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Getting Hair Color Back to Natural After Dyeing

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A girl with blonde hair.

Waiting for your hair to grow out to your natural hue can take longer than you want to wait. This guide is about getting hair color back to natural after dyeing.



Here are questions related to Getting Hair Color Back to Natural After Dyeing.

Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Color

I heard there is some solution for getting your hair back to the natural color you were born with. My hair is dyed black. My roots are white. I do not want white hair.

By Linda


Best Answers

By Kat [7]03/02/2014

Sorry to tell you, but there's no such solution. The best you can do is go to a salon and have them use color remover on your black ends, then have them color all your hair to a slightly lighter version of the color it was before it turned white.

The reason I say get a lighter version is that black haircolor and very dark haircolor has a tendency to highlight shadows and wrinkles. This was something I learned in cosmetology school, but didn't believe until I saw a few photos of the teachers: One of them used to color her hair very dark, then the next year she had changed over to a blonde or pale brown color, and looked about 15 years younger.

On the other hand, if you are speaking of those liquids you use frequently on your hair that are supposed to gradually change your haircolor back, that's not exactly what they do-they deposit a coating of metal salts on your hair shaft, which oxidize and turn dark; over time it builds up and makes the hair appear darker.

The problem with that is, if you decide to go back to actual haircolor, the metal salts will react with the haircolor, and you could end up with very strange hair color-green, or purple, or an unnatural reddish color. That's the reason you aren't supposed to use anything metal when you mix haircolor, because of that reaction. Good luck with whatever you decide!

Best Answers

By weinerdog41 [33]03/02/2014

There is no way you can get your hair back to it's natural color. As we age the hair looses it pigment. I don't like my grey hair either so I color it.

Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Color

My natural colour is auburn red. I have been getting bleached blonde highlights for years, but really want my natural colour back. Any advice on how to do this?

By Sam


Best Answer

By Donna [230]04/21/2015

I would have a salon put my original color highlights in the hair and then get a cut into a cute short style that is most becoming to start working back to it's natural color. That way you get rid of damaged hair and it will get back to it's original color quicker shorter... Good Luck!

Question: How Do I Get My Hair Color Back to Its Natural Color?

I have very pretty silver hair, but dye it jet black and wear it short. I want to go silver all the way! What's the best way?

By Ann

Most Recent Answer

By dinairene08/03/2011

So my hair was a great natural dirty blonde, with natural highlights. And I stupidly went to dye it lighter, the first time I've ever dyed it it turned orange, so then I went to dye it a dark brown to get rid of the orange and for awhile it was brown but from all the sun my roots turned orange.

So I went to the hairdresser the other day and asked for a dark blonde expecting it to be at least close to my natural colour. Totally wasn't! It turned orange again. I spent $100 dollars and all I get is a shitty colour, so now I have to go to the hairdresser again and dye it a light brown

My hair is a medium length abit longer then my shoulder. How long do you think it'll take for my natural hair to grow back, i totally regret dying my hair.. but we all make mistakes

Please answer back I need loads of help right now! And good opinions.

Question: Returning to Natural Hair Color

I dyed my hair medium brown in November of 2014 and my hair is naturally really blonde. Should I dye my hair my natural color or let it grow out?

By Jazz

Most Recent Answer

By kate hudson04/29/2015

I have this exact same issue. I stopped dyeing it back in January and actually used chemical color removers to strip the color at home. However, this just made it a slightly lighter brown. Currently, my roots are about an inch long and bright blond. I've been using John Frieda's Lightening Spray (essentially Sun-In) and that's helped blend the line a little better.

I have an appointment tomorrow to have my hair dyed back to blonde (maybe a little lighter than natural) with Olaplex. If you haven't heard of Olaplex, you need to. It sounds completely amazing and almost too good to be true. From what I've researched, it bonds the hair to fix damage you already have AND hang onto the color you put on it. The bleach dries it a bit but that goes away within weeks, unlike using it without the Olaplex. There's no permanent damage and it's how Kim Kardashian managed to go so light without all of her hair falling out.

