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Fundraiser Ideas

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Group of people having a fundraising carwash.

Finding a lucrative, inexpensive way to raise money for all kinds of nonprofit organizations can be a challenge. This guide contains fundraiser ideas.


Solutions: Fundraiser Ideas

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Tip: Launching a Fundraiser for Marion-Polk Food Share

Sandi crocheting a chain for Food by the FootI am doing a fundraiser for Marion-Polk Food Share here in Salem, OR.

It's running from 10-1 to 11-29 and can be found and explained here at

My goal is to crochet a 14k foot chain, to represent the 14k children the Food Share helps to feed each month, which doesn't even include the adults and seniors. My calendar shows where I will be and when, so if you live in Salem or Keizer, please come and support the cause. I am asking $5.00 per foot for as many feet as you want to pledge, which will help to buy seeds to grow food and for food itself.

You can also donate 4 ply yarn, as I will run out before my goal is reached. When the fundraiser is over, I am donating the yarn to folks who want to make hats and mufflers for the homeless. If you can help with that, please contact me through my website as well.

You can donate via my website at so if you can help, it would be greatly appreciated. You can also donate to the office directly by going to 1660 Salem Industrial Dr. in Salem, OR

No one should go hungry.


By Sandi (Poor But Proud) from Salem, OR

Tip: Penny Wars Fundraiser

Penny Wars is an easy fundraiser that we have used several times in our office. You need several containers, we use 5 gallon water jugs, but even one gallon jugs would work. One jug for each of the groups. We use floors in our building, you could use departments, etc. You just set the jugs together somewhere people can see them. We use our lunch room, since it is a common area most people visit everyday. All the money collected in the jugs are points. Pennies are negative points, 'silver' coins and paper money are positive points. You put your pennies in other peoples jars, and 'silver' coins in your own. Everyone has change in their pockets/purse so it is not like you are asking for a large donation, but the money adds up. You can run the contest for a week or a month then donate the money to a worthy cause.

The winning group can get bragging rights, donuts for breakfast, so some other small incentive. It is fun and everyone gets rid of their change.

    Source: Our office has done it several years now.

    By ann [3]

    Article: No Effort Fundraisers

    Money jar with label that says

    It seems like the economy has created a new draw to fundraisers. Few people have the extra money to buy high priced wrapping paper to benefit a school, and sending kids door to door with a sales brochure isn't safe. Instead, a myriad of companies offer fundraising for "shopping you'd do anyway."

    It's not a bad idea, and it doesn't cost the schools anything to join nor does it require a lot of volunteers. If you're involved in your school's fundraising, check out some of these businesses and sign up. Even one shopper could earn a few dollars, and every school can use those.

    Shop Online for Profit

    Shop For Students is a website created primarily for the online fundraiser. The premise behind it is that 15% of your purchase is donated to your school with a cash check each month.

    The selection of items for sale is limited, but with an offer to new vendors it could increase dramatically with little warning. Glancing over the prices, they're high, but most fundraisers factor the donation into the overall cost. For consumers looking to grab a bargain, this isn't the place. A prime example is the reusable grocery bags that sell for $6 and up. They're stylish, unlike those offered in the grocery store, so if you're looking to give them as gifts then they're worth it.

    To counteract the few items with high prices, there are a few great bargains. The best one is probably the ink cartridges. They're re-manufactured but incredibly cheap, plus there's a donation to your school.

    Overall, the fundraising aspect of this site is top notch. Upon signup, the school receives help with promotions of the site and links to add to the school website. Created by a father who sought to help his daughters raise money for their school without all the hassle, it has the potential to grow into an outstanding source for school funds.

    Visit to check it out.

    Target the Sales

    A nationally known fundraiser for schools is Target. If your school isn't registered, register it. Anyone who uses a Target Visa to purchase items at the store or online will earn a 1% donation to the affiliated school. When signing up for the Target card, you'll be prompted to enter the school you'd like to receive your donations.

    Compare the 1% donation to the 15% donation in the previous website, and you'll see why a specialized online fundraiser is better. However, people won't have to be reminded to shop at a large box store like Target, and people who have no connection to your school can earn you money. Most Target Visa owners list their residing school district anyway.

    Target also offers specialized fundraisers through their Take Charge of Education for schools that are interested. They claim to offer a variety of options from "tried and true" to "wackiness," so a little investigation might be worth it.

    Giving Back to Schools

    Office Depot also offers a 5% credit to schools for using its Back to Schools program. You need to know your school's Back to Schools ID number which can be found at the store or on the Office Depot website. For all qualifying purchases, the school linked to that number will receive a 5% credit.

    Since many schools order their basic supplies from Office Depot, this program could reap some heavy rewards. The program is valid for online as well as in person purchases, and purchases made during the calendar year can still be applied to the school's credit voucher. If you purchased from Office Depot this calendar year but didn't credit it to the school, bring your receipt, and your school's ID to the store and ask for your purchase to be applied.

    Tip: Pancake Palooza Fundraiser

    Start with getting an adult to find a restaurant near you to allow you to use use their facility. Then organize an "All you can eat pancake breakfast." Our school did this and made a $957 profit.

