Homemade Mechanic's Hand Cleaner

Homemade Mechanic's Hand Cleaner

Grease and oil make cleaning hands after a mechanical project a challenge. This guide is about homemade mechanic's hand cleaner.


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Tip: Formula for Mechanic's Hand Cleaner

I'm posting a simple, economical, and very effective formula for mechanic's hand cleaner.

Mix about a tablespoon of washing up liquid, (or what Americans call "dish soap"), such as "Dawn", and a tablespoon of corn meal, or grits". Add just enough water to make it "useable". Exact proportions are not crucial.

Smashing good results. :O)

By GrreatBigBear

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Question: Make Your Mechanics Hand Cleaner

Does anyone know how to make the GOOP mechanics use to clean their hands with?

Betty from Middletown, NY

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Most Recent Answer

By Jim (Guest Post) 03/19/2008

To the man from South Africa -- please be more specific about quantities of each ingredient. Your formula is close to one used where I worked years ago. They used water, oxalic acid, and kerosene. Would you or anyone know the portions/quantities of each, and the mixing procedure? This was a top-grade hand soap for cleaning grease, carbon oil stains and tar, and it was water soluble.

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Question: Homemade Hand Scrubbing Cleaner

How can I make hand cleaner, the grit type for grease and grime? I want to make it for resale purposes.

By Willy

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By Sharon C. 04/05/2014

Find a recipe you likr for liquid soap online, they are several, and then just add 1/4 cup powdered pumice to each gallon. To can buy the powdered pumice from many online soap making suppliers.

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Question: Homemade Hand Cleaner

I would like to know how to make a hand cleaning cream or gel to remove oil and grease, suitable for a motor mechanics workshop. What ingredients and quantities of each?

By ROCCO from Howick, South Africa

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