Garden Uses for Banana Peels

A yellow banana peel.

Besides being a good addition to the compost pile, these peelings can be an excellent fertilizer for some plants. This guide is about garden uses for banana peels.


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Tip: Gardening: Fertilize With Banana Peels

My grandmother always had the most beautiful gardens I had ever seen. Peonies, roses, clematis, you name it she had it; but she never used man made fertilizer. I spent a month with her during a summer vacation. One day after breakfast, she was cutting up banana peels into small pieces and crushing egg shells into tiny pieces. She then mixed the banana peels and egg shells together. She told me to go put them in the garden and mix them into the dirt. This was all she used as her natural fertilizer for the flowers. I now use them in my gardens and, wow, what a difference. You have to try this. Enjoy the beautiful blooms.

By SPTRAVIS from Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Tip: Banana Peels for Roses

Throw your banana peels under your roses to produce bigger roses and more blooms. Just move away a little of the soil or compost, lay them down, then cover it up. The roses love the potassium. Also my roses have never had black spot.

Source: Farmers Almanac

By laidback racing from Charleston, SC

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Tip: Banana Peels and Tea Bags for Roses

Give your rose bushes your used tea bags and banana peels. They will love you for it. Also hydrangeas will love your water from when you boil potatoes. You can also use the potato peels at the bottom of your plants.

By tennis4two from Madison, IN

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Here are questions related to Garden Uses for Banana Peels.

Question: Banana Peel For House Plants?

After reading about banana peels helping roses, I wonder what effect they would have on houseplants - would they have an adverse reaction to the plant? Thanking in advance for any help.


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By nannysplace 06/04/2014

I use banana peels to feed my vermicomposter. The worms love it. Someone mentioned they got fruitflies using the peels in the house. I freeze mine first for at least 72 hours. This kills the eggs on the peel. I freeze everything for my worms. It just breaks down faster.

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Question: Use Banana Peels When Transplanting Roses

I am getting ready to plant a climbing rose bush. Will banana peels help if I put them under my rose bush before I plant it?

By LeLonnie from Kalispell, MT

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By Mary [82] 05/30/2011

Hi LeLonnie, I don't know about prior to planting but yes, yes, yes on the banana peels for roses. They are high in nutrients and roses love them. Just pull back some dirt around them, drop a peel or two and put dirt back over. Your neighbors will be asking how you grow such beautiful roses! You can puree them into a liquid form also. Makes great plant food for indoor plants too. In the winter time, you can freeze them until needed. Happy growing to Ya'

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