    Good luck! :)

      By Savannah Leigh from DE [1]

      Article: Free Fundraisers

      printer cartridgesAs schools suffer through budget cuts, fundraisers become even more important. Yet everyone is cutting back, and purchasing wrapping paper, candy, or raffle tickets isn't in the budget. Instead, look for some school fundraisers that don't take money from anyone's pocket while putting money in your own. Are you doing everything you can to bring extra money into your school?

      Box Tops

      A very popular fundraiser is the collection of box tops. Box Tops for Education is sponsored by various brands of grocery items such as Hamburger Helper, Juicy Juice, and Kleenex. Each brand prints the popular box top logo on their products, and then all you have to do is cut them out. By clipping the box tops and submitting them as a school, the companies donate $0.10 for every box top collected. Box Tops for Education runs special promotions that donate extra box tops or addition money for each box top to the school, so watch for them.

      Go to to register your school.

      Sunny D 20 for 20 Book Offer

      Until November 30, 2010 Sunny D is offering twenty free books to your school just for collecting twenty Sunny D labels. Each class is eligible to receive the free books of the manufacturer's choice. While each class can only earn one set of free books, if every child in every class brings one or two Sunny D labels, then every class in every school can receive free books. Serve Sunny D at snack time or during a class party and earn books at the same time. There's also a contest for those schools who claim free books; your school could win thousands of dollars worth of books!

      Visit for more information.


      Like the box tops, collect labels from products like Bic, Prego, and Campbells for the Labels for Education program. Different products have different point values, some worth one point and others worth five or even ten points. As a school, if you collect the labels you can trade them in for educational products through the program's merchandise catalog. For as little as 300 points, the school can earn art supplies. Larger point totals can earn outdoor and gym equipment, musical instruments, and other larger products for your school.

      Participating products and redemption information can be found at


      The Funding Factory encourages the school community to collect used printer ink cartridges to earn money for the school. Saving and recycling them protects the environment and raises money for schools as well. The school simply collects cartridges and mails them to the Funding Factory for redemption. The company even pays for the shipping. Like the Labels for Education, the Funding Factory also redeems the earned funds through a merchandise catalog. Once the collected cartridges are mailed, the company keeps an account that tallies the value, explaining that different cartridges are worth different amounts ranging from $1 to $30.

      More information can be found at

      By Kelly Ann Butterbaugh

      Tip: Chocolate Heaven Fundraiser

      Needing a successful fundraiser? An organization back where my husband is from, each year has a "Chocolate Heaven" fundraiser, that brings in money better than any type of fundraiser they've ever tried. Everyone participating in this, bakes something chocolatey, the more decadent, the better. Cut the cakes, pies, etc. in smaller than average pieces. Line it all up buffet style, telling to only take what they can eat; they can go back as often as they please.

      Invite those who are chocoholics and those with a sweet tooth. They are charged $10 a person. You know some folks are going to be very generous in their donations when they know it's going to a great cause especially when it's for a children's or young adult's program, and it's tax deductible, too.

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      Here are questions related to Fundraiser Ideas.

      Question: Fundraising Ideas for Our Rescue Group

      I'm a member of our local Rescue Squad and I am looking for some ideas for fundraising for a non-profit organization. We have about 20 members and we are in great need of a "new" truck and tools. Is there anything out there that doesn't involve door-to-door selling? Also, we have a BBQ Festival coming up in our town and we set up a table under a small tent. What is something we could do on somewhat short notice to make some money while we're there? We only have about 2 weeks to prepare. Any ideas?

      Renee from West TN


      Best Answers

      By badwater [242]09/20/2006

      At our church's rummage sale, we have a bake sale and sell regular size homemade cookies, 5 in a ziploc for .50 cents a baggie. These always sell good. Some bake regular cookies, some bake Sugar Free cookies, & they ALL sell. Usually the cookies sell out first, over the other baked goods.

      Also, in our area, I'm sure this is in your area, too. The local grocery stores, if asked, will donated a case or so of spaghetti and pasta sauce, for a donation for a benefit supper/dinner or event. Ask if your grocery store will do this for your Fire/Rescue Fundraiser. Then have a 'Spaghetti Feed'. Along with the spaghetti, serve a scoop or 2 of green salad w/dressing and a piece of cake, for a few bucks each. Tell the grocery stores in your area, what you're planning, they might even donate the whole list of ingredients to make the meal with. If not, ask one store for the spaghetti, ask another store for the pasta sauce, ask another store for the cake mixes/frostings, etc. (If you live in a big area).

      Also, asking the grocery stores for donations, I've heard about selling Root Beer Floats & doing well with it. Best of Luck with whatever you choose to do and write back letting us know what route you chose.

      Best Answers

      By claudia York (Guest Post)09/20/2006

      face painting for the kids is a big hit at our festival. Make it cheap like fifty cents and then the kids will keep coming back for more. Except for the paint, brush and paper towels, it is all pure profit.

      Another group has a salad lunch. All the salads are donated by the members and the tickets are $4 and they are presold (set amount 50), or what ever your room can hold and you feel you can feed. That too is all profit.

      Best Answers

      By Mary Koehler [8]09/19/2006

      As long as you have a table already, how about a used book sale. Sell paperbacks for .50 and hard cover $1.00 each.

      How about a 50/50 raffle. Sell tickets for $1.00. When you draw the name out, they get half of what collected and organization gets the other half. You can do that at end of day, or every 2 hours or so.