So I'm really super excited to see something like my natural blonde again and not have much damage at all. Hoping for the best!

Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Colour

My natural hair color is dirty blonde and I decided to dye it blonde in a little bit lighter shade. The roots started growing and they are way darker and I am really not into dyeing my hair every month. I want my natural color back. I thought about dyeing it a color closer to my natural one, but the roots were always darker than the rest of my hair and I really don't want that.

    By vicsburrito [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [5]07/02/2015

    If you dye your hair at all, you have three choices with regards to roots. Either you need to dye the hair repeatedly when the roots begin to show, or you can use hair dye that is made for just dying the roots (comes with a little comb for application), or you can just come to terms with the fact that when your hair grows out, the roots will show. If you can't live with any of those choices, don't dye your hair.

    Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Colour

    woman with bob cut

    I have a short bob, I want to go back to my own colour. How long will it take to grow out?

      By annt217 [1]

      Most Recent Answer

      By likekinds [70]05/29/2015

      I am going to give you the absolute, very best advice:

      Take Donna's advice.

      Donna's 'shaggy ends' could also be called tapered or feathered. A layered cut will give your hair more lift and bounce, resulting in a more youthful and less matronly appearance.

      Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Color After Dyeing

      If you have ginger hair and you dye it black can you get it back?

        By tommy [1]

        Most Recent Answer

        By Dinah Ackerson [2]05/24/2015

        Unless the dye was a non-permanent type, your hair is permanently changed by the dye chemicals used. You can try a color similar to your natural hair color and then let your hair color grow in.

        Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Color

        I naturally have a dirty/light blonde hair color. I dyed it burgundy last summer. And after I dyed it burgundy I dyed it red. I let it fade for about 6 months, and here I am. I wanted to get back to my natural color, but now I'm in a pickle.

        I bleached my hair last night, not only once, but twice, because the color wouldn't take. Now I don't know much about hair at all, but my friends who do their hair all the time did my hair so I trusted them. After we bleached it, it was yellow. So we went over it with a blonde, which subsequently did nothing. Now I'm stuck with very light yellow hair and I desperately want this fixed.

        I want to go to the store later to get a dye to fix this before I have to work, but I don't want to absolutely kill my hair. I have some money, but not enough I think to go to a salon, plus I don't think my parents would drive me to one. (They're kind of lazy like that.) Help!

          By skylarec0 [1]

          Most Recent Answer

          By Shari.S [1]06/30/2015

          If I was you I would ask your parents for money and save for a bit so you have money for a good salon. Also let your hair grow out a bit so you can see the roots. Then go with your friends to a salon and get the hairdresser to match a colour to your roots and any photos you have of your original hair colour. After it's dyed your hair can grow out without anyone noticing.

          Question: Getting Hair Colour Back to Natural After Dyeing

          I have natural dark brunette hair. When I was little it was dark brown almost black and as I am growing up it had changed to more of a dark brown with random sun kissed blonde streaks here and there. I decided a few months ago to dye my hair with the super market stuff, around the same colour just hiding all the blonde streaks. It was a good colour and I was happy with it, but now it's been a few months and it's fading into a horrible rusty, orange, light brown and I absolutely hate it! I have regrowth and it's so noticeable that this is not my hair colour. I want to be able to get rid of this awful colour preferably without cutting, bleaching, or redyeing. I have tried anti dandruff shampoo, baking soda, and swimming and neither work and if they have I'm seeing very slow results. I read on another website that using bath salts is a good way to get out hair dye and it works best with purples. I am unsure to try this as my hair is brown and I don't want to change my natural hair colour. Do you have any tips or methods I could do, at home that wouldn't damage my hair or cause me to re dye it?

          By J. Hart

          Most Recent Answer

          By Louise B. [5]04/15/2015

          I also advise going to a hairdresser. However, I think you may find that by ruling out cutting, bleaching, or re-dying, you have eliminated all possible methods.

