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Getting Rid of Cottonwood Roots

Cottonwood Tree

Cottonwood trees, like many other trees, produce new trees from root suckers. Even after you cut down an old or unwanted tree, you will have a yard full of new trees from the roots. This is a guide about getting rid of cottonwood roots.



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Question: Getting Rid of Cottonwood Root Suckers

I had to cut down a dead cottonwood tree. Since that time I have root tips coming up everywhere in my yard. I chop the tips that are coming up, but in a few weeks they are back growing up again. How do I kill them so they don't come back? Please help. I need to kill them to the root.

By Mary B.

Most Recent Answer

By DeBushe10/15/2012

Round-Up weed killer will probably work. It may take some persistance over a couple of years to finally convince them to not come up. Round-Up works by being absorbed through the leaves of a weed then going down into the root so be sure to spray when you see leaves.


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