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Extraction Sites Too Painful for Dentures

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I just had 26 teeth pulled on Wednesday and wore the dentures the first night and then took them out the second night. Now there seems to be little pieces of bone coming out of the extraction sites and it hurts too touch even with my tongue and I can't get my dentures in. What can I do?

By sr


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By Louise B. [5]04/22/2013

Please go back to the dentist. I don't know if there is anything special about having all the teeth out, but I do know that there can be little pieces of bone or root that are working their way out from an extraction. I had only one tooth taken out, and then felt this with my tongue. It was, in fact, a little sliver that the dentist had to remove.

By Ann04/22/2013

This happened to me when I had the same procedure. If you have talked with your dentist and have been assured this is normal (because it is and happens when you have a large number of teeth extracted at the same time), the best thing to I found to do was to apply a denture medication (Oral-base, oral-gel, etc) and wait it out. If the dentures are painful to wear during this healing time, don't wear them.

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