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Home Remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome

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woman trying to sleep

Many people who suffer from RLS find relief without prescription medications. This is a guide about home remedies for restless leg syndrome.


Solutions: Home Remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome

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Tip: Remedies For Restless Leg Syndrome

I'm a 51 year old man and have had Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) for 10 years and in my arms as well on occasion. I've read and surfed the web like you, heard of all the crazy RLS cure ideas but what I found out that works for me was when I stopped all caffeine intake and most sugar intake for just one day and that night, zero RLS.

If you can't do without caffeine and sugar, try the herb Kratom. You can buy it online at a hundred different U.S. websites and it's 100% legal. Kratom has some of the same alkaloids as opiates but not the same effect. It's a nice calming feeling but it also calms RLS. If you ever had a pain med prescription, you might have noticed your RLS had also disappeared. Kratom is a way of getting the alkaloids without the real opiates or need for prescription. Kratom is completely safe, overdoses are impossible but do your own homework to verify my words. Hope this helps.

    Editor's Note: Read this Wikipedia entry for more information about the controversial Thai herb Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa. Please consult with your health care provider before starting any herbal treatments.

    By davetubb [1]

    Tip: Apple Cider Vinegar for Restless Leg Syndrome

    I was diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome and was given a prescription
    which I had several bad side effects from and it was also addicting. So I did not take it long.

    I was talking to a friend of mine who told me she also had Restless Leg Syndrome and she took 1 table spoon of apple vinegar cider nightly for years and has not had to take any other medication since for it.

    Since I cannot stand the bitter taste I bought some apple cider vinegar tablets and I have not had any more restless nights and I don't have to take it as often now just as needed. They are not expensive. I buy 250 mg - 250 Tablets for $7.39 and they last me a long time. I hope this helps as many of you as well as it has helped me.

      By Cindy Edwards [9]

      Tip: Treatment for Restless Leg Syndrome

      I have suffered from RLS (restless leg syndrome) for years, but cannot tolerate the prescription for it. My doctor, who also suffers from it, drinks 8 oz. of tonic water every evening. I tried it and it works. For those who can't have sugar, like me, there is a diet version available.

        By ladyjane [6]

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        Here are questions related to Home Remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome.

        Question: Is This Restless Leg Syndrome?

        Every night my left legs shakes and vibrates. Is that restless leg syndrome? What can I do to make it stop? Please help.

        By Andrea


        Most Recent Answer

        By Lizzyanny [9]12/27/2013

        It would be hard to say what is causing your leg to shake. You really need to see a Dr. about this one. It would be bad to assume you have one problem and find out later it is something else, and should have been treated differently.

        Question: 18 with RLS

        RLS is one of the most annoying, and stressful things for me. When I go to bed at night say, 9 o'clock, I usually can't fall asleep till 3 am. My hands, feet, and legs keep me awake all night. The feeling is sometimes so uncomfortable for me, I cry.

        My doctor thinks I'm crazy, because I'm so young (18). But my mom suffered from it and my father has diabetes. The feeling in my hands is the most uncomfortable for me; it feels almost as if somethings crawling through my fingers. I feel like I have to crack my knuckles every second and shake my hands to stop the feeling. Unfortunately that doesn't work, neither does stretching my legs before bed, or gently massaging my feet. Somebody please help me.

        By Christina


        Most Recent Answer

        By Robyn [366]06/10/2013

        I took requip for this same thing and it affected my heart in a bad way. Just wanted to share that. Benedryl helped me, and I know how awful it feels to have Restless Leg Syndrome. There are many other suggestions on this site, but first and foremost cut out any aspertame. Also read the answer to this question by Ted on this link, he is quite knowledgeable on things of this nature.

        Question: Treating Restless Leg Syndrome

        Anyone have any advice as to the best way to control nightly bouts of restless leg syndrome? I have recently begun to suffer with spasms, often severe and affecting my whole body. I am type 2 diabetic and need my sleep! I have heard a nightly dose of a couple of teaspoons of Milk of Magnesia could help. Has anyone tried this?

