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Dog Keeps Shaking Head

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Dog Shaking Head

If you notice that your dog has begun shaking her head a lot, finding the cause becomes paramount in order to find a treatment. This is a guide about dog keeps shaking head.



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Question: Dog Shaking Head

My do has been shaking his head as though he has an ear ache although he has no infection and no ingrown hairs. Any ideas on how to help him?

By Marylee


Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]07/22/2013

I suggest you contact your veterinarian before the poor animal shakes it's head resulting in Hematoma.

Question: Dog Keeps Shaking Head

What can I do for my dog who is shaking his head as if his ears are bothering him?

By rpfunke


Most Recent Answer

By heather inwood [11]07/18/2013

Buy some ear drops specially formulated for dogs at your local pet store or vet - put a few drops in it's ears - rub the ears then a few minutes later get a cotton ball & wipe its ears clean. Note: do not use a cotton bud.
This will help clean any build up of wax out - if it still has a problem then you must visit your vet in case it is a more serious issue. He may have a grass seed lodged in his canal & this is a big problem.

Solutions: Dog Keeps Shaking Head

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