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Dog Still Smells After a Bath

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dog bathing

If giving your dog a bath does not eliminate a bad smell, you will need to try to determine the cause. This is a guide about when a dog still smells after a bath.



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Question: Dog Smells Minutes After Getting a Bath

My dog Gizmo, a Shih Tzu, stinks 5 minutes after I give him a bath. I do not know why?

By Tyler


Most Recent Answer

By Robyn [369]09/27/2013

It could be that the anal glands need to be emptied, or it could be a yeast situation on the skin.

Here is a video about expressing anal glands in small dogs...

Here is a site that talks about yeast and how to get rid of it by various methods:

Blessings, Robyn

Question: Dog Smells Even After a Bath

My dog always stinks. I give him a bath and a day or two later he stinks, what can I do?

By Gina


Most Recent Answer

By Laurie Berg W. [2]06/02/2013

Your dog may have YEAST...that would make him smell (and itch).
You can checkout Giving my dog that AND giving him a grain free diet has helped us with this issue.

Question: Dog Smells After a Bath

My dog smells a day after being given a bath. I have 3 dogs and feed them high end food.

By Jjp

Most Recent Answer

By Barbara [4]04/05/2014

It's possible that his anal glands need to be expressed. When they need to be expressed, it doesn't matter how often you give him a bath, the anal is still giving off the odor. You can do it yourself (look it up on youtube to see how), take him to the vet, or take him to a groomer.

Question: Dog Smells After Bathing

I have a 10 month old English Bulldog and 2 days after a bath he stinks my whole apartment up. If you pet him your hand stinks terribly. I am literally sick. I've tried everything that I could think of. If anyone knows of a good home remedy to help get rid of this odor please share. I need some help.

By Ava

Most Recent Answer

By Cisco's Mom [5]05/07/2013

Does he scratch constantly? Does the fur on his head feel greasy? If yes, it sounds like your dog has seborreah which is a genetic problem and horrible to deal with. People would walk in our house and ask "what's that smell". I cleaned constantly and couldn't make it go away. After spending close to $5,000 over a three year period for medications, including steroids, vet bills, medicated shampoos we finally have it under control. There is no cure. If you find out that this is what your dog has and you would like my advice on how to control it, pls e-mail me back and I will explain it to you. Our dog is a rescue and we love him to death. It is so good to see him no longer scratching.

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