      Have someone bake large cookies and sell them for .50 each.

      Best Answers

      By Sandy from WI (Guest Post)09/19/2006

      Contact local businesses and see if they can donate items for a silent auction. People bid on these items on paper and the ones with the highest bids get the items after paying for them. Be sure to ask for a phone number of the bidders.

      A. Make bead bracelets and sell them.

      B. Make some type(s) of Christmas ornaments and sell them.

      C. Bake sales are always popular. Stick to foods that don't require refrigeration.

      D. All of the above. Good luck and God Bless.

      Question: School Fundraising Ideas

      Does anyone have any good fund raising ideas for a high school volleyball team?

      Margaret from Arlington, TN


      Best Answers

      By Deiter K (Guest Post)09/30/2008

      Get three of four groups together ranging from four to five students in each group and auction yourself in doing yard work such as weeding, mowing, racking, or shoveling the yard depending on the time of year. These things are sometimes hard to accomplish in peoples busy schedule so they will be thrilled for the help. Do thier yard work for 3 or so days. Start the biding at $10.

      Best Answers

      By Louise B. [6]08/01/2008

      In our school, which is very small -- K to 12 with 140 students, one of the best fundraisers was a homemade soup sale. One of the mothers from the VB team organized these. Expenses were bowls, spoons, and napkins. Soup was dontated by the moms, served by the team. Homemade buns were also donated.

      Another idea is the traditional goodie sale at school -- squares, cookies, muffins, etc. One mom I know brought cinnamon buns to school and baked them in the Home Ec room. The smell of baking cinnamon buns really helped sales.

      Best Answers

      By Chris Richman [10]07/30/2008

      Try Temporary Spirit tatoos. You can have ones made with your school logo or other design. You can have the team sell them before any big game or school event. The kids love them!

      Best Answers

      By Barb07/29/2008

      How about a penny bomb? Each of the team members can have a jar with their name and their friends, neighbors, family, etc can donate their extra pennies. We were very successful at this one, even the staff and faculty donated.

      Question: Fund Raising Ideas For Pet Organization

      I need fund raising ideas for a nonprofit pet organization in my county. Can anyone help me please?

      Carolyn from Appling, GA

      Best Answers

      By Victoria (Guest Post)09/26/2007

      Try the following:

      Garage Sale - a local animal shelter gets donated space from a storage company 1x/year & then they advertise for donated items in local newspapers, word-of-mouth, etc. They then hold a HUGE garage sale at the storage company which generates thousands of dollars for the animal shelter. It has become a well-known annual event in the area & each year there are hundreds of people lined up waiting for the doors to open!

      Shop & Share - I live in the Chicago area. The local grocery stores (Jewel & Dominick's) have a program to help raise funds for animal shelters. This is how it works: every other month or so the shelters give out "coupons" to shop at those stores on certain days. The shopper shops on those days, turns in the "coupon" when checking out & the store will donate 5% of the shopper's total purchase to the animal shelter.

      Some other ideas to try:; Car Wash/Dog Wash; Candy Bars; Bake Sales; Crafts, etc.

      Good luck!

      Best Answers

      By Darlene Boone09/24/2007

      We volunteer at our Humane Society in the fundraising part. They have 3 big events each year. One is a huge rummage sale of donated items that are collected throughout the year. They run a thrift store year round and get alot of donations. Every summer they take donated items that have been stored and they lease the National Guard Armory for a week. Mon - Thurs are set up days and Friday and Saturday are the Sale. Sunday is cleanup day. They raise $30-45,000.00 each year. We have worked with them for 5 years.

      The second thing that they do is have a Fur Ball which is a gala event and they have a formal dance with silent auctions and gourmet food etc. and tickets for the event are quite pricey and donations just seem to flow in.

      The third is called Santa Paws and they purchased a nice camera on a tripod and a printer. They set up at the mall with Santa Claus in a suit and a nice chair and for a fee you can get your pet's picture taken with Santa. They do dogs and cats and birds but nothing too gross or exotic, like creepy things - snakes, rats, gerbils etc. You can buy as many prints as you like or bring as many pets as you wish.

      Simpler things are yard sales, bake sales, selling their logo or picture printed on their t-shirts, making their own calendar with pictures of the cute shelter animals, selling key chains or car magnets with their logo, etc. Hope this helps and gives you some ideas.

      Best Answers

      By Lynn (Guest Post)09/23/2007

      I used to live near DeLand, Florida. There, every year (I believe it was on the weekend before Ash Wednesday), they had a family-friendly Mardi Gras parade for dogs. Families would bring their dogs, many in costume and always on a leash, to the downtown area. Some would walk their dogs down the street, and others would just bring their dogs and watch; the restored historic downtown area had quite a crowd every year. This was actually a benefit to raise money for a local theater, but I think it would be fabulous for a pet organization. The rules were that each dog had to be current on its shots, licensed, on a leash, not vicious, and not "in season" (heat). I believe they also had a minimum age for taking part in the parade and children below that age needed to have a parent or other adult walk with them as they walked the dog. The parade did not have any motorized vehicles in it, and was always really cute. They would have a different theme each year, such as outer space or Old New Orleans, and the parade dogs would be dressed up in costumes reflecting that theme. Prizes were awarded for best costume, smallest, largest, and oldest dogs, and they also had doggie talent shows and other related events. It was a family-oriented Mardi Gras and was absolutely adorable and lots of fun. You could get more information about it by contacting either the Sands Theater in DeLand, Florida, or MainStreet DeLand's offices. (Sorry I don't have addresses for either group.) The committee that put together this annual event was called the "Krewe of Barkalee," but it was affiliated with the theater.

