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Fluffing Up Couch Cushions

Couch Cushions

The cushions on your couch can become flat over time, making them uncomfortable as well as unattractive. This is a guide about fluffing up couch cushions.



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Question: Repairing a Leather Couch Cushion

I have a lovely overstuffed leather couch. Both the seat and back cushions are attached. The center seat cushion is much flatter and more squished than the others, so I'd like to re-stuff it, but I have a concern about the fabric that attaches the top of the leather to the back of the couch. It's this grey, web-like composite of fibers that appear to have stretched over the years so the entire top of the seat cushion is drifting forward. What is this fabric? How do I replace it since it appears to be stretched? Thanks!

By Hillary C.

Question: Fluffing Up a Flat Couch Cushion

I have a leather sofa with one cushion that is flatter. There is no zipper and the cushions are attached. Does anyone have any idea how to fluff this up?


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