          Question: Getting Hair Color Back to Natural

          Years ago I had a lovely light brown colour, but got so bored of it and went black. In one year I think I dyed it about 3-4 times. It's been a good year and a bit since I put black in my hair and no matter how much my hair has grown it has stayed dark. I'm upset my natural colours not coming back out, but I want to go for a chocolate brunette. I've been given advice to put in a lighter brown than I want for it to go to a normal brown and then been told to put in the exact colour I want and it will appear. I don't know what to do should I go for a lighter or the exact colour?

          By Ayesha A from East London

          Most Recent Answer

          By Hayley M.05/16/2015

          Whatever you do, NEVER use color oops on red dyed hair!

          Question: Dyeing Hair Back to Natural Color

          I have dirty blonde hair/ash brown hair. I'm not really sure what to call it. Anyway I have about an inch and a half of my roots grown out and the rest is a very pale blonde. I'm wanting to get a hair dye close to my color and than just let it grow out. But I'm not sure if I should dye it all or just the blond parts and leave the roots. If I dye it all will they be two different colors? Please help!

          By Cheryl

          Most Recent Answer

          By hopeful [26]01/29/2015

          If the blonde hair is porous it will not come out well at all if you put a tint (dye) to match the roots. When I worked as a hairdresser, (now retired) we would use a "filler" to fill the open scales on the hair shaft before we used the tint to color it back. Anyway you look at it, there will be a lot of damage to the blonde hair.

          I suggest you at least talk to a hairdresser before you do anything. This can be really a really tricky prodeedure, and in our shop there was only 2 of us out of 10 that knew how to do it, and even then it was scary.

          On the other hand, if the blonde hair hasn't been damaged, it could be a pretty easy fix. Most bleached out hair is very damaged though.

          Question: Getting Rid of Bright Red Highlights

          I have naturally dark brown/black hair. I bleached it and put bright red highlights in it and it looks terrible. I tried a dark brown dye and it made the red less bright, but all together it's still there! What now? Should I keep dyeing it or is bleach the only way out?

          By Brittany

          Most Recent Answer

          By Marg [16]01/05/2015

          Over-treated hair can get brittle and can break off. As Dinah said, please see someone qualified before you do anything else. They can rescue it for you.

          Question: Returning to Natural Hair Color After Dyeing

          I have recently dyed my hair black and after awhile the colour faded and I no longer liked the colour of my hair. I used a colour stripper and it did remove the black, but it turned my hair medium brown with a red tinge. Now my regrowth is coming through and it is starting to look really stupid. As my natural hair is a weird light mousy brown colour, it is hard to find a dye identical to it. I don't want to have to keep dyeing my hair every time my regrowth comes through, but waiting for my hair to grow out looks really stupid. Please help me.

            By Zoe Burnett [1]

            Most Recent Answer

            By Dinah Ackerson [4]08/27/2015

            Time For Professional Help & No More Box Jobs??? I suggest an appointment with a hair stylist with a specialty in hair color. The stylist can suggest the best dye method close to your natural hair color and how she or he can dye your hair to keep looking good through the regrowth process. A good hair color stylist will work with you to help you look your best!

            Question: Getting Dyed Hair Back to Normal

            Last year, I started dyeing my dark brown hair a light blonde. Whenever I dye my hair, it gets lots of orangy tints, no matter what color I dye it. Later, I tried dyeing my hair a color close to my natural color, but it turned purple and then turned orange again. What do I do? I don't wanna dye my hair any more colors. I just want my normal color back!

              By Mikaila [1]

              Most Recent Answer

              By Dinah Ackerson [4]08/03/2015

              Appears you are done with experimenting! Natural hair structure varies so not all hair types accept dye "as advertised". DIY hair dye companies market hair dye that produces results that are similar for most people, but not all. You may be in the "not all" category.

              Suggest you make an appointment with a hair color specialist to analyze your hair type and recommend a hair product that will dye your hair a color nearest your own. The stylist can then dye your hair and work with you to eventually grow out your natural color hair. This will take time!