      Best Answers

      By Julie09/23/2007

      Our local humane society just had an awareness week and had events almost every night.

      Some of the events were:
      a jewelry party
      a motorcycle poker run
      a karaoke night - everyone paid $5 to get up and sing a tune
      a benefit concert
      a local restaurant donated the proceeds from one night's sales to the humane society

      Hope these ideas help!

      Question: Fundraising Ideas

      My class is planning a trip to Malawi in June 2008. As sports leaders we will be teaching/helping out in some P.E. classes. But before we go we have to raise the money to get us there. Altogether we need to raise about £10,000. We have been thinking of ways to raise the money but so far haven't got anything. I was just looking for some good ideas/ways to raise this sort of money!

      lilme2k7 from uk

      Best Answers

      By (Guest Post)04/29/2007

      Besides bake sales, car washes and silent auctions, you can have what is called "trivia" night. Get donated items as prizes and incorporate the silent auction also. Our tables sat eight people at $10 each, so that was $80 a table plus whatever was earned from the silent auction. Sometimes you can use your donated items and raffle tickets at a local baseball or other type of "ball" game. Just have the announcer read off the winning ticket number. To get donated items I had 4-5 people take letters A-G, H-L, M-Q, S-Z and make calls to business in the telephone book. Or you can divide the callers by type of business. Then we had someone do the pickups. I helped a cancer victim with fundraising and these ideas always generated a lot of donations. Another thing we did was set up jars at restaurants for monetary donations. A nice flyer-poster beside the jar explained what we were raising the money for. It is best to have the same person do the pick-up every week so the restaurant people know who you are and they don't have to worry about a stranger coming in and stealing the money. Be sure to have the jar setting beside the cash register also so it is always in plain sight of the restaurant personnel.

      Best Answers

      By threegetts (Guest Post)04/25/2007

      How about doing a dinner (something inexpensive like spaghetti) with a silent auction of items you got donated from local businesses, art galleries, parents, etc. My neice is going to Ireland to compete in the World Irish Dance Competition and this is how her group raised their money. It worked really well.

      To earn the rest of her portion here are some things she's done:

      She had a garage sale at home with stuff donated from everyone she knows - she went and got it all and cleaned it, marked it, and did the sale herself

      She has gone to the downtown area of her city during the weekend nights (with Dad/Mom as escort) and set up a little dance demonstration with a jar for donations. Since she also plays the violin, she's done that as well. People walking around from restaurants and bars have stopped and enjoyed her performances and she's earned up to $100 per night.

      She has babysat and held workshops to teach younger girls how to babysit and make kits that they take with them. She charged them $10 each but they got the class and their first job through her.

      In our city, curbs need to be painted with the house number on them so emergency vehicles can identify the address. She went around to new developments and did this for $15 per home. She made quite a bit of money doing this.

      Hope these ideas help!

      Best Answers

      By Tammy [3]04/25/2007

      I was president of my daughter's chorus group's Booster Club and one thing we did to raise money was for each of the students to write to family members/friends/members of their church asking for a donation. In the letter, they described the trip, the benefits to be gained from the trip, and thanked them in advance for the donation. It worked! Give it a try!

      Best Answers

      By Carol Churchill [18]04/23/2007

      I suggest you do yard work/run errands/babysit/shop, especially for the elderly and single parents who may need the extra help. Try a fixed rate per hour and make sure you render an efficient and effective service, so that you build a good name. Open a bank account and make sure you receive the highest possible interest to add to you savings.
      What a pity I cannot hire you to clean up my yard:)
      Good Luck!!!

      Question: School Fundraiser Ideas for Students

      School Fundraiser Ideas for StudentsMy son is vice president of his junior class. They are always looking for new ideas for fund raisers. They have done the car washes and sold food at sports events. Does anyone have any unique ideas of things to sell or anything else a little more refreshing?

      Karen from Port Clinton, OH

      Best Answers

      By Chris (Guest Post)01/22/2009

      I'm the president of a club at my school and we sold pizza after school every Friday. We made major profit.

      Best Answers

      By Jacquelyn Valentine [11]02/19/2006

      One easy and fun way to raise money for a school organization is to sell carnations for Valentine's day, or Hallograms for Halloween, or GradGrams around graduation, etc. The students sell these things for small amount of money and the other students get to send anyone they want a note. Everyone enjoys receiving them. They can write a note to the person or just sign it under a poem that is provided. Then the organizatin that sold the items gets together and hands them out to each homeroom. The most fun is the carnations at Valentine's Day.

      My children also sold donuts to be delivered to the person's door on a given Saturday. This is more expensive now, however, due to the cost of gas.

