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Getting Hair Color Back to Natural After Dyeing

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A girl with blonde hair.

Waiting for your hair to grow out to your natural hue can take longer than you want to wait. This guide is about getting hair color back to natural after dyeing.



Here are questions related to Getting Hair Color Back to Natural After Dyeing.

Question: Dyeing Hair Back to Natural Color

I have dirty blonde hair/ash brown hair. I'm not really sure what to call it. Anyway I have about an inch and a half of my roots grown out and the rest is a very pale blonde. I'm wanting to get a hair dye close to my color and than just let it grow out. But I'm not sure if I should dye it all or just the blond parts and leave the roots. If I dye it all will they be two different colors? Please help!

By Cheryl

Question: Going Back to Natural Hair Color

I dyed the front part of my hair a dark purple-blacky colour and I don't like it at all. I want to go back to my normal auburn hair color. How do I do this? If I dye my hair, what colour will it go with a red hair dye?

By Lottie from Britain


Most Recent Answer

By SharDae FukkThots C.01/07/2015

I'm kind of having the same problem except I'm red. Was wondering what purple would do.

Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Color

I have dyed my hair a lot and I've dyed my hair black about 4 months ago. My roots were starting to grow out. (Keep in mind my natural hair is a medium brown.) I just got Colorfix to get the black out my hair, but now it is an orangish color. I want to dye my hair my natural color but I don't know what color dye I should get. My hair is naturally medium brown, but with this orangish color if I get a box of medium brown dye will it turn out too dark or should I get a light brown dye?

By Steph


Most Recent Answer

By Kristen R.01/18/2015

Get a medium brown hair dye, but if your going to dye your color back natural. You'll want to go to your local beauty supply store mine is Sally's Beauty Supply get a protein filler you should need #2 warm brown. It needs the reds and brown tones in order to take the dye. I do this when I strip the hair color out to change.

Question: Getting Rid of Bright Red Highlights

I have naturally dark brown/black hair. I bleached it and put bright red highlights in it and it looks terrible. I tried a dark brown dye and it made the red less bright, but all together it's still there! What now? Should I keep dyeing it or is bleach the only way out?

By Brittany

Most Recent Answer

By Marg [16]01/05/2015

Over-treated hair can get brittle and can break off. As Dinah said, please see someone qualified before you do anything else. They can rescue it for you.

Question: Getting my Dark Hair Colour Back

My hair is naturally dark brown. I used 'Sun In' to lighten my hair. My hair colour is now currently light brown. Is there a way to remove the hair dye, or would I have to re-dye it? If so what brand would you recommend?

By Sab

Most Recent Answer

By Kay N.12/08/2014

Sun-In is not really a dye. You will either wait until your hair grows itself out or use a real dye on your hair. I use Sun-In to lighten my hair and just let it grow back out.

Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Color

Right now I've been trying to grow my hair out long and natural, but I have dyed my hair a lot of times in the past. Once I dyed it red, so it still gets the little red tint sometimes. My natural hair color is dirty blonde, and right now it's blonde with a bit of brown, but it still don't look like my natural hair color, what can I do? I'm really impatient on waiting for my hair to grow out.

By Amanda L

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]10/27/2014

The only way to get your hair back to its natural colour is to wait for it to grow out. You could colour it to a shade that is close to your natural colour, and then it wouldn't be so noticeable.

Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Color

I am a natural redhead. I dyed my hair chocolate brown but it came out dark brown, almost black. I managed to get it to fade a little bit, but not much. My red hair and old highlights are slowly coming through. My question is what should I do to speed up the process? I am trying to grow my hair long for my formal next year.

My hair is just past my shoulders. I went to a hairdresser a while a go for a cut, but she butchered my hair. She made one side shorter than the other, and butchered some parts of the back of my hair. The thickness camouflages it unless you look really close. So just wondering, should I let all these problems grow out or go to hairdresser?

By Alicia H.

