Getting Hair Color Back to Natural After Dyeing

Waiting for your hair to grow out to your natural hue can take longer than you want to wait. This guide is about getting hair color back to natural after dyeing.

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My natural hair color is a dark ash blonde. I got bored of my hair color and wanted to dye it so I dyed it a dark chocolate brown. I used a product by Natural Instincts. When I washed my hair and let it dry naturally my hair turned black at the top and a really dark brown black color at the bottom. I went to my cousin so she could strip some of it out and it was still too dark, so then she gave me this color eraser. I used that and my hair turned orange.

I went back to her the next day and she dyed it brown again so then I left my hair alone for a while. Then I dyed my twin sister's hair a color close to mine to match because we like to match with everything most of the time. The color of the dye turned her hair a light warm mahogany brown red color, so I used some coconut oil and vinegar to strip some of the red out and got some of the really red color out, but it left it a copper color. So she and I go buy some Color Oops and it turned her hair orange and it smelled bad. She was stuck with the smell in her hair for the longest time. It eventually faded out after doing it so many times. Then we used the Color Oops on my hair and my hair matched the color of leaves in the fall and it matched my family's log home and the porch. So we did it a second time. My hair got even brighter so then she and I go to this place called Borricks and they toned her hair out and mine out. She had hers toned once and I had mine toned twice. It sucked and our hair was still orange. So we went this salon and asked them if they could fix our hair color so it could get back to its original color and they ended up dyeing it brown again! And I'm still stuck with that same color and my sister's hair is a shade or two darker than mine. I'm at a loss as to what to do at this point and just want my natural color back. It really saddens her and I. Can some one please help and give some really good advice?

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It's going to be a matter of time for it to grow back out to its original color. I certainly would not damage it further with any more products. I got tired of dyeing my hair brunette as I got older and as my hair was turning gray. So I streaked my hair as I eased into just the gray hair. It worked fine for me but it sounds like you get unusual responses with color jobs!! Good luck.

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I got my hair dyed grey awhile back and now I am wanting to get it back to my natural colour which is a mid brown. I want to know if it is possible? I really want my natural hair back without having to go back and forth to a hair salon.

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In order for mid brown to be colored grey, it would first have to be pre bleached to the pale yellow stage. I will assume that's what happened in your case. The silver shades with their blue base and the platinum shades with their purple base (sometimes called 'grey'), would not even show up on mid brown hair without pre bleaching.

This pre bleaching leaves the hair in a very porous state. It can 'grab' color easily when re coloring, and often go darker than the person wanted. Conversely, often this very porous hair will not hold the re coloring agent very well, and a filler may be required prior to the re coloring.

What you ask is possible. My advice to you is to leave this procedure to a professional. If done properly, I see no reason why you should need to go back to the salon after the initial treatment.

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So about four weeks ago, my aunt bleached my hair and we dyed it gray a day later (to the ends). It faded out in like 2 weeks even though it was supposed to be permanent hair dye. Now after 2 more weeks of having a weird bleach line going through my hair, I've decided I want to go to my color before I started this whole process. I still have highlights from before I started the gray process.

So, can I dye the ends of my hair back to my original dark brown, then have highlights put in? I want to keep highlights because I want my hair to be as natural looking as possible, but my original dark brown color sounds really intimidating. Help!

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I would consult a salon who has color analysis person employed at their shop and let them look at your hair and determine how to get it to the color that you desire

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I heard there is some solution for getting your hair back to the natural color you were born with. My hair is dyed black. My roots are white. I do not want white hair.

By Linda

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There is no way you can get your hair back to it's natural color. As we age the hair looses it pigment. I don't like my grey hair either so I color it.

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For the past year and a half, I have been dyeing my hair. The color ranges from light brown, to blonde, to an orange brassy color when it starts to fade. She has bleached my hair in order to do the balayage thing. I never maintained my hair and therefore, I would find myself coming back to get toner within 1-2 months. I hated this.

I went to the salon to fix it this Sunday and I told her I wanted to go back to my natural hair color. I then get out of the chair to realize I have jet black hair. Does this mean I will have natural hair within a month of two? Will this jet black color fade?

My natural hair color is a dark brown, not black. I've read that in order to go back to your natural hair color, I'd have to go black, but I'm not sure. Can someone help explain this?

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No, it does not mean you will have natural hair in a month or two.