      Also, depending on the main theme of the school organization interested in making money, they can offer clinics for younger children on certain Saturdays. These are popular here, the dance team gives a clinic to learn a dance to a certain song, the cheerleaders teach a cheer, the football players have a punt, pass and kick competition in which they help younger kids learn some pointers, etc. The kids usually pay a $10 fee. You could have them on the same Saturday and all work together. Just use your imagination as to what could be offered. The elementary school kids and the Junior High kids enjoy these things and the moms like the half day off that it affords them (usually this is held from 8-12). Free refreshments are served, usually cookies and punch. As long as the high schoolers remember that they are role models to the younger kids this is a fun thing that can be used over and over again, as kids love this if it is a positive experience for them.

      Best Answers

      By Rebekah [1]02/17/2006

      I was student body president for 2 years in high school and one thing we did that was popular and a decent money maker was to have dress up days! We had a somewhat strict dress code and any break from that was great for the students. The most sucessful was Hat Day .. we weren't allowed to wear hats inside the building, unless you paid a dollar in your first class of the day .. then you could wear a hat all day! We used the honor system and it was a smaller school but you could use hand stamps or ribbons or something to denote the people who paid and were allowed to wear a hat! Teachers would get in to the act too, it was a fun, easy way to make extra cash that didn't distract too much.

      Before this our big money maker had always been the soda machines .. since we were also trying to phase the "junk" machines out of the school we needed something new! We took the idea from sports teams who would wear jerseys on game days. We'd usually make $175 to $200 each day (HS population was around 250 kids) and have one of these days each month .. each was cleared through the principal of course. Other than the hat day, we did Pajama Day, Crazy Shirt Day (no logo shirts was part of our dress code), Opposite Day .. anything else you can think of! I think you have to be aware of your school to make sure it would work for you. We were a small, relativly close knit school which made it easier.

      This was a great idea for our school .. there was no cost involved, other than our time, so the money we made was pure profit. It was popular with the students to the point where we were doing it one a month due to demand. We were able to give alot back to the school as well .. we had a big Field Day the last friday afternoon before final exams where we hired a band and took the afternoon off for a big barbeque on the football field. Plus extra dances, guest speakers, gifts to the school ect.

      Good luck with whatever ideas you choose! I loved being part of my school's government .. it has served me well as an adult as well.


      Question: Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser Centerpieces

      I need some inexpensive centerpiece ideas for 75 round tables. It is for a spaghetti dinner fundraiser. Many thanks for your help.

      By Meg from Augusta, GA

      Best Answers

      By Michele [4]04/06/2010

      How about the theme, "Spaghetti Western"? Your decorations could be western themed. Hankerchiefs are very cheap at craft stores, sometimes 3 or 4 for a dollar. You could use those as placemats or in the center of the table with a cactus centerpiece. Sunflowers are a cute idea for centerpieces too.

      Everyone could wear boots and jeans, etc.

      Another cheap way to cover tables is to buy a big roll of brown mailing paper (or craft paper) and draw cattle brands on it with brown markers.

      I like the tomato sauce can ideas too. You could use small ones for tea-light holders. Just punch a few holes in them for the light to come through!

      Spaghetti Western Theme

      Best Answers

      By Sandi/Poor But Proud [426]02/19/2010

      I would save the cans from spaghetti sauce, like Barb suggested. Then, put some cheap dried spaghetti out on a table with paper or a table cloth on it, and spray glitter them red, green, and white spray glitter. When dried, and you may have to apply several coats since they need to be rolled and sprayed, you simply put them in the cans and jars, mixing the colors. Enjoy!

      Best Answers

      By Barbara Petty [13]02/15/2010

      Our RVing group had to decorate tables for a group of 350 people. Our budget was nearly zero. We purchased plastic table cloths for each table at a dollar-type store. We purchased a few extras in case some might get torn or whatever during the 3 days/nights of the event.

      We came up with the idea of using the empty cans from vegetables, soups, fruits, and so on. We saved our cans for several weeks prior to the event. (Wash the insides first!) I can see your face now ! ha you are thinking how "tacky" is this? this gal has to be from Tennessee! ha! :)

      Many of these cans have very colorful labels. Some purchased at the dollar-type stores were different than the regular old soup cans. Some labels on tomato sauces, spaghetti sauce cans would fit your theme.

      We put some gravel in the bottom of each can, so they wouldn't turn over easily. And each gal in our group brought some silk flowers in the color scheme that we had chosen. (either from her "stash" or from a dollar store) After each can was full of colorful blooms, each table looked great!

      We had so many compliments from people who ate at the tables. Several thought it was such a cute idea. Everybody has cans. Nobody had thought of using empty tin cans! At the end of the event, each gal was allowed to take her silk flowers back home with her. Which meant we ended up with just about zero cost for table decorations. And we re-cycled besides.

      Question: Fundraising Ideas for Sunday School Kids

      I teach a Sunday school class for little kids 5-8yrs and I can't think of ideas to raise money fast. We don't have any money and we need to fix our room. Please I need help!

      ~God Bless You~

      Emili from Chicago, IL

      Best Answers

      By denise w (Guest Post)11/12/2007

      I think this one is really easy! The kids color papers when in Sunday school class, right? So ask the pastor if you can have and auction. Do it during one of your Sunday socials and make sure all the congregation is aware it is going on. Have some of the mothers make treats and coffee have the pastor auction them off since he is use to speaking in public. Have the kids walk around showing there art to all the participants. I hope this works for you

      Best Answers

      By Marty Dick [152]11/09/2007

      My son who is now 47 used to make those little hot pot holders with the little plastic loom and knit loops. He sold them to the neighbors for walking around money. You can still get those looms fot not too much money. Your class is a good age bracket to do this sort of thing. With the holidays coming people in your church could buy "handmade by the kids" stuff for gifts.

