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Freezing Cheesecake

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A piece of cheesecake.

Whether baking ahead or storing leftovers, cheesecake can be kept in the freezer for a period of time. This is a guide about freezing cheesecake.



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Question: Freezing Cheesecake

I'm making a cheesecake for the holidays. It's huge though (13x9), and I expect that I'll have leftovers. It's cooked. Can I freeze it without sacrificing quality?

Polly from Cedar Springs, MI


Most Recent Answer

By Vi Johnson [237]12/18/2008

The Cheese Cake Factory freezes theirs and they are good.
(But my Jane's recipe is better) If you wrap in slices to freeze, you can thew a piece or two at a time.

PLUS you could share, take a piece or two to elderly neighbors. They are not likely to be making cheese cake for themselves. A yummy treat for everyone.

Seasons Greetings to all. GG Vi

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