cover the box with a prescription label. Sheesh... Haven't had a problem and he's used it for probably ten years off and on. Sure, ask your doctor, but such a small amount is used and it does help stop the misery of an extremely dry, sometimes cracked & bleeding nose.

Yes, there was an issue in the news once about people using Vaseline and it getting down in the lungs and causing problems, but this is such a miniscule amount used and rubbed in by responsible adults. We also do use saline solutions, but occasionally, the situation is past what that will help.

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