              Question: Getting Natural Hair Color Back

              Getting Natural Hair Color Back

              So what happened was I went to a hair stylist and asked them to temporarily dye my hair into a lighter shade of brown. They ended up bleaching my hair and now fast forward 3 years later and my hair color just looks horrible. I tried to dye it back with a permanent hair color, but that was too light. I tried many times dyeing it darker, but the lighter colors always come back and shows through.

              I really don't know what to do. Am I dyeing it wrong? I really don't want to cut my hair, but I haven't dyed it for about a year now. It looks really bad though and I can't live with it anymore. Please help. I really just want my natural hair color back which is a dark brown instead of like 3 shades of light brown.

                By Hina M. [1]

                Most Recent Answer

                By Dinah Ackerson [3]07/06/2015

                The only way your natural hair color will return is to grow it out and cut off the colored areas. In the meantime I suggest that you make an appointment with a hair stylist who specializes in hair color work. She or he can evaluate your hair as it is now and suggest the best way to dye your hair for the grow out and cut period. You should expect to pay an appointment fee so agree on a fee before the appointment.

                Yes, the costs for the appraisal and dye will be more expensive than box hair dyes, however, the result should be a color that you can live with until your natural hair grows out.

                Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Color after Dyeing

                I dyed my hair for the first time at home. My hair was originally a dark blonde, brown. I dyed it a few shades lighter, but it came out really orange! For the past month I have been using Head & Shoulders shampoo to strip out some of the colour with minimal damage, but it is still quite orange and I have some visible regrowth.

                Would my hairdresser be able to dye my hair close to my original colour, so I could continue to let my hair grow out without it being noticeable? And will no bronzy tones peep through? Please help ASAP!

                  By Shari.S [1]

                  Most Recent Answer

                  By Dinah Ackerson [3]07/01/2015

                  Hair dye changes your hair chemically and any attempt to return to your original color is always a problem. It may be possible to dye your hair a similar color to your original hair color but absolutely no one can guarantee a match to the original color. Also, the dye color will eventually change with environmental wear and washing so it may not retain the original dye color over time.

                  You can make an appointment with a hair stylist who advertises expertise in hair color and dye. The stylist will evaluate your hair status and the possibility of returning to the original hair color. You should expect to pay for a regular visit unless the expert agrees on a price before the actual appointment.

                  Question: Returning Hair to Natural Color After Dyeing

                  I got my hair coloured about 4 weeks ago and it wasn't exactly what I wanted. I asked for a brown tone with some blonde highlights. I ended up getting burgundy with light blonde streaks. So I decided to box dye my hair back to blonde last night. I did not bleach it before applying the blonde dye and unfortunately it turned my hair a reddish brown colour with blonde roots. Clearly, I should've just went to a professional to dye it back to my natural blonde. I'm really embarrassed that I didn't go to a salon for help before last night. Is there any way to fix it? And if so do you know how much it would cost? I just want my natural blonde hair back. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

                    By Kelsey O. [1]

                    Most Recent Answer

                    By Dinah Ackerson [3]07/01/2015

                    You will not be able to return to your natural color now as the chemicals used in the dying process change the hair permanently. The best solution would be to have a professional hair stylist provide an opinion for how to color your hair now so that it approximates your original color and how much it will cost. Your hair will then grow out eventually.

                    Question: Getting Back to Natural Hair Color

                    I have had blonde hair for the last 50 years. I have medium to dark blonde hair and I am just tired of touch ups every 4 or 5 weeks. If I use a semi permanent red before I use a permanent light brown or dark blonde will the color fade or should I use permanent light red first to avoid fading? My hair is stripped, all but the roots which are growing out about 1/2 inch. Years ago I had my hair reversed frost where a professional pulled my bleached blonde hair thru a cap, put red on the pulled hair and then a light brown, it turned out beautiful with streaks of blonde and light brown. That was over 35 years ago and now I can't find someone to understand and do this again as it was not too noticeable growing out. I guess it's too much trouble to go thru the cap and doing 2 colors. It worked great back then. Thank you for your comments. I am just not sure about a semi permanent color and the fading.

