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Foam Craft Ideas for Kids

A beautiful foam flower. A simple craft for children to make.

A pliant material that is great for craft projects with children. This guide contains foam craft ideas for kids.


Solutions: Foam Craft Ideas for Kids

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Tip: Foam Bead Bracelet

Foam Bead BraceletWhen my daughters were school age they were into making their own jewelry. One of the neatest projects they came up with was this bracelet made from the sheets of foam. They took a paper punch and punched out circles from the rainbow colors of the foam. They they strung them and added beads and a closure.

This technique could be adapted to the other cool punches out there, not to mention the variety of beads to choose from now! A great idea for kids and adults! Birthday gifts, birthday parties, Vacation Bible School, Camp Fire/Girl Scouts, organizations, etc!

Source: My creative daughters

By squirrley from West MI

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Foam Shamrock Pin

Let the kids make a shamrock pin, created from craft foam, to wear on St. Patrick's Day. This would be a great classroom activity. Foam Shamrock Pin

Approximate Time: About 1 hour


  • green craft foam
  • 2 wiggly eyes
  • craft glue
  • gold glitter glue
  • black permanent marker
  • bar pin
  • small pom pom
  • pencil
  • scissors


  1. Trace a shamrock onto green craft foam and cut out.

  2. Outline the shamrock with glitter glue and allow to dry.

  3. When dry, glue on wiggly eyes and pom pom for the nose.

  4. Draw a mouth and eyebrows with a black permanent marker.

  5. Turn the shamrock over and glue on a bar pin. Allow to dry completely.

By Rachel's Mom from Wilkesboro, NC

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Craft Project: Tiling With Foam Craft Sheets

Using easy to cut foam craft sheets, you can make and decorate cans, boxes, lamps, etc. Finished pencil can.

Approximate Time: 2 hours


  • foamie sheets
  • Tacky glue
  • craft knife/box cutter
  • ruler/straightedge
  • regular un-sanded grout
  • grout knife or spreader
  • various miscellaneous tools


  1. Cut foam sheets into 1/2 inch squares. Use the ruler and carefully cut a piece of foam into half inch strips, then turn strips and cut into 1/2 inch squares.
  2. Glue squares and any lettering or artwork unto a recycled tin can.
  3. After drying overnight, grout the gaps with the plain, white, un-sanded grout.
  4. Clean up any grout left on the "tiles" so that you have only the foam squares and grout lines showing.
  5. Use a water based varnish or coating, seal the grout and tiles with 2 or more coats.

Use cans as pencil holders, brush caddies, or other office/craft supplies. Small boxes can be covered to look like ceramic planters to hold plants and or flowers.

Collage of steps.

By Creativeman from Chatsworth, CA

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Tip: Foam and Bead Necklaces for Young Children

Bead and foam necklace for children.There are lots of foam shapes that you can use. You pick one out and then poke two holes or cut two small holes in each side. Pick a matching yarn, and then beads to go on the yarn, and then you have a cute little necklace.

The schools sometimes use these for ID on a field trip, but I am more comfortable with using shirts for ID on field trips. These are cute and fun though, and you don't have to put tons of beads in the necklace. It would be a cute idea to just give the supplies to you children and let the kids do the craft themselves.

The photo is of the one that the kids did at school a long time ago. It is so cute, I kept it all these years!

By Robyn from Tri-Cities, TN

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Hanging Blue Bird

Foam hanging blue bird.Summer isn't over yet. Keep the kids busy with this cute blue bird project to hang in a window!


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Fun Slogan Doorknob Signs

foam door nob signsMost kids love to make their own doorknob signs and decorations. But these fun foam signs also incorporate a sense of humor into the craft. Instead of just putting their name on the sign, encourage the children to think of a slogan that they want others to know about their room. By sorting through foam letters, they can help hand/eye coordination and spelling.

Approximate Time: 15 minutes


  • foam doorknob sign
  • foam letters
  • foam pictures/animals
  • glue


  1. Give each child a foam doorknob sign. Have them think up and write down the slogan they want to use.
  2. Have the children sort a large supply of foam letters to find the exact letter and color needed.
  3. Have children pick out any additional pictures they want to glue or draw on the sign.
  4. Have children glue the letters into their slogan, then decorate the sign with foam pictures or hand drawings.

Slogans will need to be short and made of simple words, especially for young children. Try giving them ideas like:

  • Swamp Area
  • No big sisters (or big/little brothers and sisters)
  • No Cleaning Zone
  • Trash Pit
  • The Princess Palace
  • Wilderness Area
  • Weird Wonders Inside
  • No Adults
  • Boys Rule (Girls Rule)
  • Kid Heaven

By Aysha from Boise, ID

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