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Getting Rid of a Sweetgum Tree

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Sweetgum Tree

Removing a tree from your garden may require special tools or professional assistance. This is a guide about getting rid of a sweetgum tree.



Here are questions related to Getting Rid of a Sweetgum Tree.

Question: Killing a Sweet Gum Tree

How can I kill a sweet gum tree to let it gradually die because it is too tall to cut in my yard?

Karen from Arkansas


Best Answers

By Badtux (Guest Post)04/20/2007

A tree removal service can remove even the tallest sweet gum trees by climbing the tree and lopping it off from the top down. The problem with killing the tree as it stands is that then the tree will fall when the next big wind blows -- probably onto your house, car, or propane tank, luck being what it is.

Best Answers

By Beverly McConnell (Guest Post)03/11/2007

If you can, drill a few holes in the roots or at the base of the tree. Take boiled hot water that you've added a whole box of salt to and pour into the holes. If you can't drill holes then pour hot salt boiling water around on top of the roots and around the tree. This does take alittle time to do. but by later in the season it should rot. You can also use this method on stumps that you want to get rid of. It rots them completely. Hope this helps you.


Question: Sweet Gum Tree Root Removal

I just had a sweet gum cut down. It was very close to my home. I still have the root to get rid of. The bad part is some of it is under my home so we can't use a grinder. What is the fastest way to kill and remove this stump and roots?

By Leigh A.


Most Recent Answer

By susan [5]10/13/2011

Grind the stump down as much as possible, then go to the hardware store and and buy a container of roundup for trees and bushes. Pour the roundup liberally over the remaining underground stump. The roundup will kill stump roots so no new shoots are sent up.

Over time, the roots will rot in the ground. If some shoots are sent up, make sure you spray them too. If you want, you can also buy something called "root rot" at the hardware store also. It will help the stump to deteriorate quicker.

Question: Tree Removal Advice

Can I fell a sweetgum tree and uproot the stump by cutting through the roots and letting the tree's weight do the work?

By Randy from Brunswick, GA

Most Recent Answer

By digger01/17/2012

I own a tree service so I have seen some pretty reckless attempts at tree felling but that would take the cake. You would have no control of the tree if and when it falls.

Solutions: Getting Rid of a Sweetgum Tree

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