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Home Remedies for Trigger Thumb

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Trigger Thumb

Trigger thumb can be a very painful condition in which your thumb catches in a bent position and then snaps straight. This is a guide about home remedies for trigger thumb.



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Question: Remedy for Trigger Thumb

Does anyone have a home remedy for trigger thumb?

By Annmarie C.


Most Recent Answer

By carol [23]05/13/2012

Years ago I was diagnosed as having trigger thumb. My doctor gave me a cortisone injection which seems to help but about a year later the pain that goes along with trigger thumb returned as well as the no warning projection of the thumb appeared.

When I returned to the doctor for a follow up visit he told me that they do not like to give more than one cortisone injection in that area as the skin is very thin & the cortisone could cause more thinning of the skin. He recommended I have surgery which I did have.

It has been about 8 years since then & the problem has never returned. I wish you well.

Solutions: Home Remedies for Trigger Thumb

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