Question: Returning to Natural Hair Color

I am naturally brown. I recently got blonde highlights in my hair. I got sick of the highlights in my hair and went dark brown. I used a semi-permanent hair dye. A year and 6 months have passed and I don't know if my hair has returned back to natural. In certain lighting it's looking as though I have caramel highlights in my hair! Is that my natural hair coming through or is it my blonde highlights? Help!

By Kate

Most Recent Answer

By Cathy04/19/2014

Those are your highlights showing through. Although the darker brown dye is permanent, it will slowly wear away, and those bright places that were your highlights will appear as caramel places. This happens to me also. Your natural color will only appear at the roots as your hair grows.

Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Color

I heard there is some solution for getting your hair back to the natural color you were born with. My hair is dyed black. My roots are white. I do not want white hair.

By Linda

Best Answers

By Kat [7]03/02/2014

Sorry to tell you, but there's no such solution. The best you can do is go to a salon and have them use color remover on your black ends, then have them color all your hair to a slightly lighter version of the color it was before it turned white.

The reason I say get a lighter version is that black haircolor and very dark haircolor has a tendency to highlight shadows and wrinkles. This was something I learned in cosmetology school, but didn't believe until I saw a few photos of the teachers: One of them used to color her hair very dark, then the next year she had changed over to a blonde or pale brown color, and looked about 15 years younger.

On the other hand, if you are speaking of those liquids you use frequently on your hair that are supposed to gradually change your haircolor back, that's not exactly what they do-they deposit a coating of metal salts on your hair shaft, which oxidize and turn dark; over time it builds up and makes the hair appear darker.

The problem with that is, if you decide to go back to actual haircolor, the metal salts will react with the haircolor, and you could end up with very strange hair color-green, or purple, or an unnatural reddish color. That's the reason you aren't supposed to use anything metal when you mix haircolor, because of that reaction. Good luck with whatever you decide!

Best Answers

By weinerdog41 [33]03/02/2014

There is no way you can get your hair back to it's natural color. As we age the hair looses it pigment. I don't like my grey hair either so I color it.

Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Color

I dyed my hair blonde yesterday night and it went ginger so I went and got some black/brown hair dye and put it on. It's black/brown now, but I want my natural colour back. I'm afraid if I keep washing the blonde will return. I had natural brown hair by the way. So what should I do?

By Keely

Most Recent Answer

By Grandma J [46]11/15/2013

Using your regular shampoo, do daily washings. Do not use anything harsh. Most self given hair dyes have a short life span. I am a swimmer and 3 weeks is all I get from my OTC less than $8 boxes. I have found a few about $10-15 that will give me 60 days....
Do not keep mixing more hair dye until the problem resolves itself....the hair is going to rebel from the chemicals and you would hate to deal with a permanent serious issue.
If you can afford a short hair cut, that is one way to really change the color faster. I always do my hair color before getting a hair cut.

Question: How Do I Get My Hair Color Back to Its Natural Color?

I have very pretty silver hair, but dye it jet black and wear it short. I want to go silver all the way! What's the best way?

By Ann

Most Recent Answer

By dinairene08/03/2011

So my hair was a great natural dirty blonde, with natural highlights. And I stupidly went to dye it lighter, the first time I've ever dyed it it turned orange, so then I went to dye it a dark brown to get rid of the orange and for awhile it was brown but from all the sun my roots turned orange.

So I went to the hairdresser the other day and asked for a dark blonde expecting it to be at least close to my natural colour. Totally wasn't! It turned orange again. I spent $100 dollars and all I get is a shitty colour, so now I have to go to the hairdresser again and dye it a light brown

My hair is a medium length abit longer then my shoulder. How long do you think it'll take for my natural hair to grow back, i totally regret dying my hair.. but we all make mistakes

Please answer back I need loads of help right now! And good opinions.

Solutions: Getting Hair Color Back to Natural After Dyeing

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