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Helping a Dog Gain Weight

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A skinny dog eating.

Dogs who have been ill or recently rescued sometimes will need to gain some weight. This is a guide about helping a dog gain weight.



Here are questions related to Helping a Dog Gain Weight.

Question: My Dog Won't Gain Weight

I tried the giving food and taking away food and it didn't work. Bandit went over a week and got pissed at me so he refused to eat anything. One thing that helped me was taking him off all chicken by-products, not natural chicken, but the so called by products. I put him on Blue Buffalo a great food he loves, plus the puppy which is better tasting. He loves the lamb and rice. He also loves pumpkin so I make him pumpkin pies. He is just skinny I guess.

My question, is Bandit is picky enough if I give him satin balls will he stop his dry food again altogether or do I mix it? Plus I thought raw burger gives your dog worms, what happens if you cook it like a burger? Help.

By Debbie T.


Best Answers

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]02/08/2014

Have you had your dog de-wormed by a Veterinarian?

Best Answers

By Lizzyanny [9]02/07/2014

I think if I were you I would keep feeding the Blue Buffalo and skip treats that may or may not be healthy. The satin balls dont sound like they really add anything good to his diet. I would quit while I was ahead. Try pieces of his dry food for a treat. He wont know the difference.

Question: Helping a Dog Gain Weight After Being Sick

I have an 8 year old Pit Bull. He was sick a couple weeks back and he didn't wanna eat so we had him on a special diet, but he was skinny although not too skinny. He is better now and I have been feeding him 2 times a day and giving him plenty of water, but he's not putting weight on. I don't know why and I think he might be sick still or might have heart worms because a friend had him and didn't take care of him right and he had to have a flea bath.

By Ana


Best Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]02/26/2014

You really need to see a Vet about the heartworms. Only a Vet can treat heartworms. The treatment is hard on the dog, so don't wait too long. It can be fatal if you do. Be wary of over the counter wormers Most of them dont work and can make your dog quite sick. There is nothing over the counter for heartworms. If you need financial help, check with your humane society. They often have low cost care. Good luck.

Question: Getting an Underweight Dog to Eat

We have just adopted a Maltese terrier. She is approx. 8 years old. She seems to eat very little and needs to gain weight. I have tried dry food small bites, but this is not her favorite. Does anyone in the community have a Maltese that can share some expertise on this subject? Thank you in advance.

By Sheila from Ontario, Canada

Most Recent Answer

By lblobogirl [1]07/10/2013

When my dog would not want to eat I would give her a cooked yam. The vet said it was fine. I also gave her blueberries. Look on the internet for foods that are good for your pet and or look at the expensive dog foods to see what is in it.
I always call a vet and ask first before I feed something different.

Question: Dog Needs to Gain Weight

I adopted a 10 month old Chi/Dachshund mix and she is rather skinny. Any suggestions on a good food to get her up to a healthy weight?

By Nelwyn

Most Recent Answer

By Nikki07/08/2013

For skinny dogs that have no other medical issue, use Satin balls. It is what we use when we get severely underweight dogs in rescue.

As for the cat question we coax them to eat with gerber chicken or turkey baby food, they also have ham and beef if the cat prefers. It is in tiny jars and the ingredients list only 3 chicken (or turkey) cornstarch and water. If the cat still won't eat talk to your vet about other supplements or force feeding as a last resort, but only after a vet's instruction as it is easy to choke them if you do it wrong.

Question: Getting a Dog to Gain Weight

I need a recipe to put some weight on my German Shepherd. She is 5 yrs old, I adopted her 6 months ago. She hasn't ever eaten people food from me and she does not beg for food. I feed her part raw food and Blue Wilderness. I have increased her food to 3 times a day with 3 1/2 cups per meal, but still that is not enough weight gain.

I have called her vet and he said to try to keep feeding her more fattening food and after 2 weeks he will do blood work. I had taken her to the vet when I got her and her health has been really good! Please send me a recipe or hints that I can use.

Thank you.

By Debkay

Most Recent Answer

By TJ R.03/08/2015

Please look into a condition called EPI. this is common in german shepherds and can make your dog very ill. this started with my puppy and 3 months later he is very very ill but has started treatment. It's harder to get the weight back when they lose a lot.

Question: Getting a Dog to Gain Weight

We got Harly a few months ago. His owner could not keep him because of a move. We have tried everything to put weight on him. He is papered. His hair seems to be very dry and he has dandruff. He is a house dog and we have 2 acres for him to run in. He chews everything. We need advice on what to feed him.

By Susanne K

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]01/10/2015

Suggest also taking your dog to your vet, to be sure there are not other problems that may need treatment.

Question: Female Pit Will Not Gain Weight

I have a 3 year old red nose Pit Bull. She had puppies for the first time by our blue nose brindle, but now that the puppies are 8 weeks old she still can't seem to gain any weight. We feed her almost 5 times a day. I give her soft food, as well, mixed into her dry food. We had tried puppy food even cuz I have heard that helps with mother dogs after having pups, but it seems like despite everything we do nothing is working. I feel extremely embarrassed to take her on walks, people look at me like I'm a bad mom, like she's abused, but I assure you she is not abused what so ever! Please if anyone can give me some advice that would be great. Thank you.

By L.A.M

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]02/20/2015

She may have a medical problem if she is not gaining weight. Please take her to your vet for an exam and treatment.

Question: Springer Spaniel Needs to Gain Weight

I am looking after a Springer Spaniel at the moment. He has 3 meals a day, is always on the go, but can't put weight on. I need advice.

By Sally

Most Recent Answer

By Debbie T. [4]02/04/2014

My dog is the same as yours I give him Blue bufallo adult and puppy food supposed to have more nutrients. He is not starved in any way, totally spoiled very active and his bones you can see them its very embarrassing I feel like a boad mom. Bandit is a border collie Lab something. I told you what I did but not doing much good. Please if you come up with a miracle share with me eithet here or debbie-t AT Thanks, Debbie

Question: Helping a Dog Gain Weight

Recently, I have taken a beautiful, female, 8 month old Blue-nosed Pit Bull into my home. She is very loving, has a great temperament, and is also very under weight. Her ribs and backbone are very visible! She is also not totally house broken.

Her previous owner kept her kenneled and only took her out at 7am and 10pm daily. She works and goes to school full time. Therefore, she didn't have time for the dog and wasn't able to provide it with the attention it so desperately deserves. (I actually got the dog from the cousin of the previous owner.) I have requested papers and documents from vet visits which I have yet to receive. She does not appear to have worms in her stool although her stools are loose considering her food change (brand). The previous owner did not provide me with current brand. I intend on taking her to the vet at the end of the week and gathering a stool sample to take along too. By then, her stool should be more normal for testing. My question is what are the best methods to helping this dog gain weight quickly?

By LenaeLenore

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