All hair color products fade to varying degrees. Now that they no longer contain paraphenylenediamine, they fade more than they did in the past. I'm assuming the jet black color applied to your hair was a permanent color. This color may fade only slightly, but due to the different degrees of porosity in your hair, (that being some bleached, some not), the color will not fade evenly.

" I've read that in order to go back to your natural hair color, I'd have to go black". That statement is untrue and utter nonsense.

There are situations where a client has his/her hair colored and is displeased with the results, and with corrective coloring had their hair returned to a color very similar to the original color. This type color correction is successful usually when the client has had a single color treatment.

With you having had several different color treatments, there is no known corrective color treatment that will return your hair to it's natural color, or anywhere close.

A very skilled color technician might be able to lift (remove) just enough of the jet black color so that the resulting color is closer to a dark brown. This is possible, however, the type product used and the length of time the product should stay on the hair is critical. If you consider this procedure, do not have the work done by anyone who will not do a strand test first. I repeat, If you consider this procedure, do not have the work done by anyone who will not do a strand test first.

The above method may bring your hair to a color you can 'live with' while your natural color grows out, but in all honesty, there is no chemical treatment that will return your hair to it's natural color. Like it or not, the only way you will get your natural color back is to grow it.

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My natural colour is auburn red. I have been getting bleached blonde highlights for years, but really want my natural colour back. Any advice on how to do this?

By Sam

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I would have a salon put my original color highlights in the hair and then get a cut into a cute short style that is most becoming to start working back to it's natural color. That way you get rid of damaged hair and it will get back to it's original color quicker shorter... Good Luck!

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I colored my hair 2 months ago from black to brown at a salon. I don't like this hair color at all. I want to get back my natural black. What can I do? If I try a black color from any hair coloring brands from the super markets, does it have a chance to become black again? Kindly reply to me.

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If you're really disliking the brown, what do you have to lose by dying it black?

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A few days ago I bleached my hair. It is now a bright platinum blonde/white, before I was a dark ash blonde. I hate it. Will my roots grow back my natural colour as this is the first time I ever dyed it? Also, would the hairdresser be able to get my natural colour back?

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Yes indeed!!

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How long should I wait to dye my hair back to my natural dark brown? Basically what happened was 2 days ago my friend's mom who does cosmetology bleached dome strips in my hair so I could have highlights. My hair is naturally dark brown and I wanted caramel or like a bronze highlight in my hair. So she bleached the strips of blonde and then put the copper color we got from Sally's hair and beauty over the bleach. It was the closet thing I wanted to caramel.

When it came out it was a orangey color (like a brand new 2016 penny color) and I wanted more of a (1998) penny lol. And my friend told me to not put dark brown hair dye over it, but dark soft brown the next color up so my dark brown hair wouldn't be affected just the highlights would go darker. So I did it and yes I got darker highlights, but some of my hair turned grey. So now I have my natural dark brown, some blonde strips from bleach, some grey hairs (not a lot) and some copper colors (not as bright). Please help I just want to go back to my natural dark brown and be done with highlights! The first picture is what it looked like before I put the dark soft brown over it and the second is hard to tell I have anything, but it's what my hair is now. Please help!

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I did a bit of research. Clairol does have a line of no lift colors (and has had for years. I had forgotten about it). The line is called Second Nature. I couldn't find a decent color chart, though. Sally's is bound to have one.

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I recently got my hair colored, like some 5 days ago and I totally hate it. I asked for some caramel streaks, but she gave me some shitty brown streaks. They are not even streaks, she just colored my entire bottom part of the hair. It looks pathetic and I really wanna get rid of it. I have jet black hair naturally so I was wondering, can I color my hair black to get my natural looking hair back? I am also very scared since I don't want anything else to go wrong. I've also heard re-dyeing will leave your hair green.
Please suggest some advice.
Thank you so much.

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Call the shop and ask for the name of the owner/manager. Ask to speak to him/her and explain the problem. Ask for a redo (not by the same beautician) or a refund. BE NICE. I know you're angry but being nasty will not help you get what you want. If you get nowhere and decide to do it yourself, try Nice'n Easy. Choose a color that is the same as your natural color. It will cover the lighter streaks. You may have to do it for 2 or 3 months until it has all grown out and been trimmed. The more often you wash your hair, the more often you will have to color. My color lasts 4-6 weeks.

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