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Getting Rid Of Fleas In My Basement


I would like to know an easy way to get rid of fleas in the basement. A couple of months ago there was a cat down there. It was a street cat, not mine and my dog was chasing it. I got the cat out of the basement twice. The cat never returned but what was left was the fleas. They attacked my dog which resulted in his hair falling off and his skin being irritated. I am washing him once every ten days, which is what the vet said to do. Now my basement has been bombed three times and they are still there. No animal has been down there. What should I do to fix this? Please help.

By Isiah


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By Shelli Lynne D. 1 08/02/2013

I've had this problem twice in my basement and know how frustrating it can be. My solution may take a few weeks but it will work. Bomb the basement with a combination of flea bombs and regular pest bombs. Use more than the recommended amount, maybe 4-5. Close off the basement for 24 hours then (and this is the important part) vacuum the basement! Wait one week and do this process again. Flea eggs are dormant and resistant to the insecticide. Vacuuming gets rid of the eggs and unless you do this you will never get rid of the fleas. Good Luck!

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By Sheilah Link 5 324 08/05/2013

Into a white bowl, the flatter and wider the better, put some water and enough soap to make a slight film to top. Put this on the floor and put a light next to it. You must use an old fashion bulb that turns out heat to attract the fleas. They will jump toward the heat and the white, fall into the water and not be able to escape due to the soap film and drown. This method will take some time, but it will work. It is also safe if the lamp is set so it does not fall into the water. I have cleared an apartment using this method; it took about two weeks before there were no fleas in the water. Hope this helps.

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