                    By Joyce

                    Most Recent Answer

                    By Donna [230]04/21/2015

                    Why not visit a beauty parlor supply shop and see if they can recommend colors? They also sell the caps and supplies right there and can make recommendations for you to either try yourself or get someone to help. It's easier than you think!

                    Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Color

                    I recently bleached and dyed my hair to an indigo color, but I was just offered a new job, very surprisingly, that requires me to dye it back to a natural color. My hair is naturally brown.

                    I've been trying to get the indigo out of my hair, and am wondering what my next steps would be. How light should it be before I use a box dye? Is there anything I should do prior to dyeing it with a box dye? Should I avoid a box dye altogether? Would it be better if I bleached it again prior it dyeing? Thank you!

                    By Gianna

                    Most Recent Answer

                    By Dinah Ackerson [2]03/30/2015

                    As returning your hair to a natural color is a requirement for your new job, it might be worth having a professional hair stylist perform the treatment. The result will most probably be a much more realistic and "natural" appearance that will enhance your professionalism in starting your new job.

                    Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Color

                    So I have naturally medium brown/ashy-ish hair color. Over the years I've highlighted it and added more and more highlights to where most of my hair is light blonde, but all different shades. I'm tired of bleaching and maintaining it. I'm wanting to go to a color that will blend well with my natural hair color. I like colors with red/eggplant tones. But I'm open to anything you think would look best. I have relatively tan skin and brown eyes.

                    By Jesse V.

                    Most Recent Answer

                    By Dinah Ackerson [2]03/06/2015

                    If your hair is already damaged and different shades from frequent home box colors, it will be very difficult to approximate a return to your natural color on your own. You should consider seeing a hair stylist for a professional color recommendation and treatment. At this point, you can't expect immediate perfection when starting with damaged hair so a stylist may be able to help in stages and over time.

                    Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Color

                    I have cut my hair because of a previous ombre disaster and I have sprayed a little lightner/peroxide, just a bit, all over my hair. But, ever since I can't get rid of the brassy colors. I dyed it 3 times with medium brown and my natural color is a brownish/blonde color. I really want to know how I can get my natural back or what I should do? Should I go to a salon or what?

                    By Marry D

                    Most Recent Answer

                    By Dinah Ackerson [2]03/02/2015

                    A hair stylist will be able to determine the best method to improve your hair problem. Sometimes, the best plan is to just let your natural hair grow out.

                    Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Color

                    mother and sonMy hair is naturally a dirty blonde. I have been dying my hair for the last two years brown/black, and it comes out almost jet black. My roots are grown out about two inches now and I'm wanting to get my hair back to my natural color, without having to bleach it.

                    Would I dye my hair one last time (not my roots) to a brown and use highlights close to my color until I get all the black out? Or would the black just overcome the color still?

                    By Amanda

                    Most Recent Answer

                    By Keila03/08/2015

                    Never ever dye, dyed black hair with a light colour. It will turn out to a brassy, orangy colour no matter what hair type you are, what your natural hair colour is. It all comes down to the fact that you have dyed your hair to a really dark colour, It may not show up right away once you've dyed it, say with a light ash blonde, light brown. But the colour will start to show 3 days after you've dyed it due to the sun lightening your hair and just the chemicals in the dye it self reacting in your hair.

                    My natural hair colour is black, dyed it alot of times, from black to red to brown to mahogany and then one day I thought if I were to dye my hair blonde with a blonde dye (not bleach) first then dye it brown, the brown will turn out lighter. And well of course, I did it, dyed it blonde first and guess what, it turned to a blonde orangy and brassy at the roots of my hair (my hair also felt incredibly dry and just not healthy).

                    So I was so scared, I freaked out, the day after I used the brown dye thinkin it would cover up all the orangy blonde brassy tone in my hair, but it didn't. It actually made my hair worst; it made it more orangy. So the day after that I bought 2 more dyes. 'Dark brown' Got my friend to do my hair, and it didn't work once again. My hair turned out to be like a dark orange colour, still brassy, just an ugly colour. & so I decided to dye it black and so I did, it was a relief. Brassyness, orangyness all gone.

