Getting Rid of Nut Grass

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Finding the best way to remove this tenacious grass depends on where it is located. This guide is about getting rid of nut grass.



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Question: Getting Rid of Nut Grass

How do I naturally destroy nut grass?

By Maria

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By cdoss [13] 01/04/2012

Nut grass is not a true grass, it's really a sedge. It not only spreads from seed, but also underground tubers. I've been dealing with it for a while now and I can tell you this is not a battle, it's a war. You'll be fighting for a few seasons and you will have to be diligent. I'm getting results using a variety of methods.

One area of my grass was so badly infested that I decided to use Round-up. I carefully sprayed on every nut grass plant beginning to sprout. Then, when I saw more, I sprayed again. I did this through the entire summer. By fall, the whole are was dead, including the "good" grass. Then in the fall I planted new grass seed.

The following spring, I over seeded the area to fill in a few thin areas. I've noticed nut grass here and there in that same area, but it's much thinner now so I treat at the beginning of the season with Ortho Nutsedge Killer for Lawns. There are other similar products at the big box stores as well. In areas close to my garden, I used a combination of the smothering technique and constantly digging up any plants I saw.

The key is to get the tuber (nut), however, pulling the green stuff will force any left behind nuts to grow new plants and if you do it enough times, the nut will run out of nutrients and not grow anymore.

I have heard of people using sugar to change the soil to something that nutgrass does not like. I have not personally done it, but if you're concerned about using chemicals that are bad for pets/kids/gardens, you may want to do some research.

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By Mary Jane Martin 01/09/2012

I have had most success using bleach. I spray the nustgrass with straight bleach. This is not ideal if there is "good" grass also growing in the same area but by holding the spray nozzle low and on the nutgrass, I manage to spray only the "bad" grass. It will take several applications as you must get the "nut"" to prevent growth and spreading.

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Question: Getting Rid of Nut Grass

For some reason my garden is full of Nut Grass. They seem to have a long root system which I can't pull out. How can I get rid of the grass? Is there any type of spray I can use?

By Schilling from Phoenix, AZ

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By Jean McKnight 1 2 08/03/2009

You can go to Lowes or Home Depot and purchase a product call Image and it should do the trick. Just follow the instructions. Good Luck

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