      Best Answers

      By Julie [49]11/08/2007

      What about some type walk-a thon with people sponsoring each walker. I am not sure, but I think you sponsor so much per mile. Or ask your friends and family to each bake up one thing like brownies, fudge, or candies and collect them the next day and have a bake sale. Most Walmarts let you sell outside if you tell them its for a good reason. Our Walmart just had a craft show outside and they show the community how they sponsor that. They even set up a food booth with hotdogs and Cokes. You could even get all your unwanted household items like clothing, etc, and ask others to donate theirs as well and you schedule a day to pick them all up and then set up at a flea market on some Saturday and use the funds from there to redecorate your classroom. If you do the bake sale idea make up flyers on your computer telling about it when it is what is for and post them everywhere like laundromats, car washes, bulletin boards in grocery stores, some restaurants have bulletin boards as well. Just ask them first to make sure. Our Pizza Inn sponsors fund raisers all the time for many places like schools, churches going on mission trips, etc. They advertize with flyers ahead of time. All tips on those certain dates that they sponsor go to the event. Call your local Pizza Inn to see if they too participate in that.

      Question: Community Center Fundraising Ideas

      Does anyone have any good ideas for fundraisers at a local community center, open to the public?

      By Community_help from Canton, OH

      Best Answers

      By Toni [3]09/24/2010

      Ever thought of a Chili or Spaghetti Dinner! Both are so cheap to make and tickets can sell for a nominal fee. People of the center can serve the food and do clean up. I have done these in the past and they always go well for raising funds. Good luck!

      Best Answers

      By Annie02/13/2009

      If you have sewing scraps, you can make tote bags, which people are starting to use more for grocery shopping instead of taking home more plastic bags. You could also cut fabric into strips and crochet them into rugs. If you have yarn, younger people are enjoying the comeback of shawls, granny square scarves, and other accessories. There are patterns available these days for that. Old ironing board backing is good to use for the inside of hot pads. If you are having the sale in the early spring, you could start flower or vegetable seeds in hollowed out eggshells and sell them in open egg cartons for people to transplant. They simply crack the shell when it's time to plant and plant the whole thing.

      Best Answers

      By debbie (Guest Post)02/12/2009

      Collect donations from local businesses and have a penny sale. Most businesses big and small will donate.

      Question: Fundraising Ideas for Girls Softball Team

      I need to come up with some fundraisers for my daughter's fastpitch softball team. They are all 17 years old. We already have a car wash. Any great ideas? We need to make alot of money.

      By Joyce from Pittsburgh, PA

      Best Answers

      By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]02/19/2010

      You might ask your local grocery if they'll let your ladies bag for donations. This was a great fundraiser for my kids' marching band a few years ago.

      Best Answers

      By Natasha [12]02/15/2010

      Get local businesses to donate gift certificates or goods and then have a silent auction or a raffle. The girls can work in teams and approach four or five businesses each. They should have a letter explaining where the auction/raffle will be held, what the money raised will be used for, and how the sponsors will be recognized (they'll be looking for some kind of free advertising). Try to get working parents to donate something also. Hope that helps.

      Question: Planning a Fundraising Dinner

      What is the best "meal" to serve at a fundraiser dinner held in the high school cafeteria? We need something that is good and filling, easy to prepare and serve, yet something people would come out to eat. Should it be all-you-can-eat or one-time plate?

      Also, what should we charge for tickets? Should we offer discounts for kids under 10? Since this is a fundraiser we don't want to lose money, but do want to give a good value. Do any companies donate or subsidize purchases of ingredients (ie: spaghetti companies give discount on noodles, etc.)

      Our thoughts so far were chili, cornbread, and salad or spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad, but we would like other ideas of meals that have worked well.

      By Melody from Oak Ridge, TN

      Best Answers

      By Louise B. [5]07/31/2011

      I come from a small town, so perhaps it is easier to get donations, but we have had wonderful support from local businesses for pancake breakfasts and other dinners. Credit Unions and banks donate stuff like Styrofoam cups and paper plates, or cash that you can use to buy them. Local grocery stores donate a variety of items; or if you feel that it is too much to ask of one store, perhaps you can buy all the things you need from one store, and then get a 10- 20% discount. One of our staff was very good at this -- she asked for cash donations from businesses like fertilizer dealerships (who had kids in our school!!!) and banks, and then used this cash to purchase from our locally owned store, which gave a discount on items.
      Be sure to acknowledge your sponsors.

      Some places will also donate a prize that you can sell tickets on at the door for additional fundraising. A smaller item can just be given as a door prize, if you like.

      In our area we usually charge a flat rate for adults (all you can eat) and a discount for kids, often preschoolers are free. Sometimes there is a family rate that is a bit of a saving. The price of the food varies, depending on what is served, pancake & sausage suppers are less expensive than turkey and the trimmings. Ask around your local community to see what is being charged. Usually it is a slightly less than the equivalent meal in a restaurant, but remember, this is a fundraiser. You should actually cover the cost of the food in the price, even if you had to buy everything and rent the facility. Your big profit comes from your donations and volunteer labor. Food sales and community dinners should make hundreds of dollars for your organization; that is why you go to all the trouble.