                    Then I heard about this colour remover, So I tried it thinking if I were to use it, it will literally just remove all the dyes I've used for the past few years including the recent ones and that it will bring back my natural black hair colour. But what happened was, it took the black dye away, and left me with the brassy orangy blonde hair colour again, just the one I had right before the black dye.

                    So it just took off one layer of dye, the hair remover cost me £20, it smelt absolutley horrible, smelt like rotten egg, my hair smelt for days, shampoo nor conditioner couldnt take the smell off and also made my hair very dry, sticky and just dead. And so I had to re-dye it back to black again and I just left it like that ever since.

                    So I recommend you, if your natural hair colour is not black, just literally grow it out. Don't do anything at all. That 'growing it out' doesn't work for me because my natural hair colour is black. I can't tell if it's my natural hair colour or still the dyed black hair, so I don't know when to start dyeing again. & If you're really like, won't listen or just eager to change your hair to a lighter shade. Always try dyeing it with small amount of hair to see how it turns out.

                    Question: Going Back to Natural Hair Color

                    I dyed the front part of my hair a dark purple-blacky colour and I don't like it at all. I want to go back to my normal auburn hair color. How do I do this? If I dye my hair, what colour will it go with a red hair dye?

                    By Lottie from Britain

                    Most Recent Answer

                    By SharDae FukkThots C.01/07/2015

                    I'm kind of having the same problem except I'm red. Was wondering what purple would do.

                    Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Color

                    I have dyed my hair a lot and I've dyed my hair black about 4 months ago. My roots were starting to grow out. (Keep in mind my natural hair is a medium brown.) I just got Colorfix to get the black out my hair, but now it is an orangish color. I want to dye my hair my natural color but I don't know what color dye I should get. My hair is naturally medium brown, but with this orangish color if I get a box of medium brown dye will it turn out too dark or should I get a light brown dye?

                    By Steph

                    Most Recent Answer

                    By Kristen R.01/18/2015

                    Get a medium brown hair dye, but if your going to dye your color back natural. You'll want to go to your local beauty supply store mine is Sally's Beauty Supply get a protein filler you should need #2 warm brown. It needs the reds and brown tones in order to take the dye. I do this when I strip the hair color out to change.

                    Question: Getting my Dark Hair Colour Back

                    My hair is naturally dark brown. I used 'Sun In' to lighten my hair. My hair colour is now currently light brown. Is there a way to remove the hair dye, or would I have to re-dye it? If so what brand would you recommend?

                    By Sab

                    Most Recent Answer

                    By Kay N.12/08/2014

                    Sun-In is not really a dye. You will either wait until your hair grows itself out or use a real dye on your hair. I use Sun-In to lighten my hair and just let it grow back out.

                    Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Color

                    Right now I've been trying to grow my hair out long and natural, but I have dyed my hair a lot of times in the past. Once I dyed it red, so it still gets the little red tint sometimes. My natural hair color is dirty blonde, and right now it's blonde with a bit of brown, but it still don't look like my natural hair color, what can I do? I'm really impatient on waiting for my hair to grow out.

                    By Amanda L

                    Most Recent Answer

                    By Louise B. [5]10/27/2014

                    The only way to get your hair back to its natural colour is to wait for it to grow out. You could colour it to a shade that is close to your natural colour, and then it wouldn't be so noticeable.

                    Question: Returning to Natural Hair Color

                    I am naturally brown. I recently got blonde highlights in my hair. I got sick of the highlights in my hair and went dark brown. I used a semi-permanent hair dye. A year and 6 months have passed and I don't know if my hair has returned back to natural. In certain lighting it's looking as though I have caramel highlights in my hair! Is that my natural hair coming through or is it my blonde highlights? Help!

                    By Kate

                    Most Recent Answer

                    By Cathy04/19/2014

                    Those are your highlights showing through. Although the darker brown dye is permanent, it will slowly wear away, and those bright places that were your highlights will appear as caramel places. This happens to me also. Your natural color will only appear at the roots as your hair grows.

