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Question: Reviews of the Health Sciences Institute

Is this organization legitimate?

By Gil A.

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By Teropher 04/09/2014

I wouldn't quite call them a scam. According to the Better Business Bureau http://www.bbb.org/greater-maryland ... rket-health-in-baltimore-md-90207875 , with whom they are not accredited, they started in 1992 but the BBB didn't start collecting a file of complaints on them until 2011. There are 42 resolved with BBB assistance and 4 complaints that BBB determined the company made good faith effort to resolve but customer was not satisfied. Based on the type of complaints, I personally decided to forego doing any business with them. They appear to be not really a "health science institute" but an aggressive seller of health products.

The BBB has a list of 6 alternate business names for them which I thought was peculiar.
Concerning the comment left by anonymous or rather the 2 links left,
http://www.ripoffreport.com/directory/Health-Sciences-Institute.aspx there was a grand total of 5 reports which does not make a scam. There's a saying that goes "You can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time." Every business in existence has complaints and to go by just this one link of only 5 complaints would be ridiculous.

The second link http://www.quackwatch.org/04ConsumerEducation/nonrecorg.html sounds a bit quacky itself. He lists holistic and alternative health as quackery, throwing in a bit about megavitamins, probably thinks chiropractors are quacks too. But what was most astonishing was his labeling as quacks those who oppose fluoridation of water in spite of the fact that first of all, "the fluoride added to most water supplies is not the naturally occurring variety but rather fluorosilicic acid, which is captured in air pollution control devices of the phosphate fertilizer industry." http://articles.mercola.com/sites/a ... 04/30/water-fluoridation-facts.aspx#!

In other words, it's a highly toxic chemical waste product that causes harm to your health, especially to babies and young children. Ever wonder why toddler toothpaste has no fluoride or toothpaste with fluoride says children should be supervised and that they should not swallow it?

Second of all, according to the CDC The prevalence of dental caries in a population is not inversely related to the concentration of fluoride in enamel, and a higher concentration of enamel fluoride is not necessarily more efficacious in preventing dental caries. SOURCE: CDC (2001). Recommendations for using fluoride to prevent and control dental caries in the United States. Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Review 50(RR14):1-42. In short, people can have perfect teeth without consuming fluoridated water or any other fluoride product. As with teeth, no other tissue or cellular process requires fluoride.

Accordingly, it is now accepted that fluoride is not an essential nutrient." http://fluoridealert.org/studies/essential-nutrient/ Over 300 communities in the US have gone fluoride free, 60% of Canada is fluoride free and most of Europe does not fluoridate their water at all. In fact, it has not been shown to prevent tooth decay in fluoridated areas vs non-fluoridated.

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