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Getting Rid Of Lizards

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Getting Rid Of Lizards

Lizards, while harmless, can become a nuisance when they move into your home. This is a guide about getting rid of lizards.



Here are questions related to Getting Rid Of Lizards.

Question: Preventing Lizards from Getting in House

I've lizards in my home and I don't understand how to remove them.

Tushar Garg


Most Recent Answer

By merlene smith [4]03/27/2011

To get lizards out of my house I place a drinking glass or clear bowl over them and then slide a piece of paper under the glass so the lizard is on the paper. Turn the whole thing upside down and carry out of the house to where you want to let the lizard go.

Question: Lizards Are Eating Kalanchoe Plants

I have several beautiful kalanchoe plants in a planter and the lizards have discovered them. At the rate they are eating the leaves the plants will die. I am looking for a solution to the problem. Does anyone know of a way to get rid of the lizards?

Michael G.


Most Recent Answer

By Debbie (Guest Post)01/17/2009

I have a lizard living in my bathroom in my magazine rack under a newspaper. I thought maybe he moved on, but he has not. I dont have a problem with him living there. I noticed there are not any spiders, and little pincher bugs I sometimes see. I thought about getting a large match box and put shredded paper in it for him to live in, and maybe put the box in the magazine rack. I really want to know is, if he will move in it. Debbie
email address is deb1157 AT

Question: Getting Rid of Lizards

How do I get rid of lizards around the outside of my house? I live in Mesa Arizona.

By aggiedog

Most Recent Answer

By gbk [45]06/20/2011

Learn to love the little critters it was their home first. They do good things and eat your pests.

Question: Getting Rid of Lizards

How do you get rid of a six-lined racerunner lizard?

By Karen T.

Most Recent Answer

By Cassie [20]06/07/2011

I think they are so beautiful and cute.

Question: Getting Rid of Lizards Inside Garage

I am over run with lizards. The only problem I have is their poop. It is all over my shop, patio, and garage area. Any suggestions to run them outside?

    By pcolablue [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Sandi/Poor But Proud [431]06/16/2015

    This article has a lot of natural remedies. I hope this helps. PBP

    Question: Getting Rid of Lizards

    how do you get rid of lizards in the house?

    By Raymond

    Most Recent Answer


    Accept them in your home because they eat bugs and that's a good thing. Get a cat because they love to chase lizards and eat the lizards. Make sure there are screens on all windows and doors. Personally I think lizards are cute and hate bugs so I would go for option #1 ;-)

    Question: Getting Rid Of Lizards

    How do I get rid of lizards in my house?

    By Amron

    Most Recent Answer

    By Millie [1]04/12/2011

    Get a cat! Seriously!

    Solutions: Getting Rid Of Lizards

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    Archive: Getting Rid Of Lizards

    I live in Texas and I have those brown/white striped lizards with ridges along their neck and back, I am terrified of them. They're on my porch and windows and multiplying. I'll do anything to get rid of them. Can anyone please help?


    RE: Getting Rid Of Lizards

    There's a site online that sells fake owls (to get rid of birds) and since owls are most likely predators of lizards, these may also scare away lizards. Another thing you may try is those plug-in rodent and pest deterrents. You'd have to plug it out on your porch in an outdoor outlet. They work by putting out a high pitch frequency that humans can't hear. They advertise that they are safe for pets. (08/04/2008)

    By Cyinda

    RE: Getting Rid Of Lizards

    Get you a cat. Not only will they help out with your lizard population, but mice, and other rodents, as well as be your new best friend. (08/05/2008)

    By badwater

    RE: Getting Rid Of Lizards

    Lizards are just native to your environment and won't hurt you. They eat bugs, so they are good guys. (08/05/2008)

    By Linda

    RE: Getting Rid Of Lizards

    We have a troop of feral cats that we've had spayed, basic shots, etc. and do feed them. Unfortunately, they have taken to eating the geckos which I enjoy seeing. So, though it is not what I like, they do an effective job. Oddly, they do not eat the toads (good), but the toads share their cat food. Perhaps that will help you. Other friends with cats tell me their cats get quite a few geckos, also. (08/06/2008)

    By Rosemarie

    RE: Getting Rid Of Lizards

    Please, dont't try to get rid of the lizards! They help keep bug populations under control. They're at your house, because they're finding bugs for food. If you get rid of the lizards, you'll end up with a lot of pests that will freak you out even more.

    Why do you fear innocent lizards, anyway? They don't harm humans, and they're adorable. When I lived in Arizona, one of the things I enjoyed most in our backyard was watching the little lizards sunning themselves on our fence.

    Before she passed away, my aunt (God rest her soul) just adored spotting lizards on the fence. She was terminally ill, and sometimes got confused about things. It was cute how she'd sometimes call the geckos "Geicos" (after the talking lizard on TV!). (08/07/2008)

    By WildIrish

    RE: Getting Rid Of Lizards

    The lizards you are talking about are called Mountain Boomers. Don't let a cat kill your lizards. Put mothballs around the house and the lizards won't go near them. If you kill off the lizards you'll have a bug problem. (08/10/2008)

    By J D

    RE: Getting Rid Of Lizards

    I bought those plug-in pest controls from Home Depot to keep the lizards out of the house. They supposedly emit a high pitch tone that will rid the house of pests. I don't have any other animals, but I'm told they're safe for the cats and dogs. (06/04/2010)

    By Deyi

    Archive: Getting Rid Of Lizards

    I would like suggestions for how to get rid of lizards.

    By hubh1736

    RE: Getting Rid Of Lizards

    Lizards are our friends because they eat bugs (like spiders, flies, skeeters, etc.) and don't harm we humans so, personally, I would just leave the lizards alone. ;-) (10/04/2010)

    By Deeli

    RE: Getting Rid Of Lizards

    Get a cat! :) (10/05/2010)

    By PainterLee

    Archive: Getting Rid Of Lizards

    How do I get rid of bugs and lizards in my house? Please suggest a natural remedy as I've tried the others, eg. Bug Nil and Tick 20, but it doesn't really work.

    By Tina from Mumbai

    RE: Getting Rid Of Lizards

    I promise I am not being a smart Alec and am being truly serious! Which do you hate more, the bugs or the lizards? Personally, I hate bugs more so lizards would be my best friends because they eat bugs. You can control the amount of lizards (and bugs for that matter) easily by having screens on your windows and screen doors for your exterior doors but I would allow one or two lizards to live with you to eat the bugs that sneak in. I can't think of anything more natural than that. :-) (02/22/2011)

    By Deeli

    RE: Getting Rid Of Lizards

    You could get a cat! I have had to rescue several cute little lizards from my cats' clutches. As for bugs, a cat will hear the bug long before you see it. (02/24/2011)

    By Ms Frugal