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Glue for Magnetic Tape

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For a craft project I bought a magnet that came rolled up and had a paper adhesive pull-off backing for stickiness. The problem was the adhesive backing wasn't strong enough, because when I tried to glue a piece of magnet to the tub (basically a small plastic Tupperware like container) the tape would eventually detach and come off! I tried super glue and crafting hot glue guns too!

Any suggestions on what kind of glue to use for a attaching a magnet to a plastic Tupperware container?


By MourningStar


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By Deanj07/17/2012

You could try attaching the magnetic tape to adhesive backed velcro. The velcro would come in two pieces. One would adhere to the magnet and the other to the tub then press the velrco together. Also you want to make sure the tub has a clean surface. No scum, etc.

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By Linda L. [33]07/15/2013

I swear by E6000. Available at Home Depot, Walmart. It's easy to find.

By Joan [13]07/16/2012

Were you gluing the detachable paper backing or did you remove that and apply glue to the back of the magnet itself/? I would think if you applied the glue to the back of the magnet it would stick. When I use that tape I have had any problem using that self adhesive magnet tape and I have never had to glue it onto an object, but then I have only used it on magnet sized itmes.

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