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Hiding Keys - Tips and Tricks

Many people like to hide a spare key to their house or car, in case they get locked out. It is important to hide your key well, so that someone else doesn't find it. This is a guide about hiding keys.

Hiding Keys, A key hidden under a mat.
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February 15, 2011 Flag
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I needed a spare car key in case I locked mine in the car. However, the price of a programmed key was over $100. So instead, I took my key to the local hardware store and got a regular key made, put it inside a magnetic box, and hooked it under the car.

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January 13, 2012 Flag
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My uncle taught me a good way to hide a key, under the vinyl on the house. He had a spot on his vinyl siding that he put a extra key in case they were locked out, or if someone had to get in for emergency purposes. He told very few of us in the family where it was. There is a little lip on the vinyl siding that held the key in place.

By Lindaspy from South Beloit, IL

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February 18, 2016 Flag
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This is a guide about making a pill bottle hide-a-key. It is easy to have a weather proof hidden key outside your home to make sure you can always get inside.

Making a Pill Bottle Hide-a-Key

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January 18, 2012 Flag
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My neighbor and I exchanged house keys so that we could enter each other's homes in case of an emergency or to feed pets while one of us is on vacation, etc. I bought two magnetic key holders and gave one to my neighbor to hide (I know where) on her porch for my house key and I put the other one under my metal mailbox with my neighbor's key in it.

If someone happened to find the key holder, the key wouldn't work in the lock where the key is hidden and I doubt they would go around trying the neighbor's doors. Also, her kids often forget their keys and can get their spare after school to get into their own house even if I'm not home.

By Susan from Pennsylvania

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June 16, 2007 Flag
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Does anyone know of a creative, secure way to store an extra house key outside? We don't want to do something obvious like put it under the door mat, but we want it as close to the door as we can. I know you can buy fake-looking rocks to put a key in, but I was wondering if anyone has any free ideas! Thanks!

Kathy from SD

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November 13, 20070 found this helpful

I know this sounds so obvious it seems silly. But I am a key Loser! I have locked myself out of house and car so many times over the past 30 yrs I could never count them. So I made a small investment in one of those Large key hooks that you can attach to your belt loop. It has saved me SO many times.

I still have a key at my parents home but this little hook gadget has been an investment WELL worth the money! AND as for my car, I bought a car with a keyless entry combination. So until that goes out I SHOULD have that problem solved.

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March 31, 20080 found this helpful

I would say the most important thing is to place it somewhere that you could retrieve the key without being seen. Once a person sees you get your key, they will know where it is. I love the windchime idea, but I am too paranoid and that is pretty high profile. (Maybe if there were 500 keys to choose... hmmm...)

We have buried a key in a small tupperware container, but that can be frustrating when a year passes and you have to dig in the dirt but are not exactly sure where.

I am thinking of buying a few key vaults, and swapping keys with neighbors. They would have my key vault and I would have theirs. You could get several neighbors a vault. Then, if a person were to break into one, it would be a guessing game on which house it opened. If he were targeting your house, he would have to break into several vaults to find your key. I bet they would give up on finding a key in that scenario.

What about a dryer vent, covered in lint? The dog's house or collar is a great idea for those with outdoor dogs that might be unapproachable to an intruder. How about the zipper on the cushion of patio furniture? Or hiding the key to a hidden lock box? (Can you say scavenger hunt?) If you have many flower pots, bird feeders, lawn ornaments, etc, use a different one each time you use the key.

If you have a lot of paving stones or trees or something all together, pick one to start at and count in a certain direction for the number of letters in a password or phrase. Then you can just tell family and friends when the passphrase changes, or (getting more creative...) you could have a decorative wall hanging or yard ornament with a quotation on it, and change it to a different one when you need to change which rock your key is under.

Make it too difficult for them to be found, and change your hiding place as soon as you use it. Cycle through many hiding places. At least if you forget which one it is hidden in, you will find it eventually.

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September 2, 20090 found this helpful

I remember my father locked himself out of the house once, as I was with him at the time. He said "I have a spare key hidden in the cement joint in the wall in a plastic bag. I haven't used it before". When he tried to use it it so was crusted up with rust it would not fit in the lock. It had been there at least ten years, and we had to wait for mother to return home to let us in!

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April 12, 20130 found this helpful

I use a paver that is part of a small walkway I have in my grassy area to hide a spare key. What I do is wrap my key in plastic wrap and coat it with Vaseline to retard corrosion and rust. Then put the key in a old film canister and dig a small hole under the paver in the dirt. No one has ever found it but we know where it is if we get locked out.

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October 20, 2012 Flag
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I am forever going outside to my laundry room only to return and find the door has locked itself and I am locked outside. I had several experiences of climbing in windows in the cooler months and disturbing neighbors to call my daughter on several occasions, and finding out that this is just a flaw in my lock.

Then my son-in-law bought me one of the boxes that the realtors use. Now I have a hidden spare key on the inside of the door to my outside laundry room that has a secret combination and holds a spare key. No more being locked out of my house. I have been assured these can be bought pretty cheaply at a hardware store. (He got several, all for $1 at a yard sale and you set your own code! Do I have the best son in law or what? )

Source: family solution

By Kimberly from Lakeland, FL

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January 21, 2012 Flag
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I put an extra key for my house and my car in the outside fuse box and I then lock it with a combination lock. To remember the combination, I put it down as a phone number and put the number in my storage unit.

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November 15, 2004 Flag
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I painted the inside of a mayonaise jar with white craft paint. I keep it in the refrigerator in the garage to store our house keys in. Works great and no more fumbling.

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June 29, 2013 Flag

There are many suggestions as to where to hide keys around the house, but where can you hide a car key for times when you lock yourself out of your car? It must be somewhere on the car, able to be retrieved when you're away from home. Under the hood is not good, for most cars release hood from inside the car. I have a magnetic box for this purpose, but can't figure where to hide it that a thief won't think of right away.

By Cay

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July 1, 20130 found this helpful

Do what I do - always carry a substitute key. Carry in same place you carry your credit cards, or cash. When's the last time you were robbed of your personal belongings while out shopping, whatever?

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July 13, 20130 found this helpful

I have an elderly neighbor who pins an extra house key inside her top, just in case she accidently locks herself out of her house. She does it every morning when she gets dressed so it is always with her if needed.

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April 14, 2015 Flag
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We all have our favorite key hiding places for our own use. However, to tell the location of a well-hidden key for a 911 call may not be easy, especially by the person who may be in need of emergency personnel.

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