      It is nice if you tie the supper to something festive, like Irish stew for St Pat's day, but not necessary. Advance tickets can be sold, too, if you worry about turn out.

      If you are using a place with dishes, use the dishes. Saves on costs and saves the environment, and is much nicer as well.You should have no shortage of dishwashers if this is a high school fundraiser.

      Best Answers

      By Sandy Gerber [22]07/29/2011

      We have had some very successful fish boils and pig roasts, but they can be a lot of work. I would suggest keeping it as simple as possible. Spaghetti, chili, lasagna (Italian night?) would all fit the bill. Serve the main dish, salad, two dressings to choose from, garlic bread or bread sticks, dessert (cookies or bars), and a choice of coffee, milk, or lemonade. One thing to think about- spaghetti or lasagna could be served on the same plate as a salad, but you would need bowls for chili. To keep it even more simple, have a small plate rate and a large plate rate (or three plate sizes). Have the plate sizes on display. Limit dessert to one item. If you decide to serve spaghetti or lasagna choice, perhaps you could have an option to get both on a larger plate for a higher rate.

      Advertise well and good luck. Be sure to state what you are raising funds for. It never hurts to ask politely for donations from businesses or from families. You could ask families to either volunteer time or food items such as bagged salads, dressings, spaghetti noodles, lasagna noodles,hamburger meat, lemonade mix, a gallon of milk, coffee, paper plates, cups, utensils, napkins, brownies or bars, cookies, garlic bread loaves, parmesan cheese, cans of sauce.
      I am a former pta vice-pres. and a current school board member.

      Question: Fundraiser Ideas for Volunteer Work

      Some of you may know that I have spent the past 6 months in Vietnam working in orphanages. I am now back in the states and am trying to fundraise to return to Vietnam to work at the orphanages and day center for kids with disabilities. I wanted to know if anybody has any ideas on how I can fundraise in the next two months?

      Stella from WA

      Best Answer

      By Sandy from WI (Guest Post)10/24/2006

      What a great thing you are doig! I can't help right now financially since we are about to adopt our second child, but I can give you fundraising ideas.
      Ask at various stores if you could put a box or jar there explaining your cause. The box or jar is for donations.
      Have a bake sale.
      Christmas ornaments are always popular gifts for people to buy--make a bunch and sell them.
      Well, my hamburger is burning --gotta go.

      Question: Fundraising Ideas for a Relay for Life Team

      I am looking for some simple, inexpensive fundraising ideas for our Relay for Life team. Something to raise money before hand and at our tent the night of the relay.

      Alice from Fort Smith, AR

      Best Answer

      By dede smith [17]03/13/2009

      Our JC group works with other relay groups to double up on fundraisers for before the relay. We will be doing the "BBQ" for another groups Hold 'em Poker Tourney. The hall is donated by the local Elks Lodge.

      I think also, a kids craft night might go over well. is a great place to buy inexpensive craft items and then your group could charge a flat fee for kids to come make something (will need to buy some glue too) and have some free games to play, maybe get a grocery to donate cookies and punch? Wouldn't be a very lucrative project, but would get the kids in your community going. It could double as a "Day Away" three hour drop off for busy parents. Be sure to have them sign a responsibility waiver for accident prone kids. The city may have something to say about whether or not this is an ok project too.

      Also, it's still good and cold out, try a chilli soup cook off. Set up in a plaza or downtown shopping area, and charge $5.00 to taste to vote.

      Question: Fund Raising Idea

      I want a fun way to fundraise for a classroom. I have very little to sell. I would like to wrap an ordinary penny in gold foil or just keep in the way it is.

      I would then ask who on my facebook or among my friends would like to buy this penny for a dollar.

      Then when I give them the penny, they will be told this penny has to be sold for another dollar that will go to a charity of their choice. Or maybe they could just keep the penny or frame it.

      Any ideas, I know this is a tough economy. What do you think of this? What would be a good name for it?

      By Robyn from TN

      Most Recent Answer

      By redhatterb [1]01/06/2013

      First find out if you can do a fund raiser for just one class room. Most schools do have fund raisers. Some food and paper products have the "Box Tops for Education" on them, and a lot of schools save them, having the students bring them from home. I have a niece that teaches in a Hutterite school, she has grades five through eight in one classroom. She uses these box top things to purchase books to give each one of her students for Christmas gifts.

      The Hutterite people don't spend a lot on things like that. However, when it comes to what they give her for a Christmas gift, one year they gave her a hand made down comforter and bed pillows set, plus home processed foods, baked goods, etc. They treat her real well, and she has taught in the school for about ten years.

      Campbell's soup labels are also used by some schools. If the classroom that you want to do a fundraiser for is in dire need of a piece of equipment get together with some of the other mothers and see about having a bake sale or something like that for a specific purpose. Also places like Pizza Hut have fund raising programs, as does Tupperware.

      The Senior Center where I live has a real successful fundraiser every year(probably going on six years now) where they hand any member of the center that wants to do it, a $5.00 bill and that person in turn has to make it grow as much as possible. Some of the things that people have done is bake a special item that they are known for and sell it at the center, have a rummage sale at their home, with the proceeds being given in exchange for that $5.00 bill that they got.

