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Question: Cats With Different Feeding Habits

I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on where and how to feed 2 cats with different feeding habits.

We have one male (Bingo) who, for about 2 years, who was used to grazing on his cat food all day. Then we took in a stray female (Yoda) who was half starved, so we allowed her to graze all day as well. This wasn't a problem until she started to get healthier and now she looks like she swallowed a football! She is so plump!

The problem is that she will eat all day long -- she is definitely a boredom eater. But since Bingo was used to eating when he was hungry I think he misses out when we drop food in their bowl twice a day. Yoda just gets in there and licks the bowls clean. She's a stinker and will even find the dog food bowl (that we keep in another room). I try to play with her when I'm home and I try to shoosh her away when she's eaten her share, but it's frustrating. Any advice or something I haven't thought of yet?

Kathy from South Dakota

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By Shera 4 45 07/07/2007

Yah, I would say separate bowls, different rooms even, so that Bingo knows there is always food there for him when he's hungry, maybe a room where Yoda isnt allowed to go.

I think Bingo has been very tolerant about the newcomer that changed his life and his accessibility to food whenever he wants it. Just my thoughts.

If Yoda is just bored you could set up a few things so that he can play more. Even old adult cats will play if you give them something to climb and swat at. Especially if youre not there to releive his boredom.

I was watching the Pet network where one family had created an entire spare room for their cats with ropes and balls and tunnels and what-have-you. They had been wrecking the house until they got their own room with kitty friendly toys.

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Question: Feeding Multiple Cats Different Food

I have two cats, an 11 year old and a 4 month old. The 11 year old eats special food, with no protein, because he has bladder and kidney problems. The kitten eats her own high-protein cat food. The older can't eat the kitten's food and the kitten shouldn't eat the low protein food.

I feed the 11 year old on top of the refrigerator. The kitten cannot get up there yet, but I think within the next few weeks he will learn. How can I feed them separately without monitoring what they eat (just leaving food out for them all day). Since I am not home all day, I feel I cannot lock the kitten up until I get home. Any suggestions?

By Carol from Wauwatosa, WI

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By Judi 18 938 07/14/2010

That's a toughie! About all you can do is feed then pick the food up and do this a few times a day. Cats prefer to 'graze' but they can't with this problem going on.

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