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Dachshund Schnauzer Mixed Breed Information and Photos

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Dachshund and Schnauzer Mix

A common canine mix is of the Dachshund and Schnauzer. This page contains Dachshund and Schnauzer mix-breed information and photos.



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Question: What Breed Is My Dog? (Dachshund and Schnauzer Mix)

What Breed Is My Dog?Does anyone know what breed of dog this is?



Most Recent Answer

By Nellesha07/29/2010

I have the same dog, a mix between a Dachshund Weiner dog and a Schnauser. I haven't ever recieved an official name, although I have gotten many comments on her being a wire-haired Schnauser, which is a purebred dog. She is very protective, while im sleeping my mother takes her out, and shuts my door completely, and tries to keep her in the living room so she wont chew up any of my things like she has before; however, she seems to get into my room, without even opening my door. She never leaves my side, and follows me everywhere. (: I like to call her a Weinerschnauz anyway though. It sounds childish, but i am only 14, ha.

I call her DD.

RE: What Breed Is My Dog? (Dachshund-Schnauzer Mix?)

Solutions: Dachshund Schnauzer Mixed Breed Information and Photos

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