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Harvesting Marigold Seeds

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Marigold Seeds

You can easily grow marigolds next season from the harvested seeds. This is a guide about harvesting marigold seeds.



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Question: Flower Seeds

How can I gather the seeds from my mom's marigolds and mums so that we can grow more next year?

By Slingshot_317 from TX


Best Answers

By looneylulu [14]01/03/2011

You can grow mums from cuttings taken from plant by the 4th of July. Just put cuttings in ground and keep them watered.

Best Answers

By Myrna [14]11/03/2010

Pinch the dried up blossom from it's stem near the bottom of seed pod and store in paper bag until ready to sow. When you are ready to plant the seeds, gently rub the dried pod and all the seeds will freely fall open. If you have several colors of marigolds you may want to separate the colors by labeling each bag.

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