      I don't think your idea would raise enough to make it worth the small initial effort on your part. The teacher for this classroom could also ask the students to bring the Box Tops for Education directly to her and save them for her classroom.

      Question: Table Decorating for Pasta Fundraiser

      Two of my teens will be heading to Kenya, Africa this year on missions. My son on a medical mission for a month and my daughter on a humanitarian mission. We are so proud of them. I need decorating ideas for a pasta fundraiser to help cover the costs of the missions which are $5000.00 each so it is imperative that we do not spend a lot on decorating. I was thinking of maybe something involving Kenya's colours: black, red, and green. The venue is supplying white tablecloths.

      By Kelly R.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Flyingbug [1]03/31/2013

      Perhaps some appropriately-colored plasticware and paper plates. Perhaps some pictures of what your son and daughter will be doing in Kenya would be good.

      Question: High School Fundraiser Ideas

      I am 16 and in high school. Through the high school I, along with 29 other students will be going to Chicago for Model UN. Which is where we go and represent countries and debate on World Issues from that countries point of view. I am excited for it, but there is a problem. All thirty of us need help to raise a rather large sum of money. We are also trying to go on another trip to St. Paul, but we can only go if there is enough money. So i ask, how can a large group of thirty students raise money. Are there any Ideas?

      Jake from Isanti, MN

      Most Recent Answer

      By ryan conlon (Guest Post)11/03/2008

      here are some ideas -""

      Question: Recipes for "Food Fest" Fundraiser

      I'm involved with the Drug-Free Scholarship Foundation and every year we have a fund-raiser called "Food Fest". We have foods from around the world and people pay to sample them. My problem? Some of the vendors have not been able to come this year, so we have many extra spots to fill.

      I have a source of chicken, so if anyone has a chicken recipe that's not too hard to fix, please send it to me. We're especially low in German and Irish dishes, but any country would be great. I was thinking about Jamaican Sticky Chicken and Transylvania Chicken Stew. More ideas? Thanks.

      AuntyC from Anderson, MO

      Most Recent Answer

      By Kim. (Guest Post)02/06/2009

      I was interested in some European food ideas. My daughter is trying to raise money for a school trip this summer. I have a location I can do it at but, need some food ideas to serve. Any suggestions along with a way to get it donated would be greatly appreciated. I live in Florida (Tampa Bay area).

      Question: Graduation Fundraising Ideas

      I am looking for some great fundraising ideas for Project Graduation 2010.

      By nmbr1bandmom

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]09/09/2009

      Our local school system got a deal at a local grocery to let band members bag groceries for customers for a specific time frame. They did this for donations, and some folks were very generous. Also, try contacting your local Lobby Shoppes or other movie-house concession store. They should have fundraising items. Our kids sold candy bars, and got to keep half the money for their event. I think they paid $0.50 and charged $1.00 (this was several years ago.) The candy practically sold itself, the kids just needed to be honest and responsible. In these more health-conscious times, perhaps you could find out whether there are items like trail mix.
      One last thought: my supervisor's son's Boy Scout troupe sells popcorn and other snack items every year to raise money, so I'm sure that would work.

      Question: Raising Funds for an Orphanage

      How can I raiseto help poor children?

      By Nishanthini

      Most Recent Answer

      By We F.12/29/2014

      Hello.. Nishanthi,
      If you want to setting up a charity event and would like Joy Home for Children to be a beneficiary.
      Please visit our website for contact details,
      V4help has several recent publications on poverty and children. Other international organizations and non-governmental organizations also increasingly work on poverty and children.
      Sponsor A Child's Education.
      Help Now,
      Make The World A Better Place!

      Question: Planning a Profitable Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

      I know Krusteaz Pancake Mix offers a partial refund of the cost of the mix after a pancake breakfast fundraiser. Does anyone know of any other companies that do this? Not just pancake mix, but sausage, bacon, juice, coffee, syrup, butter, and anything else that might be served at breakfast.

      Our Applebee's Restaurant does the fundraiser breakfasts, but they get booked out within hours of opening their calendar and we missed out. Any other restaurants (we are in east TN) offer pancake/breakfast fundraisers?

      Thanks for any help you can offer.

      By Melody BH. from Oak Ridge, TN

      Most Recent Answer

      By Louise B. [5]07/31/2011

      Pancake breakfasts are pretty easy to organize and hold on your own. If you can get a facility with a kitchen, like a church hall or school cafeteria, you are away. Local stores and businesses will donate items or cash if you are raising money for a worthy cause. Perhaps this is easier in a small town, but we used to do a pancake breakfast for Education week, with only a silver collection. One of the staff got donations from local businesses, and then bought all the rest of the things needed, with the donated cash, from the local grocery store who gave a big discount on items ( and took back things that weren't opened like extra bottles of oil or pancake syrup). We even made a profit when we were "giving" away the breakfast this way!! We teachers did the cooking and the clean up. The local Elks donated the use of the hall since it was for the school. We did not have a commercial type kitchen in our school.

      Our local volunteer fire department does pancake breakfasts as well. It is a good fundraiser to do on your own. Pretty much anybody can cook a pancake. Sausages are cooked ahead of time, early in the morning, and kept warm in roasters in the oven until they are put out onto the serving table.

      Good luck.