Fixing Frizzy Doll Hair

Fixing Frizzy Doll Hair

Lots of playtime can leave a doll with very messy hair. This guide is about fixing frizzy doll hair.


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Tip: How To Repair Frizzy American Girl Doll Hair

Samantha witha braid.

This is an easy and inexpensive way to repair American Girl Dolls' hair using household items.

Approximate Time: 4 hours (approx.)


  • 1 tsp wig shampoo
  • 6 fl oz liquid fabric softener
  • 3 cups water
Hair brush for wigs.


  1. First, you wash the doll's hair using directions on wig shampoo container. Rinse completely using lukewarm water, then pat dry gently.
  2. Pour water and fabric softener into large container, or a sink.
  3. Gently massage water/fabric softener mixture into doll's hair and let soak for approx. 1 1/2 to 2 hours in the mixture.
  4. After soaking, rinse doll's hair in lukewarm water until mixture is completely removed.
  5. Gently brush doll's hair with wig brush. If you have the American Girl brush, feel free to use it. But if not, you can find a wig brush at your local beauty supply store.
  6. After brushing, pull hair into three sections and braid. If the ends are really frizzy and you can't braid them at the ends, spray with a hair detangling spray and wrap a hair tie around it.
  7. Allow to dry for about 2 hours then take out of the braid(s). Gently brush the hair, and then leave to completely dry overnight, and then brush again. Enjoy your American Girl Doll's defrizzy hair!

By Debbie A [1]

You may need to do this multiple times to get full effect, but remember to space treatments apart.

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Tip: To Tame Doll Hair

My mom was a doll doctor. She would wash the doll hair with dish detergent. Allow it to dry. Use a curling iron to style it. Spray with hair spray to hold. Use the same process you would with a wig.

By lzygranny from NC

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Question: How do I fix frizzy doll hair?

I bought 2 used American Girl dolls for my daughter, they both have slightly frizzy hair. Does anyone know of a way to improve the hair so it will be less frizzy?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Jennifer from Bend, Oregon

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Most Recent Answer

By gymnastsarah17 06/08/2011

Yes, send them to the American girl doll hospital. You will need to admit them. Here is a link to the form. Print two of them one for each doll. But ship them in the same box to save money on shipping. http://store.americangirl.com/agshop/static/dollHospital.jsp

Here is the admittance form.

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Question: Getting Frizz Out of Build-A-Bear Pinkie Pie's Hair

I recently purchased a Build-a-Bear Pinkie Pie plush pony that I adore! One issue is that her hair is already frizzing some. I tried to brush it, but it made the frizz worse. Is there a way to de-frizz and clean her hair safely? It is doll hair on a plushie. And if I do wash and condition it (if that is safe) is there a safe way to put the curls back in? Please let me know if you know anything about this.

By Heather

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Most Recent Answer

By Susan T. 05/19/2014

Isn't that odd! I just spent the morning combing out my oldest daughter's Pinkie Pie. I honestly thought it was a lost cause but I tried anyway. I used undiluted Downey fabric softener, just poured it on my hands and worked it into the mane and tail, gently working out tangles with my fingers as I could. I then used a detangling brush and brushed the ends out first, working my way back to the body.

It took a very long time, and some mats were too far gone and had to be cut out with tiny nail scissors, but she looks fabulous now. I rinsed out the fabric softener and rolled up sections with pipe cleaners. Next day, I took the pipe cleaners out and she looked lovely. Thanks for the tips, everyone!

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Question: How Do I Repair Burnt Doll Hair?

dollHow do you fix your doll's hair when it is burnt? It is not a Barbie doll?

By Zar from Fresno, CA

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Most Recent Answer

By Brenna B. 01/15/2015

Sadly, when it's burnt like that, there isn't much you can do. If it's synthetic, it might have melted, but if it's natural, it's ruined, too. The doll looks like an American Girl. I suggest sending her to a doll hospital or doll restoration expert. It might be a shade expensive, but they're trained in putting in new hair and can probably teach you how to keep it from being burned in the future while still styling it.

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