Getting Rid of Sand Fleas

On the beach scratching fleas.

Sand fleas are common in coastal areas, but can also be found in rotting vegetables, near creeks, and other wet areas. They are annoying pests, similar to a flea with a painful bite. This is a guide about getting rid of sand fleas.



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Question: Getting Rid of Sand Fleas

I just moved into a new place with my 2 cats a few days ago and noticed these very tiny fleas on my ankles and that my cats are really bathing themselves. They are not very quick as I was able to kill a couple.

I have had 2 different people tell me these are sand fleas and one was a vet, but he did not have a product to kill them and could not give me any advice other than I could Google it. I left very frustrated. You would have thought a vet would have the answer. So I have been on the internet for hours and can't seem to get any help on an exact product to treat my cats or my home. Please help me.

By Kathy


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By Frugal Sunnie [11]04/07/2013

If you live in the US you can find a product called Liquid Sevin at any big box store in the garden department-works a real treat on fleas! It comes in a couple of presentations, one premixed and in a applicator container but is very expensive. The concentrate is much more cost effective but you will need to splash out for a sprayer, which is also cost effective in the long run. Buy a sprayer that holds at least one gallon of the mix, and has a shoulder strap to ease the burden of carrying the sprayer through your house and the exterior perimeter of your home.

Follow the product directions to the absolute letter and be sure to continue the programme. It's especially important to do the follow-up spraying to kill off any eggs lurking in carpets and upholstery because every time you or your pets go outside and then come back into the house, the fleas will 'hitch a ride' in on your trouser legs and on their furry legs. Also important is the exterior perimeter spraying, this keeps the fleas from entering your home through cracks (all houses have 'em) or under the doors and windows.

When I lived in the American South I had a real problem with sand fleas but Liquid Sevin kept the little blighters well controlled. The Sevin also keeps other critters out of the house, roaches, ants, and spiders-generally where you have sand fleas you will also have those crawly intruders as well.

Question: Getting Rid of Sand Fleas

I need a safe way to rid the sand in our beach area of sand fleas. They are biting my grandchildrens' legs and feet.

By Dianna


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By Louise B. [6]06/30/2013

I would doubt that it can be done. I'm not sure if insect repellant would be useful either. Sorry.

Question: Sand Fleas

What are some tips to get rid of fleas and keep them gone? I believe they are sand fleas. They are all over the place.

By Robbie from Port Huron, MI

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