                    Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Color

                    I dyed my hair blonde yesterday night and it went ginger so I went and got some black/brown hair dye and put it on. It's black/brown now, but I want my natural colour back. I'm afraid if I keep washing the blonde will return. I had natural brown hair by the way. So what should I do?

                    By Keely

                    Most Recent Answer

                    By Grandma J [46]11/15/2013

                    Using your regular shampoo, do daily washings. Do not use anything harsh. Most self given hair dyes have a short life span. I am a swimmer and 3 weeks is all I get from my OTC less than $8 boxes. I have found a few about $10-15 that will give me 60 days....
                    Do not keep mixing more hair dye until the problem resolves itself....the hair is going to rebel from the chemicals and you would hate to deal with a permanent serious issue.
                    If you can afford a short hair cut, that is one way to really change the color faster. I always do my hair color before getting a hair cut.

                    Question: Returning Hair to Natural Color After Dyeing

                    So my natural hair is honey blonde, but I dyed it a dark brown. I don't want to keep dyeing it, but want to turn it back to blonde. The salon said I'd have to bleach it! Is there a better more natural way to fix it?

                      By Emily B. [1]

                      Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Color

                      I have a massive problem. In February, I went to a hair salon and dip-dyed my hair. However the colour didn't turn out as it was supposed to so I went and bought 2 boxes of L'oreal Preference Ombré kit, one that is light brown to dark brown and the other is dark blonde to light brown. However since my hair has already been coloured from chin downward the colour, yet again, turned out completely wrong. Sadly, the dye is also permanent. Not only that, but the position of where the dye starts is completely all crooked and uneven and I absolutely hate it.
                      Is there anyway I get my hair completely back to its natural colour (which is a medium brown)? Also, my dip dyed hair is a sort of gingery-brown.

                      By Medina S.

                      Question: Lightening Hair Dyed Black

                      In November 2014 I dyed my hair dark brown/black. Before that I had dirty blonde hair with some highlights. After I dyed it I liked it dark for a while, but now I miss my blonde hair.

                      I will be going to a hair place to fix my mess, but I don't even know where to begin, or if my hair person will. I look terrible with light brown hair so I don't want to dye it close to my original color. Is there any way to get it back to my original color in one day by dyeing it blonde, or would I have to bleach my hair? My hair is long so it would take forever to grow out. What are your thoughts on what I have to do?

                      By Mallory

                      Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Color After Coloring

                      I have naturally dirty blonde/light brown hair. I dyed my hair a dark brown recently and I absolutely hate it. I want my hair back to my old color. So do I just buy the stuff and dye it back to my light brown or bleach it first?

                      By Kelsey

                      Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Color

                      I was meant to get a few highlights on my hair about two weeks ago, but unfortunately there are too many of them. I tried to get used to them, but I want my dark hair colour back. I have curly hair and it was very dark, so pretty much black hair. My highlights aren't blonde blonde, it's more of a dark blonde. How can I go back to black hair without damaging too much my curls or turning it into a weird colour?

                      Thank you!

                      By Eli M

                      Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Color

                      I bleached my hair to get to a blonde. I want to go back to my dark brown/black color. Would I be able to go dark again with just a drugstore dye like L'oreal Ultimate Natural Black? I don't want to damage my hair more than it is already because it has been bleached. What would be my best choice here?

                      By Joanna R from Houston

                      Question: Getting Hair Back to Natural Color

                      I am a natural redhead. I dyed my hair chocolate brown but it came out dark brown, almost black. I managed to get it to fade a little bit, but not much. My red hair and old highlights are slowly coming through. My question is what should I do to speed up the process? I am trying to grow my hair long for my formal next year.

                      My hair is just past my shoulders. I went to a hairdresser a while a go for a cut, but she butchered my hair. She made one side shorter than the other, and butchered some parts of the back of my hair. The thickness camouflages it unless you look really close. So just wondering, should I let all these problems grow out or go to hairdresser?

                      By Alicia H.

                      Solutions: Getting Hair Color Back to Natural After Dyeing

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