        By Mary Lou from Canada

        Most Recent Answer

        By Vi Johnson [237]05/08/2011

        I know, leg cramps and restless leg syndrome are NOT the same, However I do know some people (myself included) are helped by placing a small piece of bar soap (I cut a bar of Ivory soap in to 4ths) under the bottom sheet. Give it a try for a week or two.
        Cheap and works for many people.
        GG Vi

        Question: Tips for Restless Legs at Night

        I have one restless leg and it keeps me from falling asleep for hours at night. I have tried meds but didn't like the feeling it gave me. Does anyone know a way to stop the feeling of having to move my leg (one leg)? I would appreciate any help.

        az2010 from Easthampton, MA

        Most Recent Answer

        By Robbie04/04/2011

        Hello az2010,

        I hope you have found a cure for your 'restless legs' by now but in case you haven't I wanted to write to you. I have suffered severely from restless for over 30years. It's an hereditary problem but there is help.

        I take a medication called Sifrol which is prescribed to me by by doctor. I couldn't survive and remain 'sane' without it. I need to take one four times a day and/or before sitting for extended periods e.g. theatre, long car drives etc.

        Good luck, I hope you find some relief.
        Robynne. Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia.

        Question: Remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome

        Does anyone have a home remedy for Restless Legs Syndrome? I have a prescription, but tend to build up a resistance to them and need to take a break from them. Unfortunately, there's no sleeping without them. I need help!

        By Cricketnc from Parkton, NC

        Most Recent Answer

        By Karen01/16/2011

        We have restless leg syndrome in our family; my brother, sister and I all suffer from it. I get it the most and hardly get any sleep at all. I'm always up and thrashing about at night and my husband gets really annoyed.

        My feet are always so hot too.

        My husband did some research and brought me a ReBuilder device which has completely cured me restless leg syndrome and I used it a lot less than they say!

        After only a few weeks I got the best night's sleep and now have no problems at all.

        My husband brought me the ReBuilder Medical Treatment model: 2407 but the cheaper 300 model would probably work just as well.

        I'm attaching a picture I found so you know which model I got.

        Here's the website if you find it helpful: http://www.rebuildermedicaltreatmen ... er-medical_rebuilder-model-2407.html

        P.S. I also make sure I drink at least 2-2.5 litres of spring water every day, this also helps with restless leg syndrome immensely.

        RE: Remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome

        Question: Remedy for Twitchy Legs

        I have twitchy legs at night, my doctor says its not RLS. It seems to start in my lower back and go all the way down my legs, I can feel it in my hips, my groin, my knees, and it's a painful hurt. I personally think it's a nerve problem on one side, but now the other side is acting up as well. If I don't move my legs when they feel they need to move, it seems to "hurt". I sleep on a heating pad (on my hips) and take half a Vicodin every night before bed. It's starting to not help with the Vicodin and heating pad anymore. Any remedies I can try that anyone can think of?

        By Trisha H

        Most Recent Answer

        By Henrietta B. [7]10/09/2012

        Hi Trish! I have the same problem and take Loratab at night, which does help. But what helped me the most was L-dopa, which is actually used in Parkinsons. Even though L-dopa helped me a lot, I couldn't remain taking it because I was allergic to it, but if you're not sensitive to meds, you may not have a problem with it. Talk to your doctor about trying it. I saw the reaction in about 3-5 days after starting. Hope this helps!

        Question: Home Remedy for Restless Leg Syndrome

        Does anyone have a homemade or natural remedy for restless leg syndrome? I have had RLS for most of my life. Until recently I was taking Requip and was extremely satisfied with how much it helped. About 4 months ago I changed doctors and the new one told me to come off the Requip, along with several other meds I had been taking because she didn't want me on anything she herself didn't prescribe, but she wouldn't prescribe the Requip or anything else for the RLS.

        I have since quit that doctor (many reasons) and have gone back on the Requip (my pain doctor gives it to me). However suddenly I can't take it anymore. Whenever I do, I spend the entire night throwing up and the whole next day severely nauseated.

        I need something natural or homemade that I can take. Right now I'm back to pacing the floor most of the night and not getting more than a few minutes sleep at a time.

        Can anyone help me? I'm desperate!

        By Cricket from NC

        Most Recent Answer

        By Martha [5]01/02/2012

        Restless leg syndrome is often caused by Folic Acid deficiency, you need to take it with the B vitamins mainly B6, and B12.