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Dog Won't Come Inside

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A dog outside playing with a ball.

A frightened or wary dog may refuse to come inside willingly. This situation is frustrating for you and stressful for your pet. This is a guide about when a dog won't come inside.



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Question: Dog Won't Go In Dog House

I have an older outdoor dog. We had another outdoor dog, much younger, that for some reason started attacking our older dog. We had to get rid of the younger one. Since then, for some reason, the older dog refuses to get inside a dog house.

There are 3 good dog houses she could use. In the winter, I put straw in them for extra warmth, etc. It breaks my heart to see her lying out in the rain, snow, sleet, whatever. Why is she doing this and how can I get her to go inside the dog house?

By Sue


Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]12/30/2012

The kindest gift you can give this beautiful girl is place her in a home where she is the only dog.

Question: Dog Will Not Come Inside

We have adopted a 2 year old dog that will not come into the house. Every morning she cowers and curls up into a ball and must be carried in. As the day goes on she gets better and will come in and the next morning the same problem. Any solutions to her being so scared?

Mary from Virginia Beach, VA


Most Recent Answer

By Hope (Guest Post)12/29/2008

I have the exact same problem. Only I have a 9 month old rat terrier who refuses to come inside. At first I thought she was scared of the sliding door but yet she comes in when she feels like it. It's winter now and I can't leave the door open all day for her to decide if she's coming in or not. So I have resorted to a cable leash when she goes out. I have it hooked to the door so if she doesn't want to come in, I can assist her. It's too cold for her to stay out, and she doesn't need frostbite. I wouldn't recommend a doggie door, because you may find more than just your dog coming inside, raccoons, stray cats, neighbor cats, possums, bugs and birds may come inside as well.

I entered my dog into obedience training and my trainer told me that my dog is not scared, although she acts like it, but he said she's 1st class stubborn. Good luck!

Question: Dog Not Coming Inside After Walks

My American Bull Dog does not want to come inside after his walks. He is walked 2 times daily and then I put him in the back yard. From the backyard he has access through a door to come into the house as well. He spends his day in and out of the house.

He is 5 months old and I have owned him for 5 days now. The previous owner just use to keep him indoors all day and night. Why does my dog not want to come inside after his walks? Do you think I should walk him more often than 2 times daily?

Jessica from Hialeah

Most Recent Answer

By Carol L. (Guest Post)01/26/2009

I'm no expert, if your Beautiful dog doesn't want in right away, he must want more time outside. I know dogs that love being outside, but you have to be careful so they don't get too cold.

You mentioned walking him, maybe he wants to run?

Solutions: Dog Won't Come Inside

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